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Part IX - Magazine and Newspaper Articles - 2002

The Simpsons (not applicable)
v9 Forbidden Planet (UK)(catalogue), Jan-Apr 2002, cover, p76-78
Cover of this UK catalogue is the new Homer Simpsons tin robot and has "Homer tin toy, 30% off page 76" on the cover.
Simpsons items throughout this catalog and specifically on pages 76 - 78.

Phish to Play Springfield: A Relix Preview (Jeff Waful)
v29n1 Relix, Feb-Mar 2002, Cover, p42-44
p5 Table of Contents illustrated with a picture of Bart Simpson.

Action News Briefs: Simpsons in 2002 (not supplied)
n97 Tomart's Action Figure Digest, Apr 2002, Cover, p8
Cover features Bart Simpsons and Lionel Hutz "action figures" with the caption "The Simpsons: The Entire 2002 Simpsons Action Figure Line-Up Is Revealed! See Page 8. Lionel Hutz from Celebrity Series 2 and Bart Simpson from the original assortment."
p8 Writeup on the 2002 Simpsons action figure line:

The February Playmates announced their current plans for the Simpsons line in 2002. The ninth series of regular assortment figures will include Sunday Best Grandpa, Sunday Best Lisa, Prison Sideshow Bob, Rod & Todd Flanders, Disco Stu and Busted Krusty the Clown. The deluxe environment playsets for that series will include the Police Station with Eddie and Springfield Retirement Castle with Jasper. Series 10 will include Marvin Monroe, Wendell, Mother Skinner, Sunday Best Marge & Maggie, Resort Smithers and Stonecutter Homer. Environment Playsets include Burns Manor with P.J. Burns and the Doctor's Office with Nick Riviera. The third series of celebrity figures will include Phil Hartman as Lyle Lanley, Jon Lovitz as Lewelyn Sinclair and Albert Brooks as Hank Scorpio, Series four will include Michelle Pfeiffer as Mindy Simmons, Patrick Stewart as Number One and Jon Lovitz as Artie Ziff. The final line-ups are subject to change.

Other releases will include a new series of Toys R Us exclusive Celebrity two-packs. The first releases will include Colonel Homer with Lurleen Lumpkin (voiced by Beverly DiAngelo) and Bowling Marge with Jacques (voiced by Albert Brooks). The Main Street playset will finally see release this year with a $49.99 price tag. The set will include a special Crazy Old Man figure and will be compatible with every Simpson figure released to date. The next TreeHouse of Horror box set will include Allen Maggie, Marge the Witch, Raven Bart, the family pets and Donut-head Homer. A New Years Time Square playset will finish the year for TRU, and will include figures of the entire Simpsons family decked out in their holiday wear.

Along with Toys R Us, many other retailers will see exclusive releases this year. Diamond Comics and Electronics Boutique will get a Marge and Homer at the Prom two-pack due in June. September will see the release of the KBBL Radio Station with Bill & Marty. Retail on both sets will be $19.99. Diamond and Kaybee will share the Blocko figure exclusives due from now until September. Bobble-heads of Homer, Krusty the Clown, Barney and Apu will also be released through Kaybee toy stores. Target will be releasing a series of 9" collector figures. Retail will be $19.99 and include Homer, Mr. Burns, Moe and Smithers.

Multi-pack assortments of mini-action figures which will include characters based on their looks from specific episodes will begin release in June. The first two sets will include characters from the episodes "Homer at Bat" and "Deep Space Homer". November will see the release of "Homer the Heretic" and "Brother from the Same Planet". The retail price is currently set at $9.99.

p32 Two page spread illustrating new Simpsons action figures.

Straight Outta Springfield Later Series of Playmates' Simpsons Continue to Sell Big (Karl Cramer)
Toyfare, Apr 2002, Cover, p36, 82
Cover features a Troy McClure action figure saying (as he does on the show) "Hi! I'm Troy McClure...". Caption reads "The Simpsons: Celebrity Series Previewed". This was one of three covers, with the other two varieties featuring Optimus Prime and Spiderman.
p36 features a full page of Simpsons action figures with the text "Simpsons: By Playmates. Release Date: Spring. You know the drill! The next bout of Simpson madness includes two playsets, six (or seven) figures and the long-awaited Celebrity figures, including the first-ever Phil Hartman-voiced/nth-tier actor extraordinaire Troy McClure."
p82 Article on collecting Simpsons Playmates' figures.

Like the McBain movie franchise, the popularity of Playmates' Simpson toy line has maintained incredible sales despite a tough holiday season. "It's slowed down, but only 5-10 percent," says Tony Edwards of Los Angeles' Golden Apple Comics. "They're still selling out. It's just taking a little longer."

Why the slowdown at all? Edwards thinks the line has gone through most of the highly recognizable characters. Recent waves spotlighting background players would understandably draw less attention - but only slightly less. In fact, Michael Luckman of New York City's Forbidden Planet hasn't seen a change at all. "For us, it's been one of our more steady lines."

Of course, anything from the first wave is really hot, especially main characters that haven't been repeated, like Lisa or Grandpa. (They'll cost you $30-40.) Series 2 Waylon Smithers, popular upon his release almost two years ago, is now fetching up to $40.

One category where the line has slowed down the most has been the playsets. Many fans are deciding the size and the price of the settings aren't worth it. Also, like the characters themselves, most of the best Springfield hotspots have already been done.

But that trend doesn't apply to store exclusives like the Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy Environment, Family Christmas, or the two Treehouse of Horror sets. It's the same old story: collectors really want them, but scalpers know they're easy money, and store employees are often setting them aside for buddies. So if you want them, expect to pay between $70-90 at online auction sites for the Halloween ones and $40 for the others.

Of the latest batch of toys, Edwards recommends poor, lonely Mrs. Krabappel because she's one of the few side characters that has had an episode revolve around them. Both Edwards and Luckman say that one character from the recent assortments that has seen a lot of movement is Prof. Frink, the Jerry Lewis-sounding science guy. Bumblebee Man has also proven to be a self-effacing symbol of pride for many Hispanic-Americans, which has translated into "Muy beuno!" sales.

Illustrated with a chart of auction prices; Professor Frink "As this chart indicates, our product line continues to enjoy unprecedented success." ($10), Bumblebee Man "Magnifique! Est-ce que vous aven us singe violet?" ($9) and Mrs Kabappel "Heh-heh, waitaminnit..." ($7). Now explain to me again why Toyfare has Bumblebee Man speaking French? (...and what did he call us?)

The Prankster Hall of Fame (Deborah Barnes)
v12n3 Disney Adventures, Apr 2002, p5, p24-25, p75
p5 Table of Contents illustrated with a picture of Bart Simpson.
p24 Listed first is our favorite bad boy: "Bart Simpson - Prank Rank: 1. Name it, and the cartoon world's master of mayhem has done it: stolen his grandfather's false teeth (9F03), wrecked the school rest room plumbing, sent fake love letters to his teacher (8F16) .... But he's best known for his classic prank phone calls to Moe's, paging people like 'Anita Bath.' (2F09)"
p75 Reader poll asking readers to pick their top three favorite TV shows includes The Simpsons as one of the 15 selections.

The voice behind Homer Simpson, Krusty the Clown, Barney, Groundskeeper Willie and more! (Interview by Chaunce Hayden)
v13n677 Steppin' Out, Apr 17 2002, cover, p 30-31, 38-39, 50-51
Cover features Homer Simpson.
Interview with Dan Castellaneta... another to transcribe someday.

Turn it Off! Next week, millions of people will go TV-free. How about you? (Kathryn R. Hoffman)
v7n22 Time For Kids, Apr 12 2002, cover, p4-5
This is an 8 page booklet for school kids published during the school year.
Cover features OFF, SLH and Snowball on the couch, with Lisa standing behind the television, plug in hand. Caption reads "Could You Survive a Week Without TV?"
As too often happens, The Simpsons cover is used to draw in the audience, but not a mention of OFF inside.

Summer Reading Book Review section of NY Times illustrated with Simpsons drawings.
The New York Times Book Review, Jun 2002, cover
Color cover from overhead of Homer Simpson in a hammock, with a book over his eyes titled "Summer Reading", the issue this represents. We see SLH sleeping to the right, a Duff beer empty on the left.
This entire issue is illustrated by Matt Groening with color drawings for each section featuring our favorite family throughout.
p3 Table of contents has large picture of Homer Simpson surfing while reading a book "How to Surf"
p6 For Cooking section: Homer lying on a lawn chair sleeping with Bart frying hamburgers on his stomach with Lisa and Maggie looking on.
p8 For Travel section: OFF in a balloon flying over New York with Maggie dangling on a rope.
p13 For Gardening: Bart has cut a zig zag swath across the lawn and is hiding in one of the deep recesses reading a book with an angry Homer looking for him in the distance.
p22 A mountain of books with Lisa, Bart and Maggie reading.
p27 Pencil drawing of Maggie using a stack of books to reach a jar.
p29 Pencil drawing of Homer barbecuing.
p30 Pencil drawing of Marge in the sun reading having hair trouble.
p31 Pencil drawing of Lisa in a lawn sprinkler reading.
p43 Pencil drawing of Bart in lawn chair pretending to read Man and Superman but actually reading Radiactive Man.
p45 Pencil drawing of Lisa on the beach in Homer's shade reading a book.

Top 10 'Toons of All Time! (Cracked staff)
Top 10 'Toons of All Time! (Cracked staff)
n357 Cracked, Jul 2002, cover, p12, 22-23,
Cover by Rick Parker illustrating the article has Homer and Bart fighting other toons for the contest.
p12 Article "New Jobs for Celebs" includes Homer as a "Salesperson for 'Hair CLub for Cheap Men'" showing hair being stapled to his head.
p22-23 Cracked staff selects The Simpsons as (#1) Top 'Toon of All Time. The accolades are as follows;
The longest-running animated show in primetime TV history is also its best! The Simpsons had an inauspicious beginning in short segments of the TRACEY ULLMAN SHOW that never hinted at the future greatness of the characters.
The first season of the show was a little shaky, as the writers and characters were still finding their voices.
But starting with season two and ending with season five, the SIMPSONS hit a peak of perfection that has never been matched by any animated show.
Each episode was a gem, filled with more diverse, realistic, and likable characters than any other live-acion show.
Over the past twelve years, THE SIMPSONS has proven itself to be a dirable, dependable TV classic.
Thank you, Matt Groening, for creating the greatest animated show in TV history. You've given us something to look forward to on Sundays! - Cracked staff

The Ultimate TV Trivia Challenge) (Ethan Alter)
v12n8 Disney Adventures, Oct 2002, p44-47
On page 46, under "level 2" (the more difficult questions) we find the following Simpson question;
On The Simpsons, what was the name of the character Homer voiced on the Itchy & Scratchy Show?
a. Poochie the Dog
b. Slappy the Squirrel
c. Edger the Elephant
d. Spindly the Spider

The Great Gift Grab-A-Thon (Steve Behling and Julie Haire)
v12n10 Disney Adventures, Dec 2002, p18, p52-63
p18 December 2002 calendar has the following comment on Dececmber 17th: "D'oh! The Simpsons first aired on this day in 1989."
p52-63 An interesting way to advertise a hundreds toys - make it part of a larger game! Naturally we're most interested in the ones with our favorite family;
p55 What Would Homer Do? The Simpsons know-it-alls can test their knowledge.
p60 Homer Simpson Pez key chain He doesn't say "d'oh," but he will dispense a Pez tablet.

We Want Answers! Homer Simpson (interview) How did we convince Springfield's favorite yellow son to sit down with us for a rare interview? Two words: beer squishee. (Steven Russell)
v59 Maxim, Nov 2002, cover, p136-137
Cover says Plus! .. Homer Simpson smartens up
p136 Interview of Homer.
Maxim: Do you feel that you've been unfairly labeled as a fat, dumb, lazy, drunken slob?
Homer: Absolutely. And every time I try to pull the label off, it tears out my chest hairs.
Maxim: Complete this sentence: A day without TV is like.
Homer: I don't want to play this game. It might come true.
Maxim: Describe your perfect meal.
Homer: Bottomless.
Maxim: When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Homer: An interviewer for a major men's magazine. But now that I see you just interview fat slobs like me instead of hot chicks, I'm not so sure.
Maxim: How safe is nuclear power?
Homer: Look, nothing is 100 percent safe. I'm taking a risk every day when I get in my car, drive 120 miles per hour down a crowded sidewalk, and smash through a police roadblock. But what else are you gonna do?
Maxim: Fair enough. So tell us the truth: Marge is a wildcat in the sack, right?
Homer: A gentleman never tells. If you want to know, you'll have to secretly videotape us, like Moe does.
Maxim: Is she the only woman you've ever "done it" with?
Homer: Marge is all I've ever needed. You know what they say: "Once you go blue, you never go poo." Wait, that's not right.
Maxim: What's your favorite mood music?
Homer: "Jingle Bells" with those barking dogs. It's perfect music for every mood.
Maxim: Quick, give us the names of all three of your children!
Homer: There's Bart, Lisa, and. uhh.Baby Lisa.
Maxim: If you had to choose between Bart and Lisa, which one would you pick?
Homer: Well, Bart's more fun.but Lisa always knows the best way to snuff out the flames when I set myself on fire.
Maxim: All right, then: What if you had to choose between donuts and bacon instead?
Homer: If you'd ever had a donut with bacon sprinkles, you'd know how ridiculous that question is.
Maxim: Since the whole choking thing doesn't seem to be working, are you developing any new techniques for disciplining Bart?
Homer: Whoa, whoa, whoa.Let's not give up on choking just yet.
Maxim: What do you want to do when those dang kids finally grow up and move out of the house?
Homer: Drink a case of beer. Hey, wait, I could do that right now.
Maxim: Is it true that you begged George Clooney to give you a big role in Ocean's Eleven?
Homer: Excuse me? He begged me to do it. When I turned it down, he just gave the part to Julia Roberts.
Maxim: Life's unfair that way. Do you know how much a gallon of milk costs?
Homer: Milk? Never heard of it.
Maxim: Please describe your relationship with Ned Flanders using only positive words and phrases.
Homer: Uh.neighbor.he has mustache. sweater.stupid Flanders! This is so hard.
Maxim: If you could be the mayor of Springfield for just one day, what would you do?
Homer: I would rule with an iron fist, crushing any and all who would dare defy me! And then maybe try to get into a movie for free.
Maxim: Why can they send a man to the moon but not perfect the beer squishee?
Homer: They sent a man to the moon? Whoa, where have I been?
Maxim: How are you helping Barney remain sober?
Homer: Anytime he thinks about drinking, I drink twice as much.
Maxim: You must have a surefire hangover remedy.
Homer: Sleeping facedown on the front lawn until the sprinklers come on.
Maxim: What's your position on euthanasia?
Homer: It's the only humane thing to do. We tried it on Grampa a few times, but it didn't take.
Maxim: What has been your most painful near-death experience?
Homer: The one I'm having right now. Could you pull this nail out of my head?
Maxim: Do you believe in an afterlife?
Homer: I believe in a land where the rivers all run with beer and donuts rain down from the sky. I'm pretty sure it's somewhere in Europe.
Maxim: We've noticed that Marge's sisters haven't been around much lately. Should we be.suspicious?
Homer: You really think I'd be stupid enough to kill Marge's sisters? And have them come back as zombies? Man, that's the last thing I need.
Maxim: Who would you want to face if you appeared on Celebrity Boxing?
Homer: Anna Nicole Smith. She's the only other celebrity in my weight class.
Maxim: You've been a snowplow driver, a rock-tour roadie, a department store Santa, a public safety advocate, a baseball mascot, a car designer, a country music manager, a beer brewer, and a bunch of other stuff. How do you feel about being a Renaissance man?
Homer: If by Renaissance man you mean I'm a guy with a short attention span, the hell were we talking about, anyway?
Maxim: Have you ever considered running for president?
Homer: If my country calls, I will answer. Unless I'm screening.
Maxim: What's the last book you read?
Homer: Lisa's diary. She really sticks it to Bart!
Maxim: Speaking of family, do you have any advice for those Maxim readers who are considering settling down?
Homer: Consider this: Ten years from now you'll be fat, bald, and angry, in a dead-end job, with three kids that make your life a living hell.and it'll all be worth it.
Maxim: Where the hell is Springfield?
Homer: Six miles south of Shelbyville.

Homer and Me Matt Groening, Bart's real dad, on why The Simpsons still rock -- and fire guns (Jenny Eliscu)
Springfield, Rock City A lengthy -- but by no means exhaustive -- list of the best songs and rock references in the history of "The Simpsons" (Tom Nawrocki)
n910 Rolling Stone, Nov 28 2002, unknown
Matt Groening interview can be found right here!
Article lists rock on The Simpsons and can be found online right here!

Homer (Interview) (not suppled)
Sky Magazine (UK), Dec 2002, cover, p67, 98
Cover has caption "Interviews: Ben Stiller, Luke Perry, and Homer Simpson".
p67 Promotion by sky magazine for The Simpsons Monopoly
p98 Homer interview, where they ask him (partial transcript)...
Sky: What's the best...
Sky: Piece of advice you've ever received?
Homer: Don't swallow anything bigger than your fist.
Sky: Decision you've made?
Homer: Buying all that Internet stock. Hey, I haven't checked it in a couple of years. I wonder how it's doing...
Sky: Bit of luck you've had?
Homer: Finding this lucky leprachaun that I keep in this jar. Uh oh... he doesn't look too good, does he?
Sky: Compliement you've been given?
Homer: Someone told me my thighs hit a perfect F-sharp when they rub together. I thought that was kinda nice.
Sky: Quality that you posess?
Homer: It'd have to be my even temper. Now shut up with the stupid questions!
Sky: Thing about being you?
Homer: When I buy a belt, I get my money's worth.
Sky: Present you've ever received?
Homer: Flanders once gave me a pool table. To this day, he doesn't know about it.
Sky: Christmas you've had?
Homer: For me, every Christmas is magical. But I guess it I had to pick, it'd be the one where the tree didn't explode into a ball of flames.

Homer Simpson (Interview)
n26 Maximal Pour Homme (France), Dec 2002, cover, ?
This is the french version of Maxim magazine.
Cover has caption on bottom left "Plus: Homer Simpson, ..."
More info when we acquire a copy, although we suspect this is the French version of the interview listed above that was published in Sky Magazine in December 2002.
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