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Part VIII - Magazine and Newspaper Articles - 2001

Die Simpsons Special
Neulich in Springfield
Die Simpsons im Land der B�ter
Du hast eindeutig zu viele Simpsons - Folgen gesehen, wenn...
Die Simpsons Hauptrollen in Adneren Comics H�tten...
Wenn Deutsche Politikerden Simpsons-Look Benutzen
Miese Simpsons-Kopien, Die Uns Noch Bevorstehen
Die Simpsons In Zwanzig Jahren
MAD (Germany), 2001, Cover, entire issue!
This German MAD magazine special features our favorite family exclusively, and we only list half of the Simpsons articles included.
Full Simpsons cover features our favorite family fleeing from a nuclear mushroom cloud, the center of which is the face of Alfred E. Neuman. This same picture is featured as the centerfold.
Back cover is Alfred E. Neuman with a Marge Simpson bouffant labelled "Marge E. Neuman".

The Simpsons With TV's most famous family arriving on DVD Adrian Tankard heads to Springfield to look behind The Simpsons phenomenon (Adrian Tankard)
Profile: Homer Simpson Large waistline, Low IQ and a dead-end job. It's either complete incompetence or amazing luck, but somehow this less than average man has lived a far from average life! (not supplied)
n29 DVD Review (UK), 2001, two different covers (Homer and Bart), p20-24, 26-27
Two different full covers for DVD Review, the first of Homer naked ither than holding a DVD to cover his privates, and the secon of Bart, arms outstretcted. Captions reads "The Simpsons: World's First Review!" (of the DVD set).
p20 Great five page article on our favorite family begins;
At the 2000 British Comedy Awards, The Simpsons' executive producer David Mirkin collected the gong on behalf of the show for Best Foreign TV comedy. [For details and a list of all the awards and accolatdes see Simpsons Awards and Honours] In his thank you speech, Mirkin tossed out the glib remark, "if you guys ever want to think about taking back the colonies, the next four years would be a great time to do it," a reference to the recent election of George W Bush as President of the United States of America after a drawn out war of attrition that lasted weeks. SUch a remark unintentionally, was a two-pringed tribute to the clout the show has. Not only is The Simpsons still winning awards in what is, technically, its third decade of production, but was an acknowledgement of the fact that the last time there was a Bush in the White House, he tried to take on the Simpson family, and lost.

New! The Simpsons
7th Annual Golden Toy Awards
n99 Lee's Action Figure News & Toy Review, Jan 2001, cover, p25, p40-41, p44
Article on the new Playmates toys offers more than just pictures of the toys.

Say kids... while you're waiting in line to pay for this truly fine, but cheap, toy magazine this month, check out the next wave of Simpsons figures coming to stores from Playmates in early 2001. Word on the streets is that creator Matt Groening wants Playmates to do all of Springfield's denizens (something like 300 of 'em!). The other rumor is, Playmates might actually attempt that! Next in line after this rag-tag band of characters will be the likes of Capt. McCallister, Martin Prince, Sideshow Mel, Bartman, Bumblebee Man, Jimbo Jones (with Springfield Arcade playset), and Reverend Lovejoy (w/Church playset). Also on tap for 2001 is a magnificent Springfield Main Street Playset, featuring interactive hangouts such as The Jazz Hole, Frying Dutchman, Moe's Tavern, and Lardland Donuts. Do not miss next issue, Simpsons fans!

Pin Pal Apu Simpsonian Fun Fact: The Pin Pals Episode was dedicated to Doris Grau, voice of Lunchlady Doris who died in December '95.

Patty Bouvier Simpsonian Fun Fact: Patty and her sister Selma smoke Laramie cigarettes and have a undieing loyalty toward McGyver, and undieing hatred toward Homer. [BG - undying love of correct spelling]

Itchy & Scratchy Simpsonian Fun Fact: Other Itchy and Scratchy characters include Disgruntled Goat, Uncle Ant, Ku Klux Clam, Brown Nose Bear, Flatulent Fox, Uncle Skeleton, Dinner Dog and Poochie.

Comic Book Guy Simpsonian Fun Fact: The Comic Book Guy's most prized possession is a rare copy of Mary Worth where Mary advises a friend to commit suicide.

Casual Homer Simpsonian Fun Fact: Homer once stole the Oscar belonging to Dr. Haing S. Ngor, who won for best supporting actor for The Killing Fields in 1984. Homer crossed off Dr. Haing's name and put on his own.

Groundskeeper Willie Simpsonian Fun Fact: Willie spoofed Freddy Kruger in Treehouse of Horror Part VI. [BG - that's Krueger - let's not get him angry at us]

Ralph Wiggum Simpsonian Fun Fact: Ralph Wiggum is on his first year of fourth grade.

Lenny Simpsonian Fun Fact: Lenny once hosted a "How to Chew Tobacco" Seminar. Otto, Willie, Abe Simpson, Capt. McCallister, Hans Moleman, Jasper and the Crazy Old Man were in attendance. (BG - that's Tobacco]

p40 Winning the prize for Best Action Figure Line 2000 in the Comic book/animation category we have The Simpsons playmates toys. "Innovative. Dead-on authentic. Happiness incarnate. Finally, the denizens of Springfield get their just desserts, in the ultimate action figure line in this category for 2000. There's a reason to get up in the morning and put shoes on for 2001... the promise of more Simpsons figures from Playmates Toys!

p41 Winning the prize for Best Electronic Action Figure 2000 we have The Simpsons 15-inch Interactive Homer & Bart Playmates Toys. "Here, the interactive play pattern of the electronic action figure was taken to the next level of fun. The characterizations were perfect, the sound chips were crystal clear, and the electronic interplay cleverly choreographed. We hope they'll be other Simpsons Interactive pair-ups for 2001.
p42-45 is a mock award ceremony with Lee's giving out the awards. On page 42 we have Homer saying "And I just know that means free donuts for life! Woo hoo!" and on page 44 Montgomery Burns responds "Excellent!"
p135 Recorded here since we have the issue and since it's a good way to see the price trend for these items, specifically, the 1990 Mattel 5" figures. Prices are Loose and MIP (mint in package).
Bart $12, $25; Bartman $12, $25; Homer $12, $25; Lisa $20, $55; Maggie $20, $55; Marge $12, $36; Nelson $12 $30; Sofa Set $40, $125

Basic Training: Paul Wee Shows You How to Draw The Simpsons (Paul Wee)
n112 Wizard, Jan 2001, cover, p112-115
There are actually three different covers for this issue; cover 'A' (a Spiderman cover) simply says "How to Draw The Simpsons" and was the issue generally distributed. Covers 'B' (Batman) and 'C' (The X-Men) also have Comic Book Guy in the lower left corner saying "Worst Issue Ever", wearing a button "I know more than you ever will".
Four page article on how to draw The Simpsons has this interesting opening; "Welcome! This month I'll be showing you some of the basic and finer points of drawing America's (and much of the world's) favorite family, The Simpsons! First of all, the show is based on creator Matt Groening's personal cartooning style, which was a series of highly characteristic doodles. It was the job of the original animators on the show, David Silverman and Wes Archer, to take Matt's noodly, chunky style and develop it into a set of specific rules for all of the crew to produce the show with consistency."
The article ends with a drawing of CBG saying "Worst Article Ever" and the following closing biography; "Paul Wee is now in his 10th year as an artist on "The Simpsons" and still ain't tired of it! He also illustrated the "George Lucas in Love" movie poster and video, available now!"

The Most Dangerous Men on Earth The men on this list scare us. Some are terrorists. Some are ruthless criminals. Some are fanatical tyrants with bad moustaches. Then there are the really frightening celebrities who creep into every corner of your existence. Here's who to look out for in the coming year.
n14 Stuff, Jan 2001, p90, 92-97
Listed amongst Johnny and Luther Htoo (20) (that's the Uzi-toting 13-year-old twins leading the Burmese militant revolutionaries) Usama Bin Laden (18), Bill Clinton (17), Sting (15) and You (1) we find Matt Groening (19); "He created the most realistic glimpse of American Family life yet - and it's a cartoon! We wish he was writing this next sentence. Then it would've been really funny." Of course, Rubert Murdoch was listed as 6th.

It's Not Just The Clues That Are Blue (Josh Tyrangiel)
v157n1 Time, Jan 8 2001, p79
Article on Steve Burns, host of Blue's Clues, and his departure from the show; "He's admired by throngs of children who know him simply as 'Steve' from Nickelodeon's cartoon show 'Blue's Clues.' But now the stripe-shirted human host, Steve Burns, is leaving the show because the 27-year-old doesn't like where the role was taking him. 'I didn't really want to become Krusty the Clown in front of the nation,' Burns told Time magazine in its Jan. 8 issue, referring to the bumbling clown in 'The Simpsons.' "

The Voice of Bart Simpsons Nancy Cartwright tells all (interviewed by Chaunc� Hayden)
v12n615 Steppin' Out, Jan 24 2001, cover, p24-25, 32-33
Cover has Bart Simpson in his birthday suite on a blanket with the heading "The naked truth about Bart Simpson"
Nice interview of Nancy Cartwright as she promotes her book My Life As a 10-Year Old Boy. To be transcribed!

The Simpsons Woo-Hoo! A sneak peek at The Simpsons 2001 lineup (not supplied)
n100 Lee's Action Figure News & Toy Review, Feb 2001, cover, p30-31
Cover has Bumblebee Man and Bartman Playmates figures with other characters faded away in the background.
Inside front cover has full page advertisement for Playmates. "The masses have spoken!" has a large crowd of Playmates characters from Springfield. Homer with shades appears from the right saying "Woo-Hoo! We Won, We Won!"
Double page article on the upcoming Simpsons Playmates toys;

The hottest line of action figures in 2000 was Playmates Toys' The Simpsons, with Intelli-Tronic (TM) Voice Activation. As we march into 2001 they're still the leading citizens in Toyland. As this issue goes to press the NYC Toy Fair looms large. Everyone, including us, wonders what's next for the Simpsons toy line - how's it's going to go for 2001? Well, we know pretty much how it's going to go up through October. The lineup will be as follows, save a few Toy Fair surprises and the usual retail executives that get worked into the mix over the course of the year.

In April you'll start seeing Series 4 Simpsons Intelli-Tronic figures and playsets at stores: Lenny, Ralph Wiggum, Patty, Itchy & Scratchy 2-pack, Casual Homer, Groundskeeper Willie, Pin Pal Apu w/Bowl-A-Rama Playset, Comic Book Guy w/Comic Shop

In July, you'll start finding Series 5 figures and playsets (only shown here): Captain McCallister, Kent Brockman, Bartman, Martin, Sideshow Mel, Bumblebee Man, Reverend Lovejoy w/First Church of Springfield Playset, Jimbo Jones w/Noiseland Arcade Playset

In October, Series 6: Dr. Hibbert, Snake, Bleeding Gums Murphy, Carl, Mascot Homer, Professor Frink, Hans Moleman and Pimply Faced Teen w/Main Street Playset [Main Street includes Lardland Donuts, The Jazz Hole, Moe's Tavern, Frying Dutchman]

For the very-sharp-eyed among you, there's a Playmates ad in this issue you'll want to take your time with. There are a few "teasers" in there that we're not being fully clued in about until Toy Fair. After you peruse that ad, you'll know as much as we do going to NYC. You'll certainly want to keep reading.

Name: Captain McCallister Hidden Secret: Exposed by Lionel Hutz as a phony captain. Simpsonian Fun Fact: Captain McCallister gave Homer the nickname "Bottomless Pete Nature's Cruelest Mistake."

Name: Bumblebee Man Occupation: Spanish Comedian Sensation. Simpsonian Fun Fact: The Bumblebee Man's show is broadcast on Channel Ocho.

Name: Martin Prince Hobbies: Baking Raison Roundies, and Homework, Homework, Homework. Friends: None. Simpsonian Fun Fact: In Treehouse of Horror VI, Martin falls asleep in class and is killed by the Freddy Krueger version of Groundskeeper Willie.

Name: Jimbo Jones Hobbies: Terrorizing Springfield Elementary's "less cool" students. Partners in crime: Dolph, Kearney and Nelson. Simpsonian Fun Fact: Moe once threatened Jimbo with a butcher's knife upon which caused Jimbo to fall to his knees sobing. [BG - upon which caused? sobbing?]

Name: Kent Brockman Occupation: Newscaster. Simpsonian Fun Fact: Ken is married to Stephanie the Weather Lady.

Name: Bartman Hobbies: Saving those in need! Friends: All in need. Simpsonian Fun Fact: Bart created the persona of Bartman to qualify for a three dollar discount at the comic book convention "Close Encounters of the Comic Book Kind".

Name: Reverend Lovejoy Hobbies: Building Model Trains. Hates: 17 weeks of NFL Football and Ned Flanders. Simpsonian Fun Fact: Trained his dog to do it's "dirty business" on Ned Flanders lawn.

Name: Sideshow Mel Occupation: Sidekick to Krusty. Simpsonian Fun Fact: Mel got his job after Sideshow Bob tried to murder Krusty.

p135 Recorded here since we have the issue and since it's a good way to see the price trend for these items, specifically, the 1990 Mattel 5" figures. Prices are Loose and MIP (mint in package).

Bart $12, $25; Bartman $12, $25; Homer $12, $25; Lisa $20, $55; Maggie $20, $55; Marge $12, $36; Nelson $12 $30; Sofa Set $40, $125
p135 New with this issue, Playmates Figures
Series 1; Bart $3, $6; Homer $4, $8; Lisa $7, $20+; Grandpa $7, $20+; Burns $7, $10+; Krusty $5, $8
Series 2; Bart: Sunday Best -With "Hymns" Sticker $4, $8, -WO "Hymns" Sticker $4, $10; Homer: Pin Pal $4, $8; Barney $4, $8; Ned Flanders -with "Good Book" sticker $4, $8, WO "Good Book" sticker $4, $10; Chief Wiggum $4, $8; Waylon Smithers $6, $18+
Interactive Playsets; Simpsons Livingroom, Power Plant, Kwik-E-Mart and Springfield Elementary, all $10, $20.
Interactive Dolls; Bart and Homer, both $12, $25
Misc; RC Skateboarding Bart $15, $30
Exclusives; Radioactive Homer MIP $60, Treehouse of Horror Set, MIP $50

The Simpsons The Best Toy Line of 2000 makes way for a new year (not supplied)
Results of 2000 Figure of the Year Voting (not supplied)
n84 Tomart's Action Figure Digest, Feb 2001, Cover, p3, 34-35, 50-51
Cover says "Simpsons" and has a miniature picture of the head of the Ralph Wiggum
Page 3 includes a picture of the Milhouse figure.
p34 Article on Playmates rapidly issuing new characters in 2001 has photos of the following characters; Moe, Nelson, Sunday Best Homer, Camp Krusty Bart, Milhouse, Otto, Patty, Lenny, Itchy & Scratchy, Casual Homer, Ralph Wiggum and Groundskeeper Willie. The article is as follows;

Playmates has announced an astounding amount of new Simpsons figures for 2001. Expect to see at least five more regular assortments of figures, not including playsets and vehicles. Each figure will feature the popular interactive voice chips and retail for $4.99. Here's a rundown of this year's releases;

Series 3 will include Moe, Nelson, Kamp Krusty Bart, Sunday Best Homer, Milhouse and Otto. Look for this assortment as this issue hits the stands.

Series 4 (April) will include Lenny, Ralph Wiggum, Patty, Itchy and Scratchy, Casual Homer and Groundskeeper Willie.

Series 5 (July) includes Captain McCallister, Bartman, Martin, Kent Brockman, Sideshow Mel and the Bumble Bee Man.

Series 6 (October) will include Dr. Hibbert, Snake, Bleeding Gums Murphy, Carl, Mascot Homer and Professor Frink.

New environment playsets due through the end of July will include the Krustyland Studios with Sideshow Bob, Town Hall with Mayor Quimby, Bowl-A-Rama with Pin Pal Apu, Comic Book Shop with the Comic Book Guy, First Church of Springfield with Reverend Lovejoy and The Noiseland Arcade with Jimbo. A Main Street environment playset is also in the works for July, and will incorporate a whole slew of Springfield stops. These will include Moe's, The Jazz Hole, Lard Lad Donuts and the Frying Dutchman. Special figures to be released with this set include Hans Moleman and the Pimply-Faced Teen. The set will be compatible with more than 50 Springfield characters and will feature more than 100 phrases. The price point for the set is currently estimated at around $45-50.

The Simpsons family car is due in stores this July with a $19.99 price tag. No word on whether the vehicle will come with an exclusive figure.

A talking action figure assortment will be released in July, featuring unique mechanical actions and up to four phrases from the show. The line will include Bowling Homer, Hold-Up Procedure Apu, Pie-Throwing Krusty and Howdy Neighbor Ned. Each figure will retail for $9.99.

On pages 50-51 we find the results of Tomart's Figure of the Year voting - and The Simpsons win across the board. Simpsons place first in "Most Popular Action Figure Lines for 2000", Mr. Burns places second in "Best Individual Figure for 2000" after Jeff Hardy (WWF), and under "Best Vehicle, Playset or Accessory for 2000" Simpsons win first place (Kwik-E-Mart), second place (Treehouse of Terror) and sixth place (Living Room).

Pop Can (Survey)
Help Save Futurama
The Magazine Not for adults, Feb 2001, Cover, p87-88
Full Futurama cover features Bender and the heading "Futurama: A Cry of Help".
p87-88 Survey, in addition to asking "Will you help in our campaign to save Futurama?" asks "What animated series would make a good Hollywood movie?" with the choices listed as Jose and the Pussycats, Dragonball Z, The Simsons, Catchy-22, Futurama, The Powerpuff Girls, Jr. Jays and The Jetsons.

Springfield Collection II Card Pack
Wizard 6 (France), Feb 2001
Not sure what's within, but sealed into the fron of the February issue is a pack of Simpsons Album Stickers for The Springfield Collection II album.

Saint Flanders He's the evangelical next door on The Simpsons, and that's okily dokily among many believers (Mark I. Pinsky)
From Davey & Goliath to Homer and Ned (Mark I. Pinsky)
How Big Is The Simpsons? (Mark I. Pinsky)
Christianity Today, Feb 5 2001, Cover, p28-34
Full Simpsons cover featuring a stylized Ned Flanders drawn as a saint, with angels Marge Simpson to the left (playing an accordion!) and Homer Simpson to the right eating doughnuts. They're stylized drawings because Fox wouldn't given them the rights to use actual drawings! Caption says "Saint Flanders - The Simpsons' Ned Flanders is the most visible evangelical to many Americans - and that's just okily dokily."
Great cover story by Mark Pinsky on religion and The Simpsons - which you can find online at the Christianity Today web site right here!
Nice sidebar on Steve Tompkins, writer for the Simpsons, and how he's influenced the show - also online right here!
Article reviews the continuing popularity of The Simpsons, also online right here!
If you liked these articles, you'll love the book! Read The Gospel According to the Simpsons

Review of the week (not supplied)
TV Guide (Canada), Feb 17 2001, p2
The review of the week has the following;
The Simpsons (Sunday, Global/Fox) At long last. For the first time in four years, Kelsey Grammer returns to The Simpsons as Sideshow Bob. In previous episodes, the psycho half-clown's murderous energies have focused on Bart, but this time around, Bob's former boss, Krusty the Clown, is the primary target. When Krusty announces he is ending his show (again!) due to stiff competition from a popular Quiz show, the newly freed Bob sees an opportunity to eliminate both nemeses in one fell swoop. He kidnaps Bart and brainwashes him into becoming a suicide bomber at Krusty's farewell performance. Who says this is a kids' show? Sunday's episode, "Day of the Jackanapes" (a play on The Day of the Jackal), marks Grammer's sixth appearance as Sideshow Bob which, to us, is still not enough. Welcome back, Bob!

Crocodile Andrew (Bruce Buckley)
2001n3 Tennis Italiano, Mar 2001, Cover, p82-87
Full Simpsons cover on this Italian Tennis magazine with Homer in the center surrounded by Tennis greats Andrew Agassi, Pete Sampras & The William Sisters. Cover says "� qui la Davis?"
On p83 we find another Simpsons illustration with the following caption; "Andrew Agassi, Pete Sampras, Venus e Serena Williams sono apparsi, adeguatamente ridisegnati ma con le proprie voci. nell'episodio "Tennis the Menace" (CABF07) della serie The Simpson. Andrew aveva registrato la sua parte la scorsa estate. La trama vede i campioni impegnati in una sfida per stabilire chi sar� il compagno di doppio di Homer Simpson in un torneo denominato Krusty Kharity Klassic."

Whose 'Dos?
v25n2 Games Issue 168, Mar 2001, Cover, p58
The cover of Games magazine is always itself a games, and this issue is no exception. On the cover we find the hairdos of 21 comic characters awaiting identification by readers, including the hair of Bart Simpson. Despite the distorted appearance, and what appears to be spikes above the eyes, they did get the number of spikes correct (9).

March Reviews (not supplied)
n200 Computer Gaming World, Mar 2001, Cover, p95
In explaining the reviews, Computer Gaming World awards one to five stars - and along with an explanation of the levels, they have an associated Simpson character. As happy as we are to see the denizens of Springfield in these pages, we're at a loss to know how they chose the associated character. Decide for yourself;
Outstanding - 5 Stars - Ralph Wiggum
Very Good - 4 Stars - Barney Gumble
Average - 3 Stars - Cletus
Weak - 2 Stars - Otto Mann
Abysmal - 1 Star - Sideshow Mel a.k.a. Melvin Van Horne

What If? The Itchy and Scratchy CCG (IQ Gamer staff)
n71 Inquest Gamer, Mar 2001, Cover, p128
Cover has but an indirect reference; "D'oh! Dumbest Decks of All Time".
p128 Describes an imaginary Itchy and Scratchy CCG (Collectable Card Game) featuring all the blood, guts and gore we've come to expect from I&S. Not sure we should be reproducing it here...oh what the heck;

These days, everything good is bad for you: D&D leads to Satanism; Big Macs give you heart attacks, and InQuest Gamer turns you into a socially inept porno fiend... Isn't it refreshing then, when a game comes along that only promises to enhance your love of violence? Strategy in the Itchy & Scratchy CCD? I think not. Players - in the roles of the cat Scratchy and the mouse Itchy - play cards from their hands directly onto other player's cards in an attempt to brutally slaughter their nemesis. Key blank cards allow players to make up their own creative methods of death; devise an especially nasty kill and earn bonus "body bag" points. Winner is the player with the highest body count, 'natch. Giving your method of death a punny name gets extra credit. Like these;
HYDROCHLORIC CHERRY FLAVOR Itchy is force-fed sulfuric acid Jell-o using an industrial plunger.
MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK Scratchy is enticed to make it with a kitty prostitute stuffed with explosives.
POKE 'EM IN THE BUTT Itchy is attacked by rabid pok�mon-like creatures bent on reproduction.
"WHAT?" Itchy is pummelled into mouse meat and eaten by Mike Tyson, starting with his ear.
CAT-GUT YOUR TONGUE? Scratchy is cut into strips with a rusty pizza cutter and used as guitar strings for Metallica.
WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE'S TOILET? Scratchy is filled with foam and used as a toilet cushion for Regis Philbin.
JUST DO IT Itchy gets pumped up with locker room air and used as a tetherball by midget wrestlers.
HANDI-CAPABLE Scratchy has his spine shattered by wheelchair bound Chinese fighting monks
RECTUM? HECK, IT KILLED 'EM Itchy is anal-probed by Kang and Kodos using a spatula.
WHAT'S THE GRAY MATTER? Scratchy has his brain mined out by giant, prospecting fleas
REST IN PIECES Scratchy is sawed in half by a dyslexic magician who tries to reattach his ass to his shoulders
ATOMIC WEDGIE Scratchy is worn as a diaper by a really fat sumo wrestler with the stomach flu
KEEP LEFT Itchy is melted down and made into traffic cones for a driving school for insane, blind women.
1-800-FRIEDEAR Scratchy is irradiated by high-power cell phones, which melt his skull and make him sterile
FLESHPOT Itchy is cooked as Sunday dinner for a clan of starving hillbillies, who eat him with collard greens and fatback.
CARD SHARPS Itchy is paper-cut into itty-bitty pieces by card throwing CCG players.
HI-HO SCRATCHY, AWAY! Scratchy is fed to carnivorous horses.
POLE POSITION Itchy is dipped in Nair and dropped at the South Pole, where his "boys" are used to chill the drinks of rich penguins.

Celebrity 100 (not supplied)
v167n7 Forbes, Mar 19 2001, p158
In a write-up for Venus and Serena Williams, Forbes writes that "They also both appeared in a recent episode of The Simpsons.

Homer may have a cow over Bart's 'first time' (Bill Hoffman)
New York Post, Mar 23 2001, p3
The story taken out of context continues to spread. We quote;

America's favorite cartoon bad boy may soon become a man.

The producers of "The Simpsons" are considering the possibility of having Bart Simpson lose his virginity in an upcoming movie version of the smash Fox sitcom.

"I see lots of Simpson sex in the movie," executive producer David Milkin said in published reports.

Asked to elaborate, Mirkin said that Bart - whose slogans include "Eat my shorts" - would have his first sexual experience.

A source at the show told The Post last night that one scenario being considered is for Bart to lose his virginity to an older Mrs. Robinson type.

The movie version of "The Simpsons" would take place five or six years in the future, and Bart would be portrayed as a teenager.

During the 12-year run of the TV show, Bart has remained 10 years old.

But Mirkin insisted the creative forces behind the series are in no rush to hurry Bart into adulthood.

"There is money to be made with a movie. But we're waiting for the show to end for the movie to happen," Mirkin said.

"It's been 12 years for 'The Simpsons,' and it gets tougher to keep it fresh. But everyone is killing themselves to make sure that happens.

"When we eventually have episodes where we go into space or the center of the Earth we'll know it's time to hang it up."

The adventures of couch potato Homer, his wife, Marge, and their kids in the fictional city of Springfield have made "The Simpsons" the most successful cartoon series in TV history.

Bart even enjoyed a hit with his rap single, "Do the Bart Man," which was voiced by Nancy Cartwright.

The Voice Behind Bart Simpson (Bonnie Laufer-Krebs)
v13n1 Kids, Spring 2001, 14
Kids article on Nancy Cartwright in the Canadian publication;

You probably wouldn't recognize her face but you certainly know her voice.

For the past 13 years, Nancy Cartwright has been the voice of Bart Simpson on the hit animated TV series, The Simpsons.

The show has been such a success that Cartwright decided it was time to tell some tales, and recently wrote a book entitled, My Life As a 10-year-old Boy.

"I found out that there are so many questions that (kids) have about the show so I thought why not write a book and try to address all of these questions.

Cartwright wanted to let people know what it really takes to create a half hour animated weekly series.

"Well the first thing that people don't realize is that the main cast members do more that one voice. There was one time that I had to do Bart, Nelson and Ralph all in one scene. I had 10 pages of dialogue to read. It was exhausting. I was completely out of breath by the time that was over!"

"Another thing that many people don't know is that it takes anywhere from eight to 10 months until you actually see a new, completed episode of The Simpsons on your television screens."

"It is a long and complicated process," says Cartwright.

"It's next to impossible to get everyone in the same room at the same time. So, usually when the celebrities come in to record it's when they are available, and then their dialogue is mixed into the show," says Cartwright.

While Cartwright gets tons of fan mail, most of it is addressed to Bart. Most of the time the fan wants to know what her favourite episode is.

So, what is it?

"I love singing, so almost any episode that we get to sing in has been a highlight for me," she says.

Creating voices has always been a dream for Cartwright. While she has appeared in several television shows and movies, her first love is voice work.

So how long will she continue doing the voice of Bart?

"I will stick with Bart for as long as the show is on the air," she says.

Homer's Favourite Tunes (unknown)
n2 Mojo Collections, Spring 2001, unknown
No further information. Yet.

The Simpsons (not supplied)
n86 Tomart's Action Figure Digest, Apr 2001, Cover, p7, 32-35
Full cover illustrated with Radioactive Man (aka Ranier Wolfcastle) and Fallout Boy (aka Milhouse Van Houten). Heading reads "New Simpsons Announcements".
p7 Under Action News Briefs we find the following; "The Simpsons Radioactive Man/Fallout Boy Two-Pack shown on this months cover is another new item which was not on display at the New York Toy Fair. It is slated as an exclusive through Diamond Comics Distributors and Electronic Boutiques. AFD readers ranked The Simpsons the Best Action Figure Line of 2000.
p32-35 Preview of upcoming Playmates Simpsons figures: "2000 was the year of The Simpsons, and 2001 is already shaping up as a strong sequel. More than 20 brand-new World of Springfield characters have already been announced and there are plenty more to follow."
"These two pages premiere many of the figures slated for release in Waves 5 and 6. Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy (Ranier Wolfcastle and Milhouse) will be a specialty store exclusive available through Diamond Comics. Turn the page to see all of the environment playsets announced at Toy Fair 2001, plus the Simpsons Family car. The car includes all five members of the Simpsons family built-in. Pressing on any character causes it to blurt out phrases from the show."
"Another Treehouse of Horror exclusive is planned for this year as well, though which retailer will get it is still up in the air."
Illustrated on the four page spread is Fallout Boy, Radioactive Man, Bartman, Martin, Bleeding Gums Murphy, Carl, Mascot Homer, Bumble Bee Man, Captain McCallister, Snake, Sideshow Mel, Professor Frink, Dr. Hibbert, Kent Brockman, First Church of Springfield with Reverend Lovejoy, The Noiseland Arcade with Jimbo, The Comic Book Shop with The Comic Book Guy, Bowl-A-Rama with Pin Pal Apu, The Simpsons Family Car, Bowling Homer, Hold-Up Procedure Apu, Pie Throwing Krusty, Howdy Neighbor Ned and The Main Street Springfield environment, which includes The Pimply Faced Teen and Hans Moleman.

The Art of Being Bart Nancy Cartwright is the voice of Bart Simpson, Nelson Muntz, and Ralph Wiggum on The Simpsons, and she has written about her experiences in a book called My Life as 10-Year-Old-Boy. We asked her some questions and she voiced her opinions. (not supplied)
n70 Nickelodeon, Apr 2001, Cover, p16, 31, 32-33, 40+
Cover features Bart in prominent upper left corner position as one of the eight boxes illustrating the 2001 Kids' Choice Awards.
p16 Interview of Nancy Cartwright. We quote;

You play several characters on The Simpsons. How do you develop each voice?
I'll see the picture of the character and find out about his or her personality. With the combination of the two, I sort of play around with the attitude.

How do you do the voices when two of your characters are having a conversation with each other?
I have to do it very, very, fast. There's no break. I just talk to myself, which is kind of weird, but we've all been doing it for so long that it's really not a problem.

Does the expression on your face change when you switch character?
Yes, my whole body changes. When I do Bart, it's pretty normal. But when I do Nelson Muntz, I close one eye and lift up my shoulders. When I do Ralph Wiggum, my eyebrows go up and I get very innocent.

When you are reading a script, can you picture the animation?
Yes, but I don't think so much about it. The cast reads it like a play. I can picture some parts in my mind, but I'm just trying to get the words right.

Was it hard to get used to singing in the characters' voices?
No, I love it. Bart actually sings better than I do, which I find hysterical. I think it's because he's ten and he just sings. For me, it's like, Oh, I'm singing.

Who would you love to have as a guest star who hasn't been on yet?
It'd be kind of neat to have former President Clinton. And believe it or not. Christina Aguilera. I listen to her music and I think she's amazing.

Can you draw Bart?
I can draw the top of Bart's head, from the middle of his eyeballs up. I have a hard time with the mouth and no chin.

What would you do if you had a dad like Homer?
I don't think there is such a person. If there is someone like that out there, I apologize for that family.

Has Bart made you a more mischievous person?
No. If I did what Bart did, I'd be arrested. And my kids have never used the fact that I'm Bart Simpson against me, which I really appreciate.

p31 Article describes in a "police report" the activities of various 'toons and readers are tasked with guessing the character. One of the entries in the police log; "A resident reported that his neighbor had stolen a number of left-handed tools from his shed. The neighbor claimed that he was only borrowing them. Empty doughnut boxes were found at the crime scene. (Homer Simpson)
p32-33 They draw various characters as real people, to let the reader guess the character - so real looking, in fact, that we couldn't tell we were looking at Bart and Lisa.
Ballot for the Kids' Choie Awards inserted after page 40 has the following choices for favorite cartoon; Hey Arnold, The Powerpuff Girls, Rugrats, and The Simpsons.

Simpsons (not supplied)
n102 Lee's Action Figure News & Toy Review, Apr 2001, cover, p18-19
Cover has picture of a Hans Moleman doll and says "SIMPSONS 2001".
p18-19 features the entire range of Simpson toys presented at the NYC Toy Fair 2001.

Are You As Dumb As You Look? (not supplied)
n40 Maxim, Apr 2001, p220
Illustrated by a picture of Montgomery Burns, we find the following question on Maxim's quiz; "What TV character said, 'Since the beginning of time, man has yearned to destroy the sun?'", with the choices "a. Buffy Summers; b. Montgomery Burns; and c. George Costanza."

Matt Groening Matt Groening may look like your average guy, but remember, he's got Homer and Bart Simpson living in his head (Kristine McKenna)
n2 My Generation, May-Jun 2001, Cover, p2, p48-52, 54
Great full cover of Matt Groening with Bart Simpson looking over is shoulder.
Great interview of Matt Groening in this AARP publication, which we felt compelled to immediately transcribe, and which is now on the archive right here!

Hair Apparent Balding patterns predict heart trouble (Gwen Carden)
v44Wn3 Modern Maturity, May-Jun 2001, p14
Probably not a coincidence that both AARP publications reference our favorite family (see above!).
Article discussing the correlation between baldness and heart attacks illustrated with pictures of Homer, Ned Flanders and Kent Brockman has the following; " shown below, the experts needed to look no further than some well-known heads in Springfield, the hometown of TV's The Simpsons." It then has the following;
Severe Balding: Donut-and-beer-loving Homer Simpson has a 37 percent higher-than-normal chance of heart disease. High blood pressure would increase that risk to 80 percent.
Frontal Balding: His hairline is retreating, and that means a 9 percent greater risk for Homer's annoying neighbor Ned Flanders.
Lots o' Hair: Good news for Springfield TV anchor Kent Brockman. He enjoys the lowest risk - unless that's a rug he's wearing.

Top 10 Hottest Action Figures (not supplied)
Playmates: The Simpsons (not supplied)
n45 ToyFare, May 2001, cover, p18, 52-54, 56-57, 74-75, 77
Cover features the doll "Mascot Homer" and heading "The Simpsons". On the lower left corner it also has a picture of a Leela and with the caption "Exclusive Futurama Toy Offer".
p18 "Wassup at" article advertises their web site, including the following tantalizing paragraph; "Looking to retire on your collection of Simpsons figures? Deciding whether a Ralph in the hand is worth two Smithers in the bush? Track your action figure collection with our portfolio analysis of how Springfield's top residents are holding up in the marketplace!". Photo of the Krusty Pie throwing figure appears with heading "Clownin' around: See Krusty and more at
p53 Details the toys to be released this year;
Simpsons Release Date: Fall. Playmates showed off waves five and six of its killer Simpsons line - we're beside ourselves with anticipation of the Bumble Bee Man's phrases!
Simpsons Wave 5 Captain McCallister, Sideshow Mel, Bumble Bee Man, Martin and Kent Brockman
Simpsons Wave 6 Bleeding Gums Murphy, Snake, Dr. Hibbert, Professor Frink, Dancin' Homer and Carl
Simpsons Family Car Release Date: Summer. When the hood of the car is pressed, the whole Simpsons family carries on a conversation. Individual phrases can also be triggered by pressing each figure.
Simpsons Playsets Release Date: Summer. First Church of Springfield comes with Reverend Lovejoy figure, while Noiseland Arcade features Jimbo Jones. Check out those video games from the show... remember Larry the Looter from waaaaaay back in the early episodes?
Larry the Looter first appeared in [8F11] "Radio Bart" in 1992. Other games pictured are "Pack Rat Returns" from [5F22], Slugfest which appeared as Super Slugfest in [7G06] and Nuke which (first?) appeared at the Kwik-E-Mart in [1F06].
Talking Simpsons Release Date: Summer. In addition to Howdy Neighbor Ned, these double sized figures include Bowling Homer, Hold-Up Procedure Apu and Pie-Throwing Krusty!
Simpsons Main Street Environment Release Date: Summer. Moe's Tavern, the Jazz Hole, Lard Lad Donuts and the Frying Dutchman are represented in this huge playset, which comes with exclusive Hans Moleman and Pimply Faced Teen figures. The playset has 150 interactive phrases!
p56 Advertisement for Swimsuit Leela, exclusively available through Toyfare.
p74 The Top 10 Hottest Action Figures lists *three* Simpson characters, as follows;
2. Moe It's too bad they never made the Moe's Tavern playset. You've got the bartender - why ain't there a bar? It would be the ultimate action figure hangout, and not just for Simpson figures, either. The Matrix guys could come and get a drink, Buffy and her pals could stop by... of course, then the place would be subject to attack by killer computer programs and/or vampires. Moe might get a bouncer.
4. Milhouse Poor Milhouse. Not only is he constantly getting picked on by bullies and being shuttled between his divorced parents, but he's also on the FBI's "Most Wanted" list, thanks to Bart Simpson's records-tampering. His future isn't so bright, either. He's the first guy to bag Lisa Simpson, but is promptly rejected by her in a fit of tears (his, not hers). Then he ends up working at the nuclear power plant as Homer Simpson's supervisor. Basically, Milhouse needs to get as far away from the Simpsons as possible.
6. Nelson Nelson is a conundrum. An enigma, if you will. At the beginning of The Simpsons, he was Bart's nemesis, constantly torturing and bullying him. Bart had to organize an army of children to shut him down. Soon he was dating Lisa, then going on road trips with Bart, then picking posies for Shary Bobbins... What's next, knitting? His thuggish nature now a mere affectation, he has since been replaced as the school bully by the tag team of Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney, who have an average age of about 27.
p77 "Mug Shot" discusses Smithers, as follows;
Origin: Waylon Smithers is Mr. Burns' spineless assistant. (Literally - he lost his spine in a plane accident.) Owner of the largest Malibu Stacy doll collection in Springfield, he assists Mr. Burns in such duties as answering the phone, squeezing juice for him, preparing his tax returns, moistening his eyeballs, assisting him with chewing and swallowing, removing his dead skin, lying to Congress, reminding him who Homer Simpson is and some light typing.
Currently Appearing In: You can see Smithers drool over Mr. Burns every day on TV, and maybe even soon in movie theatres, as rumors of a big-screen Simpsons have been circulating for a while.
Want More? - The ultimate Smithers site. - Jenna has way too much time on her hands, Jenna really needs to find a hobby.
Embarrassing Secret: Psst... Don't tell anyone, but Smithers is gay.

Simpsons Wrestling (game hints)
n76 Tips & Tricks, Jun 2001, Cover, p12-17
Full Simpsons cover featuring the Simpsons Wrestling game. Homer is in the ring, leaping over a prone Willie the Groundskeeper. Watching from the stands behind the ring we see Flanders, Bumblebee man, Carl, Grampa, Apu, Barney, Moe, Lenny, Bart, Frink, Krusty and Skinner. Cover has "Springfield Smackdown! The Simpsons Wrestling. Secret Characters and Codes!"
Six wonderful pages of games hints.
For more information about all the Simpson games check out our Simpsons Games list right here!

Simpsons Wrestling (game strategy) (Phil Theobald)
n84 Expert Gamer, Jun 2001, Cover, p100-103
Homer Simpsons pictured in the lower left hand corner with the caption "The Simpsons Wrestling: Secret Characters and Special Moves".
p100 Four pages detailing game strategy. Game summary as follows;

Even though the past few season haven't been all that great, we here at XG are big, big fans of The Simpsons. And if there's one thing that we think of when we think of the Simpsons, it's wrestling.

OK, so that's not true, but for some reason, the good folks at Fox Interactive have decided to blend the two elements into one game that Activision is distributing.

Although we were all disappointed that the Simpsons weren't starring in some sort of action/platform game, we did have a chuckle or two at this game. Those laughs come from the new voice samples (from the actual cast) and the sheer ridiculousness of the matches (why would Barney be fighting Lisa?).

One note of warning: As a wrestling game, this one isn't that hot. Unless you're a hardcore Simpson nut, you'll become quickly bored.

The Unforgettable Four How U2 elevated themselves to the top of the rock world (not supplied)
What's On (UK), Aug 4-17 2001, cover, p17
Cover story pictures U2 with caption "Rock of Ages: The 20-year success story they call U2 - the songs, the stadia... and The Simpsons"
p17 Article about U2 is illustrated with a large scene from The Simpsons, Homer behind the bar serving U2. In the article they say U2 "...are annually tagged the greatest band in the world in music polls - and have even been immortalized as cartoons in The Simpsons" in the episode "Trash of the Titans" [5F09].

Balderdash! (game quiz) (Gunnar Johnson)
The Bald and the Beautiful (game quiz) (Gunnar Johnson)
v25n7 Games, Sep 2001, Cover, p12-13
Homer Simpson is pictured in the upper left hand corner of the cover of Games magazine along with thirty-six other bald men we're asked to identify.
p12-13 Quiz asks the question "Dan Castellaneta is the voice of what bald-headed cartoon character? The predictable answer: Homer Simpson. We wrote Games magazine saying: "While the answer supplied, "Homer Simpson", may be the most well known character, Dan Castellaneta is also the voice of Abraham J. 'Grampa' Simpson, Groundskeeper Willy, Leopold (a school official), the Crazy old man and Hans Moleman, all of whom are bald, as well as a host of other characters on The Simpsons. In addition he played the voice of many other characters on other shows, including the bald Grandpa Phil on Hey Arnold!.

Tune In! (Karen Fanning)
v11n7 Disney Adventures, Sep 2001, p31
Article in this pre-teen publication discusses Danny Elfman;
Bill R., 12, of Oak Forest, Illinois, wants the scoop on The Simpsons theme song. Here you go, Bill: The show's opening tune was created by Danny Elfman, who also did the music for Batman, Men in Black and the upcoming Spider-Man.
Simpsons creator Matt Groening gave Elfman what he called a "flavors" tape of the sound he was looking for. Among the many funny things on the tape were The Jetsons theme song, an electric shaver commercial jingle and a teaching-your-parrot-to-talk record.
A month later Elfman - with the help of a huge orchestra - recorded the theme on the 20th Century Fox lot. The song won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Main Title Theme Music in 1990 at the end of the show's debut season.
Currently all of the show's music is composed by Alf Clausen, who, coincidentally enough, used to work on the TV show Alf.
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