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Part XI - Magazine and Newspaper Articles - 2004 to 2013

After the events of September 11 we were diverted from the bibliography and The Simpsons Archive for over a year. Work on other files on the archive resumed in 2002, but only in 2009 did I finally get back to the bibliography. We've only just begin work on this section, and as this section fills up we'll break it into separate years.

Hamsters in Pop Culture (Anton J. Souza)
v1 Hamster Magazine, 2004, p110.
p110 Discussion of hamsters in pop culture (yes, that's what I said) references OFF as follows;
The canonized measure of pop culture these days us Fox's animated series The Simpsons, and you know you're a pop icon when you;ve been rendered a prime-time cartoon by its clever animators. Although these furry little critters have had guest spots on numerous episodes, perhaps the most memorable hamster-related sequence is in "Bart the Genius" [episode # 7G02].
Bart has been transferred to The Enriched Learning Center for Gifted Children after cheating on an IQ test. As he enters his new classroom he remarks "Cool, hamsters! What are their names?" His new teacher explains, "Hamster #1 has been infected with the staphylococcus virus. Hamster #2 is the control hamster." "Hi, little control hamster." "I wouldn't get too attached, Bart. We're dissecting him next week." Soon after Bart causes an explosion during chemistry and the hamsters escape.
We won't mind when this first entry gets displaced.

America's First Family - The Simpsons - as seen by Matt Groening (Matt Groening interview) (unknown)
Word Magazine, Mar 2004, cover, ?
Our favorite family appears in a square on the upper left hand corner with a banner along the top edge of the cover reading "World Exclusive! Matt Groening on America's First Family"
More info when we obtain a copy!

Blue Heaven (Marge Simpson interview) (Eric Alt)
n76 Maxim, April 2004, Cover, p6, 106-107
Full cover of this men's magazine has Marge Simpson on her knees scrubbing the floor. Caption has "D'oh-Eyed Beauty: Marge Simpson: The hair comes down!"
p106 Double page spread of Marge Simpson lying on bed, hair down, in her classic green dress, red pearls, drinking what appears to be a Long Island iced tea. Page tagged "Maxim Exclusive Photo!"
Interview of Marge Simpson with heading "Blue Heaven: It's the picture you thought you'd never see! Springfield's sexy - and tidy - Marge Simpson lets her hair down.

Maxim: How does a mother of three stay in such good shape?
Marge: When you're married to Homer, there's not a lot of excess food. The kids and I fight for the scraps.
Maxim: Describe the wildest date you've ever been on.
Marge: Once we went to see a movie, and when it was over we snuck in to see the last 10 minutes of another movie. Later I mailed the theatre 12 dollars.
Maxim: What do you find sexy in a man?
Marge: A big belly and no inhibitions.
Maxim: What's a secret people don't know about Homer?
Marge: He holds the world record for being victimized by pyramid schemes.
Maxim: You must be proud. What's a secret people don't know about you?
Marge: I'm not a natural blue. That's off the record.
Maxim: Of course. Was it tough growing up as the younger sister with all the looks?
Marge: Since when does Maxim care about looks?
Maxim: Good point. What's something a guy can do to get your attention?
Marge: It's all in the eyes. Giant, circular, bulging eyes.
Maxim: What's so sexy about bowling?
Marge: The pins clean themselves up.
Maxim: What would be the perfect evening out for you?
Marge: A romantic dinner and window shopping for couches.
Maxim: What's more exhilarating, good sex or gambling?
Marge: We do both by not using protection.
Maxim: Give us the juiciest Springfield gossip you know.
Marge: I know what state we live in. But I'm saving that for my 60 Minutes interview.
Maxim: If you could clean any house in the world, which one would you choose?
Marge: In the whole world? I guess I'd have to say the Flanders', next door.
Maxim: Which cleaning product excites you the most?
Marge: [angrily] I was told there'd be no questions about cleaning products. I can't violate my endorsement deal with Lux.
Maxim: What's your ultimate fantasy?
Marge: To finally unearth Homer's secret network of mini-fridges.
Maxim: And your secret to tall, luscious hair?
Marge: I use yeast, then I bake at 350 degrees for half an hour.

D'oh! Am I Underpaid? Negotiations are Stalled For Voice Actors in 'The Simpsons' (Bernard Weinraub)
v153n52819 The New York Times, Apr 14 2004, cover, E1 (cover of Arts section), E8
Our favorite family is pictured on the bottom corner of the front cover, and then gets full cover treatment on the cover of the Arts section along with Apu and corresponding photos of all the voice actors. The perpetual discussion; should voice actors make as much as their live actor counterparts; up until this season they are way behind. The counter argument is that they could be replaceable, but FOX attempted that many years ago and decided otherwise. They're earning $125,000 per episode and were asking for $360,000, which would be at the bottom of the voice actor scale in a comparable series; difficult to judge since most shows don't have five stars. As a postscript, note that the final amount was never announced, but rumoured to be in the $316,000 range, with the 20th season four years later bumping them to $420,000.

Asking for So LIttle (Elise Soukup)
Newsweek, May 2004
Small article provides a survey of mother surveys for Mother's day, including the fact that Marge Simpson is the top pick as the "ideal mother" as per BBC Parenting Magazine.

Re-Animated After 25 years, Yeardley Smith - the voice of TV's sax-playing sage, Lisa Simpson - scores a victory over bulimia and self-doubt (K. C. Baker, Photography by Len Irish)
Who, May 3, 2004, p48-49
Two page article written entirely in her own words, this is an item we must transcribe.

La Vida En Amarillo (Gustavo Heredia)
n137 Circulo Mixup (Mexico), Aug 2004, cover, p24-26
Cover features a distraught Bart Simpson standing in what appears to be a police lineup with caption "Los Simpson: una familia de tantas"
After an introduction they move on to discuss different characters' roles in the recent DVD release of Season 4. Since we love Lisa, we'll quote that section;
En Lisa, la reina de belleza [Lisa the Beauty Queen [9F02]], queda en segundo lugar del concurso, pero al final se convierte en la Pequeña Miss Springfield... después de que un rayo le cae a la gandora (Lisa es coronada con cetro y corona chamuscados). En el Día de San Valentin le da una tarjeta a Rafa Gorgory porque nadie más le dio y él termina enamorándose (Amo a Lisa) [I Love Lisa [9F03]]. Cuando tiene que usar frenos, sufre al no tener seguro dental (Última salida a Springfield) [Last Exit to Springfield [9F15]], y su reacción tras la operación es una gran paraodia a Jack Nicholson en Batman. Com es su costumbre, también lucha por cuestiones sociales, esta vez in El día del garrote [Whacking Day [9F18]] para evitar que maten serpientes (y es ayudada por Barry White).

Who Would Win? (not supplied)
v14n7 Disney Adventures, Sep 1994, cover, p60-61
Bart Simpson is pictured in the center of the cover.
"Who Would Win" pits various pairs of starts against each other, with Bart Simpson and Legolas vs. Simon Cowell and Hilary Duff. Bart's team wins 4-1 in the five categories.

To hell on a skateboard
Bart Simpson burst into the bland land of prime-time TV like a bright-yellow Johnny Rotten jnr. But who knew his brand of world-weary nihilism would be such a hit? Square-eye Chris Turner charts his rise (Chris Turner)
Good Weekend (Australia), Sep 25, 2004, cover, p43, 45-46.
Full oversized cover of Bart with slingshot at the blackboard writing "I Will Not Waste Chalk".
p43 Great extract of Chris Turner's book Planet Simpson which can be found documented on the archive on the book list right here!

Lisa Simpson and Cats(?)
Cat Fancy, Nov 2004, ?
Lisa Simpson talks about cats.
No additional information on this. Yet.

Which Simpsons Character is Gay? Artist: Gary Hallgren, Writer: Desmond Devlin
n450 Mad, Feb 2005, cover, p51-53
Cover has quote "The Simpsons: Who Will 'Come Out'?"
p51 The usual tongue in cheek assessment of 24 Simpsons characters, here's three;
Waylon Smithers: If for no reason other than mp Simpsons fan would ever see it coming.
Comic Book Guy: Never seen with a girlfriend....oh wait, that's because he's a comic book guy, not because he's gay. Sorry.
Duff Man: COme on! The guy's name is DUFF Man! How wide open does he have to kick that closet door?

Sixteen and Still Sweet! We asked lovebugs Marge and Homer Simpson, now in their 16th season, how they keep things fresh in a two-dimensional bedroom (not supplied)
n63 Stuff, Feb 2005, cover, p38-39
Cover has caption "Plus! Homer & Marge's bedroom playbook"
Interview of Homer and Marge;
Stuff: What's the secret to a lasting relationship?
Homer: Apologize, apologize, apologize. Usually with flowers.
Marge: Denial, denial, denial. And if you quote me I'll deny it.
Stuff: How do you usually defuse and argument!
Homer: By pretending not to hear her. Once, I went from Christmas to Mother's Day that way.
Marge: I defuse an argument with Homer by tossing a plate of rare meat in front of him. It always calms him down.
Stuff: Valentine's Day is coming up. Do you have any gift-giving advice?
Marge: I got Homer a photo of myself and out three lovely children. The best present I've ever received was a CD of dogs barking "You Are So Beautiful."
Homer: The best Valentine's present I ever got Marge was a bowling ball in my size. The best present I ever got was that she forgave me for it.
Stuff: Do you remember your first Valentine's Day together?
Homer: My first Valentine's Day with Marge was incredible. I bought her a box of candy and ate six pieces when she wasn't looking!
Marge: I remember well my first Valentine's Day with Homer, also known as the day Bart, uh, came into being.
Stuff: Really? What does it take to get you in the mood?
Homer: Some hot-and-heavy snuggling sandwiched between two six-packs.
Marge: My idea of a perfect date is one that ends with everything as neat and clean as when it started.
Stuff: Sounds like you two have differing ideas of romance.
Homer: My idea of romance is taking a shower first.
Marge: Romance is something you see only in romance novels.
Stuff: Speaking of fiction, do you and Marge ever role-play?
Homer: My favorite is when I'm the Hamburglar and she's the triple-thick shake.
Marge: We play Caveman and Washerwoman. That's not a sex game, that's all the time.
Stuff: How do you ever get any time alone together when you have three children?
Homer: My favorite way to spend quality time is to send Marge and the kids to a Quality Inn while I stay at home and watch sports.
Marge: With three kids, I find the only time for Homer and me is the five minutes between when The Daily Show ends and The Tonight Show begins.
Stuff: Marge, how do you show Homer you appreciate him?
Marge: I make his eggs and bacon into a little smiley face every morning. It lasts about a second.
Stuff: You two have had your share of ups and downs. What's the best advice you can give to young couples?
Homer: The best advice I can give to young couples is: Don't underestimate how sexy a fat man who drinks to excess can be.
Marge: The best advice I can give young couples is: Wait! For God's sake, wait! Just kidding. I'm really happy, heh, heh. Really I am. That's enough interviewing. Thank you.
The page ends with the best lines from the just released Season 5 set. We're sure they're not the best lines, and we ran out of motivation to transcribe the five examples.

Film & Television On screens both small and large these Queens people entertain us (not supplied)
v35n8 Queens Tribute, Feb 24 - Mar 2 2005, p31
Queens, NY paper lists dozens of locals who became celebrities... and celebrities who moved to Queens. For local Hank Azaria it has the following;
Using his vocal talents to help create the personalities of some of TV's hottest stars, Hank Azaria better known as Apu, Lou the Cop, The "Comic Book Guy", and Chief Wiggum got his start in 1989 on the animated phenomenon The Simpsons. Born and bred in Forest Hills [in Queens] Azaria, as well as Gideon Yago attended Kew-Forest School before moving on as a stand-up comic and later as a TV/film actor. Making his motion picture debut in the 1990 sensation Pretty Woman, Azaria nabbed the role as Jay Nichols on the early 90s TV series Herman's Head. Movies were secondary to television roles for Azaria, until he landed the role as half-naked flamboyant "houseboy" Agador "Spractacus" in the 1996 film The Birdcage. This was the pivotal role in Azaria's career that would open the door for many other projects. Appearing in more than 50 productions such as Grosse Point Blank, Great Expectations, Tuesdays With Morrie, America's Sweethearts, Friends, Along Came Polly, and Nobody's Perfect, Azaria, who has always been cast as a spectacular sidekick has come out of his shell and is currently starring in his own cable hit series Huff.

Family Ties 16 Years is a hell of a long time since 1989 countless bands, movements, fashions, politicians, wars, TV shows, even countries have come and gone - but one thing has remained constant. Throughout the ups and downs of world events, we've had the ever-present company of the planets favourite family, the simple-minded, hilarious clan whose lives are a starkly compelling reflection of our own - albeit with some slightly wilder twists now and then. Original Magazine's Marty Deeney heads off to Springfield to find out more... (Marty Deehan)
n2 Original Magazine (UK), Spring 2005, cover, p50-51
Cover simply says "The Simpsons".
Nice write-up of our favorite family in this Original Shoe publication. After an introductory paragraph it begins;
Adults are sucked in by the multi-layered humour, constant in-jokes and references to everything from politics to alien abductions. Plus of course superstar guests like Paul McCartney are a major attraction. The Simpsons has a unique take on the world, a reflection of all that's messed up in our own lives - and that's why we love them.

Which Simpsons Character is Gay? (Artist: Gary Hallgren, Writer: Desmond Devlin)
n416 Australian MAD (Australia), May 2005, cover, p19-20
Cover has Bart whiting out the missing tooth on an Alfred E. Neuman poster, and Alfred is reaching out of the poster and blackening out one of Bart's teeth.
p19-20 They jokingly consider 23 straight characters and Waylon Smithers with the comment "if for no reason other than no Simpsons fan would ever see it coming.

Just Jamie Jamie Breese visits Springfield in search of the world's most famous disfunctional family... (Jamie Breese)
n98 Collect it! (UK), September 2005, cover, p40-41
Cover of this magazine for collectors has "The Simpsons: Go cult cartoon character crazy..."
p40 Two page article discusses Simpsons in general and then focuses on collecting character figures, including the various dolls that have been released and the collectibles from Connaught House and Sideshow Collectibles.

Humor-ungous Horror Comics Bongo brings readers classic horror, Simpsons style! by "Murderous" James Mishler
n1611 Comic Buyer's Guide, Dec 2005, cover, p28-30
Cover of this issue has a complete Treehouse of Horror type illustration with caption "Horror Simpsons Style!", well drawn with copyright but sans the telltale Matt Groening signature.
p28 Praise for the Treehouse of Horror eleventh installment, supported by classic comic-book horror and science fiction writers and artists Len Wein, Bernie Wrightson, Marv Wolfman, Gene Colan, John Severin, Angelo Torres, Al Williamson and Mark Schultz. Wein and Wrightson put together "Squish Thing", a parody of the classic Swamp Thing story, and Wolfman and Colan's "Smithers and Burns" take on Dracula, a Simpsons style take on classic adventures from The Tomb of Dracula. Wein was also working on a future project involving a Mission: Impossible parody starring Homer, and additional work for Futurama and Simpsons Comics.

How The Media Portray Animals A groundbreaking report commissioned by The Ark Trust, Inc., shows how often the media portray animals (and their defenders) as violent and negative. For every program like "The Simpsons" that promote animal rights, too many reinforce harmful attitudes. (Jill Howard Church)
v16n1 The Animals' Agenda, Jan-Feb 2006, cover, p24-28
Cover features a famous shot of Lisa from episode [3F03] Lisa the Vegetarian eating a lamb chop and thinking about the lamb it came from with caption "In Focus: How the Media Portray Animals".
p24 Article opens as follows: "Animated superbrat Bart Simpson made the words "Don't have a cow" his motto, but now his sister, the enlightened Lisa, is telling the world to not "have a cow" for dinner. The October 15, 1995 episode of "The Simpsons" [[3F03] Lisa the Vegetarian] showed how Lisa converted to vegetarianism after realizing the connection between a lamb she befriended and a lamb chop she was served. Helping her to eschew flesh were famous vegetarians Paul and Linda McCartney, who lent their vocal talents to the program.
Later in that article it shows another Simpsons connection: "...'Agriculture and the meat industry have a very strong investment in the types of portrayals we get'... That issue is parodied in the "Simpsons" episode when Lisa's classmates are shown a meat-industry propaganda film. The narrator warns a child visiting a slaughterhouse that 'if a cow ever got the chance, he'd eat you and everyone you care about.' But Lisa, the herbivorous heroine, labels the whole film 'tripe.' "

The Simpsons go human! Sky One celebrates the 17th Springfield season with an all-new, all-human sequence (not supplied)
David Brent serenades Marge Revealed: another love song from the chilled-out entertainer (not supplied)
n109 ZOO (UK), Mar 17 - 23 2006, cover, p9, 10
Bottom of cover has small picture of Marge and Gervais with caption "Simpsons Special! Gervais seduces Marge! The Real-Life Simpsons!
p9 Discusses the real-life opening scene imitating the Simpsons opening. Just the facts, mum;
"Homer is now working at Didcot power station, Oxfordshire." "The entirely British project took a year and half to complete." "...the 50-second sequence was shot in four days." "The scenes were shot in Lansdowne Avenue, Orpington, Kent"
p10 Large illustration and small article about Gervais on The Simpsons.
p103 Television guide recommends the current episode; "Flanders finally wins Homer over by giving him the signed match ball at a gridiron game: "Wow! Thanks. Now I have four children, you will be called 'Stitchface'."

Ricky's new D'oh-Main What can Ricky Gervais do to top The Office and Extras ? Easy. Write and star in an episode of the world's favourite cartoon - The Simpsons (Christopher Middleton)
Editor's letter: Don't have a cow, man, but... (Gill Hudson)
Yellow fever After 17 years and nearly 400 episodes is The Simpsons as funny as it used to be? (John Naughton)
RadioTimes (UK), Apr 22-28 2006, full cover, p3, 18-21, 22
Cover features a coy Marge Simpson with Charles Heathbar (aka Ricky Gervais) peering from behind, rose in mouth, with Homer eyeing them suspiciously in the background with caption "Exclusive! Ricky Gervais reveals why he was 'overwhelmed' to join The Simpsons" and "PLUS: Your guide to the best of The Simpsons on TV and DVD"
p3 Editor's letter begins "...I didn't get The Simpsons to begin with.." but concludes "More than merely funny, The Simpsons is so stuffed with sly cultural, historical and political references that it's an ongoing chronicle of an (Americanised) generation, with as much appeal to adults as children. How could I have been so slow on the update? D'oh!"
p18-21 Ricky Gervais discusses how we was first invited to be on the show, and was then invited to write the episode. He indicates his character Charles Heathbar "...shouldn't be R Gervais or D Brent, but a combination of the two." During the show he writes a love song to Marge which he describes as "The smarmiest, most embarrassingly cringeworthy love song you've heard in your life" which he not only composed but accompanied on guitar. His voiceover was recorded in Los Angeles in April 2005 over a long weekend. Ricky concludes "The way I see it, The Simpsons is the greatest TV show of all time. All I can do is make it slightly worse."
p22 Reviews the popularity of OFF and provides RadioTimes "Greatest Simpsons Episodes Of All Time" as follows;
1. Flaming Moe's (1991)
2. Mr. Plow (1992)
3. Lisa vs Malibu Stacy (1994)
4. Lisa's Wedding (1995)
5. Who Shot Mr. Burns? (1995)
6. The Springfield Files (1997)
7. Saddlesore Galactica (200)
8. HOMЯ (2001)
9. The Frying Game (2002)
10. The Regina Monologues (2003)

1000 Greatest Covers
Rolling Stone, May-Jun 2006, cover, ?
Special 3D cover features dozens of people that have appeared "..on the cover of the Rolling Stone" with Bart in the upper left hand corner.
The 1000 greatest covers include several Simpsons covers, of course.

The Simpsons' best new gags! (not supplied)
Nuts (UK), Sep 29 - Oct 5 2006, cover, p10-11
Cover has Homer Simpson on bottom right corner with caption "Great new Simpsons gags!"
p10-11 A selection of good (but not great) new Simpsons lines from upcoming episodes in the UK.

A quick word with Homer Simpson (We meet our favorite two-dimensional comedy character! (not supplied)
Nuts (UK), Jan 26 - Feb 1 2007, cover, p16
Cover has Homer Simpson on bottom right corner with caption "Comedy Blow Out! Johnny Vegas! Al Murray! Homer Simpson!"
p16 Full page interview with Homer Simpson.

The Blockbuster Preview 2007 (Previewers Simon Braund, Ian Freer, Chris Hewitt, Dan Jolin, Ian Nathan, Olly Richards and Sam Toy)
n212 Empire Magazine (UK), February 2007, cover, p67-84
2007 Preview issue has cover caption: "Also Starring... The Simpsons..." (listed amongst 6 movie titles).
p67 Preview article of 2007 theatre releases includes a page on The Simpsons Movie, beginning with "Honestly, we never thought it was going to happen" and concludes with:
"In 07 Words: We're really hoping it's Best. Film. Ever."

How to Love Your Mom
Cosmo Girl, May 2007, ?
Article illustrated with pictures of Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie.

The Simpsons 400th Episode
Sex, salons & sundaes: The Secrets of My Success! As The Simpsons screens its 400th episode, we chat exclusively to this month's cover girl Marge - and ask her to reveal what life is like as one of the world's most famous women... (not supplied)
Sky The Magazine (UK), Jun 2007, cover, p25
Full Marge Simpson cover with caption "Collectors' Edition! The Simpsons 400th Episode"
On page 25 we find the following interview:
Sky: Marge, you're a role model to women. Who are your role models?
Marge: I've always admired Popeye's girlfriend Olive Oyl. What a body!
Sky: What diet regime do you follow?
Marge: My most effective diet is to eat only what Homer leaves on his plate.
Sky: What do you think of the 'size zero' issue that's been in the news?
Marge: I say real women eat cheese. But only in tiny, tiny, portions.
Sky: How do you get ready for a day at the beach?
Marge: I prepare for the beach with a picnic basket and a good mystery novel.
Sky: Do you shave or wax for bikini season?
Marge: My legs? I like 'em under a blanket!
Sky: Where do you go to pamper yourself?
Marge: When I really need to clear my mind, I'll get away to Rancho Relaxo, Springfield's only two-star health spa. I order a hot fudge sundae, chocolate chip cheesecake and a bottle of tequila from room service, then I just sit and stare at the walls. It's saved my marriage.
Sky: How do you manage to keep your hair in such great shape?
Marge: My hair is water-sealed every six months and rust-proofed every five years.
Sky: Where do you get your hair done?
Marge: Once a week, I go down to the Turn Your Head and Coif beauty salon. They have all the latest machines - and gossip. I love catching up on all the hanky-panky while I'm sitting under the Monolith 300. It's usually used to make cotton candy, but its great for creating a buoyant, upward sweep and extra-puffy texture.
Sky: Do you have bad hair days?
Marge: I have had some, but who hasn't? The high winds in the winter are truly a bother. And I shudder whenever I think about the swallows' nesting season.
Sky: What's the secret of your long marriage to Homer?
Marge: I ignore every bizarre thing my husband does - a trick I learned from Queen Elizabeth II.
Sky: How do you and Homer keep the romance in your relationship?
Marge: A quiet talk, a summer walk and a candlelit dinner always keeps my flame aglow. I don't know what Homer does.
Sky: What's the most romantic thing Homer has ever done for you?
Marge: He carved my name on his bowling ball.
Sky: What would you be doing if you weren't a housewife?
Marge: I would be a homemaker, probably. Or a domestic engineer. I wouldn't be doing all this laundry, that's for sure.
Sky: If you could be any movie start. past or present, who would it be and why?
Marge: Well, if I wanted to win an Oscar I'd better be British, 'cause you guys have a stranglehold on that thing.
Sky: Posh and Becks are coming to the States to live in Los Angeles. What's your advice to them?
Marge: I'm sure they'll do fine. Homer's a metrosexual too. He likes to make love in the subways.

Playboy Interview: Matt Groening A candid conversation with the brains behind the Simpsons empire about Marge's sex appeal, Homer's lust for life and Bart's drug-addled future (interview by David Sheff)
v54n6 Playboy, Jun 2007, cover, p57-60, 145-146.
Cover has "D'OH! An Animated interview with Matt Groening.
Available on-line from Playboy right here!

Playboy Interview: Matt Groening A candid conversation with the brains behind the Simpsons empire about Marge's sex appeal, Homer's lust for life and Bart's drug-addled future (interview by David Sheff)
Playboy (France), Jul-Aug 2007, cover
Cover has Reincontre Avec Matt Groening: Createur Des Simpson
The French translation of the June 2007 Playboy interview. The english version of the interview is available on-line from Playboy right here!

The Simpsons Movie After 18 years as the world's most dysfunctional family, The Simpsons are finally arriving on the big screen! (not supplied)
Unlimited Cineworld Cinemas Magazine (UK), Jul/Aug 2007, cover, p4-5
Cover features Homer and Bart on a motorcycle, appropriately terrified, with caption "The Simpsons Movie: D'oh! The World's Favourite Dysfunctional Family Hit The Big Screen in a Riot of Cartoon Colour"
p4-5 Recommended as "film of the month" this free publication provided to those attending the cinema provides, as one might expect, a glowing but nonetheless well earned endorsement of The Simpsons Movie.

QuestionAnswer with Matt Groening (Interview by Violet Chandler)
L.A. Direct, Jul 2007, 38-39
Short interview with Matt Groening; it begins;
Q: You are so many people's hero. Who have been some of your personal heroes?
A: The people I admire most are the ones who seem to be living by the motto: "So little time, so much to do." The heroic workaholic in my life was Frank Zappa. I'm always impressed when people can do it all and still smile.

America's real first family This July, the lovable yellow clan hits the big screen in The Simpsons Movie. Will Doig looks at how the cartoon has led the way for our acceptance in American culture - and taught us tolerance in the process (Will Doig)
n989 The Advocate, Jul 17 2007, cover, p46-50
Cover features Homer and John Waters with caption "How The Simpsons took the fear our of queer: Homer's gay panic made us hip for TV. Now he hits the big screen. D'oh!" and "A cartoon John Waters schools Homer" John Waters appeared as the store owner in "Homer's Phobia", episode [4F11]
p46-50 Great article describing how The Simpsons has brought gays out of the closet and into mainstream America, a good excerpt of which can be found on the The Advocate web site right here!.

Gross, Gelb Und Geheim Nach 20 Jahren TV kommen sie ins Kino, doch keiner wei� so recht, was in Die Simpsons - Der Film passiert. TV SPIELFILM fragte die Macher, was dahintersteckt (R. Meyer)
Ein lang ersehntes Kinoereignis (not supplied)
TV Spielfilm (Germany), Jul 21 - Aug 3 2007, cover, p110, 114, 115, 204-205
Cover features a miniature of the double page poster inside across pages 110 and 115, featuring Marge Simpson in a bikini.
p114 Short article about the upcoming movie.
P204-205 Overall review of The Simpsons includes half a dozen small screenshots from the upcoming movie and an illustrated list of some of the guest stars that have "appeared" on The Simpsons.

The Simpsons Go Hollywood (a look back) (Interviews by Chaunce Hayden)
v18n935 Steppin' Out, Jul 25 2007, cover, p12, p52-57, p68-71
Cover features a naked Homer Simpson running across the cover.
Reprints of interviews with Matt Groening, Nancy Cartwright and Dan Castellaneta... to transcribe some day.

If it ain't broke 'Simpsons' takes best parts of long-running sitcom and amplifies it (Dan Dunn)
Metro New York, Jul 27-29 2007, cover, p8
Cover has Homer in upper right with caption 'Simpsons' in theaters... finally.
p8 Praise and a summary of The Simpsons Movie.
Full page back cover advertisement for The Simpsons Movie.
Cover features a naked Homer Simpson running across the cover.
Reprints of interviews with Matt Groening, Nancy Cartwright and Dan Castellaneta... to transcribe some day.

The Simpsons Go To Paris With Linda Evangelista With The Simpsons Movie opening worldwide, what better than a sojourn in Paris?  But... what to wear?  Bart's favorite supermodel takes the family for a French fashion folly. (Illustrations by Julius Preite)
n3549 Harper's Bazaar, Aug 2007, p182-189
Amazing spread of our favorite family in designer clothes with models and designers; Marge, Linda Evangelista, Patty and Selma with clothes from Gap, flats from Cole Haan and Luggage from Louis Vutton; Marge and Donatella in Versace; Karl Lagerfeld and Homer with Linda and Marge in Chanel Haute Couture; Lisa and Linda in Lanvin; Linda and Marge with Jean Paul Gaultier; Linda, Patty & Selma in Viktor & Rolf's dresses; and closing with the entire family in custom Louis Vuitton with Marc Jacobs.

Marge Simpson The Simpsons Movie star gives Rachel a peek inside the family fridge. (not supplied, Illustration by Matt Groening)
Every Day With Rachel Ray, Aug 2007, cover, p152
Interview with Marge Simpson with an illustration of her fridge.

Los Simpsons La Película
n45 24 X Segundo Magazine (Mexico), Aug 2007, cover
Cover of this Mexican Magazine has Bart Simpson on skateboard above the heading "Los Simpsons La Película". as well as "Trivias y permios de los Simpson, Temporada 10" and "Extrevistas Exclusivas Matt Groening"
Not only are there at least a dozen pages dedicated to our favorite family, but Simpson type icons of real people are used in various places of this issue. from page 1 on the masthead of the General director and Administrative director and to illustrate various non-Simpson related articles.

Homer Simpson This summer, the man who put the "d'oh" in doughnut is coming to the big screen in The Simpsons Movie. REDBOOK asked Homer to share his fantasies and secrets. And no, they don't all involve food. (Holly Hays)
v209n2 Redbook, Aug 2007, p48
"Eighteen seasons, 400 episodes, and Homer doesn't look a day older than when we first met him. No wonder Hollywood came calling."
Interview with Homer;
Redbook: If they were to make a movie about your live someday, who would play you?
Homer: A hybrid super-actor made of George Cloney, Johnny Depp, and the ghost of Francis the Talking Mule. But keep me on the set for dinner scenes. I do my own eating.
Redbook: Who is your all-time favorite movie hero?
Homer: The guy who operates the popcorn machine in the lobby.
Redbook: And what is your all-time favorite movie?
Homer: Explosive Explosion! Is there a movie called that? If there is, that's my favorite movie.
Redbook: Pick one: Betty Boop, Olive Oyl, Wilma Flintstone or Jessica Rabbit?
Homer: Wilma Flintstone. She's the only one who wouldn't think I was the most primitive man she's ever met.
Redbook: Finish this sentence: I've always wondered why women...
Homer: Don't like it when I burp the alphabet. It's fun and educational.
Redbook: The thing I wish women knew about men is...
Homer: Inside every man is a scared little boy. And inside that little boy, there's a happy-go-lucky puppy. And inside the puppy. there's a robot of some kind. Inside that... I don't know, but I'm hoping it's hard candy.
Redbook: The quickest way to a man's heart is...
Homer: A constant supply of food and TV. And no nagging about eating too much or watching too much TV.
Redbook: A woman is sexiest wearing...
Homer: Given my history, any form of contraception. Can I say that in REDBOOK? Well, whatever, I just did.
Redbook: What does Marge love most about you?
Homer: She can talk to me anytime: when I'm driving, eating, sleeping - whenever! The secret is, I don't listen.
Redbook: And what do you love most about Marge?
Homer: We're perfectly matched. She finishes my sentences, and I finish her ice cream.

Simpsons Poster
Nick Magazine, Aug 2007, outside wrapper, poster
This bagged magazine has "Simpsons & Harry Potter Posters!" printed across the top of the bag and "Simpsons! Exclusive GIANT Movie Posters! Harry Potter!" printed in a star burst on the front. It was almost as if they decided to add Simpsons to the "cover" to sell this as an afterthought.

Failed Pitches for the new Simpsons Movie (Artist: Steve Smallwood)
n481 MAD, Sep 2007, cover (two different), p1, p23-25
First cover (of two) has Bart Simpson with an Alfred E. Neuman face writing "I will not use The Simpsons Movie to sell MAD" repeatedly on the blackboard.
Second cover has Homer Simpson strangling Bart Simpson with the caption "The Simpsons Movie".
Page one has sixteen avatars of the MAD staff generated from
p2 Shows the two coves available for this issue.
Failed pitches include an Anime version from Daisuke Matsui (of Japanese football fame??), Homer Alone from Macaulay Culkin, Eddie Murphy is The Simpsons, with Eddie Murphy playing every role, Simpsonetics (aka Dianetics) from Scientologist Tom Cruise and The Simpsons: Too Hot from Larry Flynt.

Quotable Quotes (not supplied)
Reader's Digest, Dec 2007, p79
A Matt Groening quote, from Playboy;
"Let's face it, all the good stuff happens after midnight."

Yellow Fever Big screen, homescreen, any screen, The Simpsons are a 20-year wonder (Bill Brioux)
v1n5 SHOW (Bell TV) (Canada), Jan 2008, cover. p34-36
Cover story features head of Marge Simpsons with caption "The Simpsons Supersized".
Article inspired by the upcoming movie does a quick review of our favorite family.

A Voyage Round Our Fathers Whether it's with The Simpsons or Futurama, Matt Groening is always the the naughty boy making fun of a bad dad - and his new DVD shows no signs of him growing up (Bryan Appleyard)
The Sunday Times (UK), Culture section, Apr 13, 2008, cover, p6-7
Cover says "Television: Matt Groening loves bad dads and robots"
Interview with Matt Groening discusses Simpsons, Futurama, the possibility of a new cartoon and more. Last paragraph concludes article as follows:
Has he got another show in mind? "Yes, I think about it a lot. But the problem with animation is it's really time consuming. If I could figure out a way of not caring, I'd have it made. But you want everything to be great and so..." He also promises this year he'll get his website - - together. At the moment, it's just a picture of a big, dumb, rabbit. And he's working on Life in Hell. But he will do another show. He'll have to. He's 54, but he's still the little kid staring up at the monstrous dad. One way or another, he's going to have to get that fixed.

Die Simpsons Special
Spät nachts, in Springfield...
Die Simpsons in Der Kunst
Du hast eindeutig zu viele Simpsons - Folgen gesehen, wenn...
..Wären Die Simpsons Mit Uns Gealtert!
Würden "Die Simpsons" in Deutschland Leben...
Anzeichen Dafür, Dass Sie zu Viele Simpsons Filme Gesehen Haben:
Ziehen Sie Sofort Nach Springfield Um, Wein...
n16 MAD Special #16 (Germany), July 2008, Cover, entire issue!
Once again a German MAD magazine special features our favorite family exclusively, and we only list half of the Simpsons articles included.
Full Simpsons cover features Homer bringing up dinner?, with an Alfred E. Neuman Marge watching and Bart in the background taking a photo of this special Kodak moment.
Centerfold is a double page and two-sided Simpsons poster.
Back cover is Homer E. Neuman - the Simpsons Special issue in 2001 had Marge E. Neuman on the back cover.

The Sexiest Music Moments in TV History! Only the finest lip-locking lesbians, bikini-sporting supermodels and.Homer Simpson? (unknown)
Blender Magazine, Jul 2008, p?
Homer Simpson wins #21 on the list of the The Sexiest Music Moments in TV History!, noted as follows;
The Simpsons Colonel Homer episode [8F19], 1992
Hot because: From Michelle Pfeiffer to Britney Spears, many starlets have had cameo turns as yellow-skinned hotties on The Simpsons - but none was quite as sexy as Beverly D'Angelo's Lurleen Lumpkin, a buxom, budding country singer who angled to steal Homer from Marge. She came on to him in her trailer, wearing a low-cut top and breathily singing "Bunk with me tonight." Lurleen was so popular that an action figure - with appropriately Barbie-dimension measurements - was released.

Ultimate Guide to The Simpsons (unknown)
ZOO (UK), Jul 30 2008, cover, special pullout
Cover caption "Ultimate Guide to The Simpsons" with Mr. Burns, Ralph Wiggum and Sideshow Bob pictured. Cover lists "Movie secrets, Best of Homer, Funniest ever gags and Groening speaks to Zoo as items promised within.
No further information. Yet.

Simpsons Secrets Revealed! A bunch of leaked facts from the record-breaking 20th season that hasn't even aired in the US, plus some bonus unseen Simpson's gold... (not supplied)
n134 ZOO (Australia), Sep 22 2008, cover, p4,
Top of cover has Homer with caption "Simpsons New Episodes".
p4 Table of contents has Lisa in a clown suit.
p12 Two pages outlining the coming seasons episodes and guest stars.

Homer's Best Gags... Ever! To celebrate two decades of Simpsons' main man, we rewind his 20 funniest moments
n83 Rue Morgue (UK), Oct 2008, cover, ?
Cover story has "The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror"
Review of the Treehouse of Horror episodes. From Rue Morgue:
Once a year The Simpsons is taken over by The Treehouse of Horror Halloween special. Time to take stock of nearly two decades of hilariously blood-curdling cartoons.

Television: The Simpsons (not supplied)
Time Out New York, Oct 30, 2008, p149
One of the sixteen shows they recommend this week; THOH XIX;
Simpsons completists would never miss a "Treehouse of Horror" (this is, gulp, number 19) and while this installment riffs on classics like It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown the real treat here is a stunning version of the Mad Men opening, with Homer tumbling through the air.

Sounds Like Somebody I Know (crossword puzzle) (Merl Reagle, Edited by Will Shortz)
The New York Times Magazine, Nov 16, 2008, p65
p65 The ultimate Simpsons crossword, featured in episode Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross Words [KABF19], with Merl Reagle and Will Shortz as guest stars, The answers to which provide part of the episode and the first letter of each clue form a letter from Homer to Lisa at the end of the episode.

Funniest Simpsons of 2008! After a few unfunny seasons, Homer's new Treehouse of Horror XIX is a total cack and the best Simpsons in years (not supplied)
n143 ZOO (Australia), Nov 24 2008, p5, 22-23
Homer Simpson pictured on bottom left of cover with strange captions: Mad New Simpsons: Homer's gay, Krusty's dead, Wiggum gets STD
p5 Homer appears in the table of contents.
p22-23 Great two page spread on the latest THOH episode!

New U.S. stamps salute 'The Simpsons' (Donna Houseman)
v27n7 Scott Stamp Monthly, July 2009, cover, p20-21.
Full cover says "The Simpsons" with a large image of the US Homer Simpson stamp, accompanied by smaller images of the Marge Simpon and Bart Simpson stamp.
pp20-21 Scott Stamp Monthly does their usual excellent job providing the details behind The Simpsons stamp, leveraged as a source for our Simpsons Stamps file.

Comics Awards Winners
Bart & Sakura: Is it Love?
Kids Choice Awards 2009
n151 Nick Magazine, April 2009, p10, p12, p38
p10 Documents Nickelodeon Magazine's Comics Awards Winners including Simpsons Comics for Favorite Comic Book Series. (See The Simpsons Awards page!)
p11- Faux magazine within this magazine Toon Weekly includes Bart & Sakura inset on the cover and has a half page article that also relates prior story about Lisa dating "hunky Naruto" with an inset of that cover.
p31-39 Documents the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, including a picture of Lisa under the nomination of The Simpsons for Favorite Cartoon. (They won - see The Simpsons Awards page!)

The Simpsons Are Coming Simpsons Creator Matt Groening On UK Exclusive Episode (unknown)
Hot TV (Daily Star supplement) (UK), Mar 14-21 2009, cover, p10-11
Bottom left of cover has OFF with caption "The Simpsons: America's Favourite Family Invade UK"
Article discusses how, for the first time ever, a new episode [LABF11] "In the Name of the Grandfather" will be shown in the UK and Ireland before it's aired in the United States.

The Simpsons Vault of Terror (unknown)
n266 ZOO (UK), Apr 10-16 2009, cover, p2, p32-35
p2 Homer's picture again on table of contents: "Woohoo! It's Homer Simpson's funniest ever gags".
p32-35 Wonderful spread of Homer's finniest moments ever in this soft-porn magazine, replete with screen captures and quotes, as follows;
The Value of a Hard Day's Work - Kamp Krusty:
Son, if you really want something in this life, you have to work for it. Now quiet! They're about to announce the lottery numbers.
New Name, New Homer - Homer To The Max:
(Homer has changed his name to Max Power.) Marge: But I fell in love with Homer Simpson! I don't want to snuggle with Max Power! Homer: Nobody snuggles with Max Power! You strap yourself in and feel the Gs! And it doesn't stop in the bedroom. I'm taking charge. Kids, there are three ways to do things. The right way, the wrong way and the Max Power way. Bart: Isn't that just the wrong way? Homer: Yes, but faster.
A Little Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing - Secrets of A Successful Marriage:
Homer: How is education suppose to make me feel smarter? Besides, every time I learn something new, it pushes some old stuff out of my brain. Remember when I took home that wine-tasting course and I forgot how to drive? Marge: That was because you were drunk. Homer: And how...
Good Time Management - Lisa's First Word:
Homer: It's not easy to juggle a pregnant wife and a troubled child, but somehow I managed to fit in eight hours of TV a day.
A Wise Leader - King-Size Homer:
Lisa: Dad, please, for the last time, I beg you - don't lower yourself to the level of the mob. Homer: Lisa, maybe if I'm part of that mob, I can steer it in wise directions. Now, where's my giant foam cowboy hat and air horn?
Smartest. Gag. Ever. - Two Bad Neighbours:
(Ex-President George Bush moves into the area, much to Homer's dismay) Homer: Huh, look at those phonies, sucking up to Bush. (Santa's Little Helper runs after George Bush too} Homer: I guess you might say he's barking up the wrong Bush! Homer's Brain: There it is Homer, the cleverest thing you'll ever say and no one was around to hear it. Homer: D'oh!
Hacked Off - King-Size Homer:
"To start, press any key." Homer: Where's the "Any" key? I see "Esc", "Ctrl" and "Pg-up". There doesn't seem to be any "Any" key. Phew, all this computer hacking is making me thirsty. Think I'll order a TAB.
Family Planning - Missionary: Impossible:
Homer: Hmm, I can see the house is falling apart without me, so here's the new order: Bart, you're the man of the house. Lisa, I'm promoting you to boy. Maggie's now the brainy girl. The toaster can fill in for Maggie.
Lost In Translation - Mom And Pop Art:
(Homer drops his barbecue pit materials into wet cement). Homer: Gotta build fast, cement drying. OK, let's see - English side ruined, must use French instructions. Le grill! What the hell is that!
Spell It Out - Homer Goes to College:
(Homer burning his diploma, and a whole lot more) Homer: Woo-Hoo! I'm a college man! I won't need my high school diploma anymore. I am so smart! I am so smart! I am so smart! I am so smart! S-M-R-T, I mean, S-M-A-R-T.
Mr. Sensitive - Bart the Lover:
(The family have found out Bart is sending prank love letters to his teacher] Lisa: Maybe we should writer her another letter. One that says goodbye, but lets her feel loved. Homer: Step aside everyone! Sensitive love letters are my speciality. Dear baby, welcome to Dumpsville, Population: you.
Tee Time - Scenes From The Class Struggle In Springfield:
(Homer on the golf course) Mr. Burns: Oh, quit cogitating and use an open-faced club - the sand wedge. Homer: Mmm... open-faced club sandwich.
It's Duff Time - Homer vs. the 18th Amendment - Matt Groening's Favourite Gag!
(Homer standing on stack of barrels offerring a toast) Homer: To alcohol! The cause of - and solution to - all of life's problems!

The Animation Generation (D-Generación Animada) (Yonatan Gómez Uribe)
Estrellas Animadas ¡Niños Cartoon! (Ángel Web)
Virtual Club - ¡Simpson Mania! (not supplied)
La Hoja Santa de... ¡Ned Flanders! (Ned Flanders)
La ultima y nos vamos... (not supplied)
n61 Virtual Kids (Mexico), May 2009, cover, 19-22, 24-25 (centerfold), 32, 46, 47, 48
This issue of Virtual Club focuses on animation and our favorite family is featured throughout.
Full cover of the classic naked running Homer, with a montage of other cartoon characters behind him, including Bart Simpson, Fry and Bender (as well as Disney cartoons, Betty Boop, Beavis & Butthead, Spongebob, Ren & Stimpy, etc.)
p20 Light article on the history of animation has this to say about our favorite family;
"Meses más tarde y después de vencer en gran medida el poder de la censura, hacen su aparición Los Simpsons, familia disfunctional que con sus divertidas aventuras y gran irreverencia despertaron la polémica entre propios y extraños, todo el mundo hablado de Bart Simpson y su singular familia, la cual aunque parecía muy fuerte para ser una serie animada, marcó el comienzo de un nuevo nivel de la irreverencia en televisión, en el que la parodia se centraba en los mismos defectos de la sociedad actual.
p21 History of animation continues with discussion of Futurama.
p24-25 The full cover is provided as a centerfold poster.

First Class From Springfield: Stamps as Art (Robert A. Smith)
The New York Times, Jul 1 2009
A magnificent review of the artwork behind The Simpsons stamps. Found on-line currently here! Nonetheless, since it may disappear, perhaps we should provide some of it below..

I had no inkling of the brilliant new postage stamps honoring America's first family of animation - the Simpsons - issued by the United States Postal Service in early May. At least not until Saturday, when the accumulation of stampless unmailed bills chez moi forced an emergency trip to the post office.

There they were. Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie - each in a classic head shot against a little rectangular patch of electric color beaming forth with psychic and visual power. There was no sound, motion, space or plot to help them out, only color, line scale and lots of personality. I may speak more as a "Simpsons" fan than an art critic, but really, are these not among the best American stamps ever? Disregard our age's plethora of Simpsoniana - the juice cups, the lunch boxes, the toothbrushes. Contemplate the chance of progress within the limited format of the postage stamp. There's not much, but Simpsons stamps make some. They pop.

First, the peerless expressions, defined by Matt Groening's inimitable thickish line. Homer is caught with mouth agape and tongue rippling - the panicked squawk, not the famous "D'oh." Marge purses her lips and looks confused, as if vaguely sensing one of Homer's clumsy scams. Bart wears his sweaty busted-again grin. Lisa is all sweet, I-tried-to-tell-you beneficence. Maggie's glare suggests that someone is stepping on her nightgown. Her pacifier has two bounce commas, the only sign of motion in the entire series.

Second, chromatic wattage. The Simpson palette has always seemed as radical and subversive as the show's social commentary and close in artifice to that of innovative colorists like Andy Warhol, Bruce Nauman and Matthew Barney. Five amped-up hues suffice: egg-yolk yellow, magenta, Marge-Simpson's-hair blue, darkened chartreuse and lavender, plus important bits of white (mainly eyes and teeth) and touches of red. Subtle distinctions of tonality are made. Homer's yellow head is seen against a slightly darker yellow background. Marge's hair is slightly darker than the blue behind Bart. Red defines only Homer's tongue, Maggie's pacifier, Marge's beads and the smidgeon of Bart's T-shirt.

Third, less is more. The "Simpsons" gestalt is boiled down to its essence and so is stampness. The images are stripped of detail except for the letters USA and the number 44 (cents, the new first class). No fussy engraved textures, no identifying names. This allows color to take over and the faces to pop out. Like a Richard Serra sculpture, only smaller and a whole lot cheaper, the stamps prove the adage that scale has nothing to do with size. They strike David-like blows against the Goliaths of American visual illiteracy.

It's not news that the Simpsons work almost as well off screen as on. But these images still amaze. Slowed to a standstill, deeply cropped and confined, their portraits single out for tribute both the family's indelible inmates and the breathtaking economy that brings them to life. I don't know whether to affix them to my delinquent bills or have them framed.

Dunkin' Cop is a Munchkin Mooch (Larry Celona, Perry Chiaramonte and Lorena Mongelli)
v208n247 New York Post, Jul 20, 2009, cover
Cover of New York Post features Chief Wiggum, coffee and donut in hand, with caption "NYPD probes donut cop", illustrating a page 7 story about one of New York's Finest repeatedly and without permission helping himself to free donuts at a local store (against regulations even with permission!).

Careers: Inside job: Sean Kenney (not supplied)
Time Out New York, Aug 20, 2009, p28
Article on LEGO-Certified professional Sean Kenney is illustrated with a bust of Homer Simpson.

The 50 Reasons to Watch TV Right Now (various)
n1027 Rolling Stone, Sep 17 2009, p86
Although it does not list The Simpsons as one of the reasons to watch TV right now (we agree; it's the only reason to watch tv right now) Matthew Weinder of Mad Men fame does indicate in a "What I Like: sidebar that his favorite show is The Simpsons.

Mr. Burns for mayor? (Jason Fink)
AM New York, Oct 2-4 2009, p4
A spoof on our billionaire mayor Bloomberg, running for reelection, in the form of art mimicking campaign posters. Plastered all over New York City, but particularly on 14th street, from river to river, we see a large color drawing of Mr. Burns, with the caption NO THIRD TERMS VOTE FOR BURNS. 14th Street is the site of a multi-week art festival.

The Meta Follies From Monty Python to 30 Rock (Emily Nussbaum)
New York Magazine, Oct 19 2009, p91-93
Front of article is illustrated with 9 televisions with various programs including our favorite family.
Arguing how much of TV comedy ultimately parodies TV itself, saying "The early Simpsons was a caustic blowback to the corny Cosby era, stuffed with critiques of traditional family series; hard to argue either way, as both are simply a parody of real American life. The article also notes the recent release of John Ortved's book. For now, the article can be found at the New York Magazine web site right here!

Yellow Journalism Q. and A. With the Unauthorized Historian of `The Simpsons' (Lisa Tozzi)
The New York Times, Oct 20 2009, pC1
The cover of the Arts Section features our favorite family on the bottom right hand corner, promoting the book review of "The Simpsons: An Uncensored, Unauthorized History" on their web site right here! Nonetheless, since it may disappear, perhaps we should offer a more direct solution for our fans. It begins;
"The problem of writing about comedy is that it's like trying to hold a gas," Conan O'Brien told John Ortved during an interview for "The Simpsons: An Uncensored, Unauthorized History" (Faber and Faber). "The tighter you squeeze, the more it dissipates." Despite that warning - and the refusal of many key figures behind the series to cooperate with him - Mr. Ortved set out to write an inside look at the longest-running comedy series in American television history, which has just begun its 21st season. Mr. Ortved, 29, a self-described "comedy nerd," who says he likes to laugh "more than the average person," first pitched the idea of an oral history of the show when he was a 26-year-old editorial associate at Vanity Fair. " `The Simpsons' has been so influential that it is difficult to find a strain of television comedy that does not contain its bloodline," Mr. Ortved said. Three years, 80 on-the-record interviews and one Vanity Fair article later, Mr. Ortved has produced a 300-page combination of juicy entertainment gossip, rich television history and notes from a disenchanted lover. Mr. Ortved recently spoke about the challenges of writing the book, the show's legacy, Spider Pig and the possibility of a Simpsons Land theme park.
Q. Some of the biggest players in the show's history - Matt Groening, James L. Brooks - would not talk to you for the Vanity Fair article or for the book. How big a challenge was that?
A. The advantage was that it was kind of a crash course in investigative journalism. It was hard, but it also weirdly worked to my advantage. It would have been wonderful to interview Matt Groening, James L. Brooks, but frankly, they've been interviewed 50 times about "The Simpsons" over the past 20 years. What new were they going to tell me? I mean, I would be insane not to want to interview them. But not having that option, I had to start digging, and the advantage there is that by them not cooperating, I found tons of sources and background that I might not have found if they had cooperated.
Q. Why an oral history?
A. Even before I knew this became "unauthorized," I knew it was a story with a lot of voices in it, and with something as contentious as a collaborative creative project, sometimes the best and most objective way to display the different sides of that story is through an oral history. Outside of that, I am a fan of the form. "Edie: American Girl" [about Edie Sedgwick] and "Please Kill Me" [a history of punk music] are two of my favorite histories, period, never mind that they are oral histories.
Q. Who was your favorite interview?
A. Conan O'Brien [a writer and producer from 1991-1993] was one of the best interviews I ever had. He speaks in perfect paragraphs - it is remarkable - and everything he says is funny. The bummer about interviewing him, is that of course I am such a little comedy nerd, I was trying to make him laugh and I did not make him laugh.
Q. Talk a little about the "Simpsons"-Fox relationship. People often point out that it is interesting that a show that was initially criticized by the right (most notably George H. Bush during the 1992 Republican national convention) has run for so long on Rupert Murdoch's Fox network.
A. The most telling anecdote I have is that one of the people I sat down to interview was Rupert Murdoch, and I asked him, �Rupert, how much money has �The Simpsons� made for you?� And he just sat back, smiled and was like, �Let�s just say it�s a lot.�
Q. You make a number of references in the book to the decline in quality of the show. Have you ever heard of Fox or the folks behind the show pulling the plug at some point soon?
A. In terms of its spiral, to be fair to the writers, there's only so much you can do with a set of characters. I mean, 20 years? I don't know how they do it. But if they're still trying to break ground, they should have canned it 10 years ago. But I don't see them ending it anytime soon unless it becomes unprofitable. They just opened "The Simpsons" ride at Universal Studios, and I see a trend in that way. In the interviews I conducted, someone compared Matt Groening to Walt Disney. "The Simpsons" is a brand at this point that is as recognizable or getting to be as recognizable as Mickey Mouse and Disney, and I don't know why they can't have a Simpsons Land at some point.
Q. What did you think of the movie?
A. It was 90 minutes of throwaway jokes. It was about as good as a very good episode in the later seasons, but I don't think it worked. Its kind of shocking to me that that group of writers couldn't come up with something better. I mean the final scene in the movie literally involved a ticking time bomb. I think that's what happens at screenwriting class at the Y. The funniest stuff involved the pig. That's Homer at his very best: Homer becoming absorbed with something ridiculous. Whether it's a trampoline or a pig - or sugar, there's one where he gets involved with sugar - that stuff tends to be the best.
Q. "The Simpsons" fought a pretty long, disappointing battle with the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for a chance to be nominated for outstanding comedy series. Do you think people behind the show were upset by the "Family Guy" Emmy nomination?
A. I find it funny. I can't speak to what they thought of it. James L. Brooks is probably rolling his eyes, the guy has so many Oscars and Emmys, he's probably like, "Who cares?" "The Simpsons" deserved the Emmy back in 1992, when it was the fastest, funniest thing on TV. But any head-slapping that would had gone on over the [Family Guy] nomination would have happened 15 years ago. Now, "The Simpsons" would never stand a chance.
Q. Who's your favorite character?
A. Good Lord. I mean, obviously it's Homer, but I think that's everyone's favorite. There's something about Homer that speaks to - well, men especially - but everyone. In the canon of Western entertainment, people will look back and see Homer Simpson as this perfectly malleable American stereotype.
Q. If you had to pick one episode as your favorite, could you?
A. It's a paradox: If you watch your favorite one over and over, it becomes not your favorite, but the Monorail episode and the Burns bear episode is as good I think as that show ever got.
Q. Are you one of those people who walk around quoting "The Simpsons" all the time?
A. Yes, I would always walk around and annoy people and say "Simpsons" things to them, but I have nowhere near enough cool or comedic timing to get the line out without giggling.
Q. Give me your three favorite lines.
A. This is really hard. O.K., No. 1:. "Does whiskey count as beer?" - Homer (after being asked by a TV announcer, "Are you on your third beer of the evening?") No. 2. "That man is my exact double . that dog has a puffy tail! [Chasing the dog] Heehee. Puff!" - Homer (on seeing a man who looks as exactly the same as him, lying bloodied outside Moe's tavern, then being distracted by a dog with a puffy tail). No. 3. "Me fail English? That's unpossible." - Ralph Wiggum
Q. How would you describe "The Simpsons" in a sentence to someone who has never heard of it?
A. It's a cartoon sitcom about a family and their town that's better than any live-action show satirized the American way of life.

Ground Breakers Over twenty funny years, they've been breaking TV barriers while delivering the laughs. For the comic minds behind The Simpsons, 450 episodes could be just the beginning. (Dave Itzkoff)
n6 Emmy, November/December 2009, cover, p2, 30-37
Full foldout cover with closeup headshots of our favorite family (by artist Julius Priete) with caption "Doh! The Simpsons: Twenty Funny Years".
p2 Welcome from the Emmy chairman John Shaffner includes this paragraph;
"For twenty years The Simpsons has offered a critique of our culture and, with gifted satire, prompted us to examine our everyday lives. Turn to the cover story for more on this landmark series, including reminiscences from twenty of its writer-producers."
p5 Starz Media full page ad congratulating Fox and Gracie Films for 20+ years of The Simpsons.
p9 Harper full page ad congratulating Matt Groening for the show's 20th anniversary.
p30-37 Eight wonderful pages including a slew of writers naming all their favorite episodes and production moments with the series. Have to transcribe or get an online copy somewhere...

On Fox, a Week of Playing 'Where's Homer?' (Brian Stelter)
The New York Times, Nov 9 2009, pB5
Illustrated with OFF in a 20th Anniversary logo.
Discussing Fox's weeklong promotion of The Simpsons, inbedding Simpsons references into every Fox primetime show, including those not produced by Fox. From the article;
Some of the mentions will be more obvious that others. Mr. Pinker said "Fringe" producers "decided to make references that wouldn't be too obscure, though still fun to spot.
Some shows cite names of "Simpsons" characters, Mr. Earley said; other incorporate one of the show's licensed products into a plot line; and others have cameos. One show, the high school musical "Glee," could not script a specialized reference because the episodes were shot in the spring, well before the hunt was conceived.

The devil in Marge Simpson  Springfield Sexiest Celebrity Reveals All (Illustrations by Julius Priete)
v56n10 Playboy, Nov 2009, cover, p5-6, 52-56
A nude Marge Simpson covered by the Playboy symbol graces the cover of Playboy magazine with caption "The Devil in Marge Simpson". Critics contend they're trying to reach out to a younger audience.
p5 Table of contents has sidebar with same picture and the following:
Cover Story: Can you believe The picture on our cover is of a body that carried three children? Marge Simpson, the hottest woman in Springfield, finally sheds her green dress for us and, with the help of illustrator Julius Preite, re-creates our October 1971 cover. The Rabbit Head chair is the other icon in the picture.
p6 The index continues with a pointer to the story and another picture of Marge.
p56 An interview and a "photo" shoot begins;
PLAYBOY: First Marilyn Monroe, then Madonna and now Marge Simpson. How does a nice girl from Springfield end up in Playboy?
SIMPSON: A nice girl like me would never display her body if it weren�t to raise money for charity. That�s why I�m donating my hefty fee from this tasteful pictorial to SPHG - Saving and Preserving Historic Gazebos. Gazebos are disappearing, people, and they�re not coming back!
PLAYBOY: You must have gotten some interesting reactions from friends and family. What did Homer say? Lisa? Bart?
SIMPSON: Homer said he was intrigued because he had never heard of your magazine. The notion of women posing in the buff was completely foreign to him. Wasn�t it sweet of him to lie? When Lisa heard about this, she said it was empowering to see a woman in control of her own body. Wasn�t it sweet of her to lie? Bart will never learn about this under any circumstance.
PLAYBOY: Why pose now? Is this something you would have considered when you were younger?
SIMPSON: Oh no. When I was young, I didn�t have the wisdom and poise needed to allow myself to be photographed in my underpants, leaning against a jukebox.
PLAYBOY: Regular viewers of the show know you and Homer have always had a great marriage with a healthy sex life. What�s your secret to relationship success?
SIMPSON: Homer and I have one rule that has worked incredibly well: Never go to bed hungry.
PLAYBOY: What advice do you give your daughters about men?
SIMPSON: I always tell my Lisa she should marry the man who loves her. It doesn�t matter if he�s losing his hair or is overweight or is at a bar every night... or if he forgets your birthday and anniversary... All that matters is that nothing means anything to him but you.
PLAYBOY: What advice do you give Bart about the fairer sex?
SIMPSON: I say, "You won�t meet any girls in prison, which is where you seem to be headed."
PLAYBOY: When did you first know Homer was the one?
SIMPSON: Well, when the doctor said I was pregnant, I heard a voice saying "That�s the man you�re going to marry." The voice was my mother's.
PLAYBOY: Have you ever thought about dyeing your hair blonde? Do blondes have less fun?
SIMPSON: I don�t know about blondes, but I just found a few grays in my blue. It�s as though there�s a civil war on top of my head.
PLAYBOY: As a stay-at-home mom, what do you pride yourself on doing around the house?
SIMPSON: Searching for your magazines and throwing them away.
PLAYBOY: In the bedroom?
SIMPSON: Yes, they're usually in the bedroom.
PLAYBOY: When you were Lisa's age, what did you think your adult life would be like? How does the reality measure up to your early expectations?
SIMPSON: When I was a little girl there were three men I wanted to marry: Elton John, Paul Lynde and Charles Nelson Reilly. But for some reason it never worked out.
PLAYBOY: Generally speaking, magazine covers are the purview of celebrities. Did you ever want to be famous? Do you enjoy this attention?
SIMPSON: I�m just happy to be a MILK - Mom I�d Like to Know.
After the photo shoot on pages 53-55, we have the Model Data Sheet;
NAME: Marge Simpson
BUST: 26
HIPS: 26
HEIGHT: 6'6" (with hair)
WEIGHT: nosy!
BIRTH DATE: Very nosy!
BIRTHPLACE: Outside the aquarium. (Don't ask.)
AMBITIONS: Just one: To one day be president... of the Ladies Garden Club of East Springfield.
TURN-ON: Having enough saucers for your cups.
TURNOFFS: Slim men who work out regularly and take care of their bodies and whose oiled muscles glean in the sun when they take off their shirts.
THREE TV SHOWS I NEVER MISS: I tape and watch all the nightly news shows so that none of the anchors feel left out.
BRUNCH OR LUNCH?: I would NEVER do brunch! That's like cheating on breakfast and lunch!
I HAVE A WEAKNESS FOR: Leap years. I feel like I'm getting a day for free!
WHAT I VALUE MOST IN LIFE: Out quiet country and the freedoms enshrined in its Constitution allowing you to print this smut!
Of course, Playboy also has much of this online right here!

Scandalo a Springfield! Marge Simpson  (Illustrations by Julius Priete)
Playboy (Italy), Nov 2009, cover
A nude Marge Simpson covered by the Playboy symbol graces the cover of Playboy magazine with the caption "Scandalo a Springfield! Marge Simpson: Gli uomini preferiscono le bionde, ma sposano le blu" (men prefer blond women but they marry the blue ones)
Translation of the Playboy (US) Nov 2009 issue.

Marge Simpson  (Illustrations by Julius Priete)
Playboy (Mexico), Nov 2009, cover
A nude Marge Simpson covered by the Playboy symbol graces the cover of Playboy magazine with the caption "Marge Simpson ¡WOO-HOO! Te traemos en exclusiva las imágenes más atrevidas de la esposa de Homero" (We exclusively bring you the boldest images of Homer's wife)
Translation of the Playboy (US) Nov 2009 issue. The Mexican version can be found here!

El Diablo En Marge Simpson  (Illustrations by Julius Priete)
n47 Playboy (Argentina), Nov 2009, cover
A nude Marge Simpson covered by the Playboy symbol graces the cover of Playboy magazine with the caption "El Diablo En Marge Simpson" (The devil in Marge Simpson)
Translation of the Playboy (US) Nov 2009 issue.

Vatican Gives Blessing To 'The Simpsons'  (not supplied)
The New York Times, Dec 25 2009, pC4
Report from Associated Press that an article published Tuesday, December 22, 2009 in "L'Osservatore Romano", the official Vatican newspaper, titled "Aristotle's Virtues and Homer's Doughnut" praised The Simpsons for its "realistic and intelligent writing".
The entire article;
Despite the many, many, many times that �The Simpsons,� above, has mocked or satirized religion, that long-running animated series has earned an endorsement from the official Vatican newspaper on the occasion of the show�s 20th anniversary, The Associated Press reported. In an article published on Tuesday in L�Osservatore Romano under the headline �Aristotle�s Virtues and Homer�s Doughnut,� �The Simpsons� was praised for its �realistic and intelligent writing� (and rapped on the knuckles for �excessively crude language, the violence of certain episodes or some extreme choices by the scriptwriters�). Noting plots in which Homer Simpson has variously renounced his faith and mispronounced the name of Jesus, L�Osservatore Romano wrote that Homer nonetheless �finds in God his last refuge� and that the character�s attitudes toward religion were �a mirror of the indifference and the need that modern man feels toward faith.�

Studying a Phenomenon From the Word 'Do'h!'  (Dave Itzkoff)
The New York Times, Dec 27 2009, p20
Article describing Morgan Spurlock's odyssey to create "The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special - in 30D! On Ice!" Includes a description of some of the areas covered, including diehard fans, controversies and critics of the show. It begins..

As a documentarian and one-man lab experiment, Morgan Spurlock has recorded himself in all manner of endurance tests. He has famously subsisted on a diet of McDonald�s menu items (in his breakthrough film �Super Size Me�); traveled to the Tora Bora region of Afghanistan (�Where in the World Is Osama bin Laden?�); and lived for a month as a prison inmate (on his FX series �30 Days�), including a stint in solitary confinement.

Finally he found a challenge he could not complete: watching more than 440 episodes of �The Simpsons� in a row.

�It was my fantasy in the beginning,� Mr. Spurlock said in a recent conversation at his SoHo office. With an air of resignation, he added: �I did it for about two days. Literally, you feel like your head�s going to explode.�

A time-lapse chronicle of this Homeric odyssey (which Mr. Spurlock eventually finished in bits and pieces) can be seen fleetingly in his latest work, �The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special � In 3-D! On Ice!,� a documentary special commemorating that long-running animated comedy that Fox will show on Jan. 10.

From his couch Mr. Spurlock could not quite convey his devotion to �The Simpsons,� but he found far more obsessive fans when he ventured outside his living room.

�You talk to these people, and it�s almost like they�re talking about one of their own family members,� Mr. Spurlock said. �Like the fifth Beatle, they are the sixth Simpson.�

Mr. Spurlock�s film, which is both a recounting of the history of �The Simpsons� and a tribute to its far-reaching and unpredictable cultural influence, was commissioned by that show�s producers, who were slightly daunted by Fox�s request to provide an hour and a half of anniversary-themed programming. (The show itself will fill 30 minutes with a new episode featuring the voice of Anne Hathaway.)

So the �Simpsons� creator Matt Groening and the executive producers James L. Brooks and Al Jean turned to Mr. Spurlock to fill that remaining hour, without too much fear that he would turn his wry muckraking style against them.

�Nobody�s perfect,� Mr. Jean said in a telephone interview. �But I don�t think we have terrible secrets to hide. We thought, we don�t want to do something that�s pompous or takes itself too seriously. We didn�t want to be sitting there going, �And then we won Emmy No. 17.� �

Starting in the summer Mr. Spurlock and his crew scoured the globe for �Simpsons� diehards, finding plenty of celebrities who were admirers of the cartoon clan: Dan Rather talks about his �Simpsons� analogue, the self-satisfied news anchor, Kent Brockman, and a rogue�s gallery of rock musicians from Flea to Andrew W. K. plays portions of the show�s opening theme in a musical montage.

But it is the nonboldface names who provide the truly astonishing tales of devotion. There�s the man who has turned his back into what Mr. Spurlock called a � �Simpsons� billboard,� filling it with tattoos of all the characters who have appeared in the program�s Halloween-themed �Treehouse of Horror� episodes. (�He just loves the show,� Mr. Spurlock explained.)

In Wakefield, England, Mr. Spurlock spoke with 12-year-old Alex Hardy, who saved the life of his young friend Aiden Bateman when Aiden began choking on a piece of food and Alex remembered seeing the Heimlich maneuver demonstrated on a �Simpsons� episode. In two Scottish cities, Aberdeen and Glasgow, the director found residents who make equally compelling cases that their hometown is the true birthplace of the show�s guff-talking Groundskeeper Willie.

(Asked how he found many of his on-camera subjects, Mr. Spurlock said: �Thank God for the Internet. If we had to make this 20 years ago, about �M*A*S*H,� it would have been so much more difficult.�)

But not all of Mr. Spurlock�s explorations resulted in paeans. His documentary also reminds viewers that the show was unpopular in American schools (many of which banned Bart Simpson T-shirts); denounced by President George H. W. Bush (who said, �We need a nation closer to �The Waltons� than to �The Simpsons� �); and pulled from broadcast in Venezuela (where it was deemed inappropriate for children and replaced with �Baywatch�).

He also gives time to �Simpsons� critics, like William A. Donohue, the president of the Catholic League, and to several residents of Brazil who were offended by a notorious 2002 episode that depicted their country as being overrun with monkeys and multicolored rats.

Mr. Jean said he and his �Simpsons� colleagues welcomed the presence of these criticisms and contrary opinions in Mr. Spurlock�s film.

�We were willing to take that risk in exchange for something that was sharper and more interesting, and I think that�s what we got,� Mr. Jean said. �You can go almost anywhere, and if you say that you work for �The Simpsons,� people want to talk to you. I think he really captured that.�

Being a cynical comedy writer, Mr. Jean acknowledged some discomfort with celebrating anniversaries and the self-congratulatory impulses they stir up. �I feel like if I never say another thing about myself for another decade, I�ll be happy,� he said.

But Mr. Spurlock�s documentary, he said, had helped remind him of what has accrued over time. �In a business where 20 weeks seems like a long time, to last 20 years is really astounding,� Mr. Jean said.

Mr. Spurlock, who is also finishing up a segment for an anthology film based on the book �Freakonomics,� said he was happy to be working on a project that did not involve exposing widespread malfeasance or putting himself in harm�s way.

�It was nice to do something where it�s like, wow, we�re going to meet cool people,� he said. �We�re going to have incredible interviews. We�re going to laugh every day. To do something that isn�t �Let�s be depressed for the next two years.� �

The Simpsons  (not supplied)
v15q1 USA Philatelic, 1st Quarter 2010, p16
Not an article, and not a newspaper or magazine, but the US Post Office catalog, documenting stamps available during the first quarter of 2010 including The Simpsons stamps.

Get Rich Now  (Amatai Etzioni)
n157 Utne Reader, Jan-Feb 2010, cover
Full cover of a woeful Montgomery Burns, darning his socks, illustrating the cover story "Get Rich Now" with no mention of him or The Simpsons within. The Simpsons will indeed sell a magazine, so who are we to complain? This story originally came from The New Republic.

To Love Mom Is To Love Her Black Berry  (Stephanie Simon)
The Wall Street Journal, May 6, 2010, D1
Article illustrated with a tiny graphic of our favorite family discusses Mother's Day cards and kids homemade cards with one kid writing on a card for her mom "My mom and I veg out and watch The Simpsons."

...What We Misunderstood  The mind may be more Homer Simpson than Mr. Spock, And that's O.K. (Kyla Dunn)
The New York Times Book Review, Jun 6, 2010, p31
In this book review of "The Upside of Irrationality" by Dan Ariely they quote the book as saying when it comes to our motivations we are less like "hyper-rational Mr. Spock" (who ironically, has appeared as Leonard Nimoy on the show!) and more like the "Fallible, myopic, vindictive, emotional, biased Homer Simpson." We beg to differ about some of those characterizations about Homer or ourselves! I hate this book writer and will get even with him. :-)

A Nunsensical Decision?  Towering outrage over ESB move to deny light honor for Teresa (Heather Haddon)
AM New York, June 9 2010, cover, p3
Homer Simpson, Mother Teresa and Mariah Carrey appear on the cover of this free New York daily paper in front of the Empire State Building with the caption "This Light's For Who?" and "Fury rages after Empire State Building denies Mother Theresa honor it gave Homer and Mariah"
p3 Article discusses outrage over the fact that the Catholic League requested the Empire State Building honor Mother Teresa's 100th birthday by lighting the building blue and white but was turned down, after allowing a Wicked (Broadway play) promotion, Homer Simpson (no doubt yellow, tied to the release of The Simpsons Movie on DVD) and even red for China. For some strange reason people feel they can ask the owner of a private building to set the color of the lights in honor of someone and then can be "outraged" over a refusal. Do they think Mother Teresa would be outraged, or would even want such an honor?

Top 10 The Simpsons Supporting Cast  (John Latchem)
n5 Agent DVD, Jul 2010, cover
Full ocver of Ralph Wiggum with caption "Animation Overload! The Simpsons The Thirteenth Seasin Coming Soon To DVD!"
p. 23 List of their choice for the top ten supporting cast members of The Simpsons, the reason why, and their key episode;
1. Montgomery Burns
2. Moe Szyslak
3. Krusty the Clown
4. Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
5. Comic Book Guy
6. Sideshow Bob
7. Seymour Skinner
8. Waylon Smithers
9. Troy McClure
10. Itchy & Scratchy

Kate Perry Finds Better Fit in Sprngfield (Rachel Lee Harris)
v159 n55,176 The New York Times, Sep 27 2010, pC3
Illustrated with photo of Kate Perry surrounded by Simpsons puppets, the article is as follows;

Katy Perry�s costumes may be too revealing for the audience of �Sesame Street,� but the pop star�s outfits should fit right in on �The Simpsons.� Ms. Perry will appear as herself, and as the girlfriend of the bartender Moe, in a live-action segment that will feature puppet versions of the show�s characters, Entertainment Weekly reported on its Web site.

Last week, the Sesame Workshop, which produces �Sesame Street,�� said it would not broadcast a music video planned for the coming season in which Ms. Perry and Elmo perform a version of her song �Hot �N Cold.�� After previewing the video on YouTube, the company received a large volume of complaints about Ms. Perry�s low-cut dress.

�In the wake of Elmo�s terrible betrayal, the Simpsons puppets wish to announce they stand felt-shoulder-to-shoulder with Katy Perry,� Al Jean, an executive producer of the Simpsons, said in a statement to Entertainment Weekly.

Ms. Perry had already completed shooting her segment of the Simpsons� Christmas-theme episode when the �Sesame Street� video was canceled. The episode, �The Fight Before Christmas,� is scheduled to air on Fox on Dec. 5.

She also found solidarity with the writers of �Saturday Night Live,� who featured Ms. Perry, performing as this week�s musical guest, in a sketch wearing a tight Elmo shirt with a modified V-neck.

'Simpsons' producer on Vatican's assertion that Homer is Catholic: 'I really don't think he could go without eating meat on Fridays' (Dan Snierson)
Entertainment Weekly web site, Oct 18 2010
As appears on
He may drink too much and strangle his son�and, sure, there was that time he sold his soul to the devil for a donut�but Homer Simpson seems to have the Vatican seal of approval. In an article from the Oct. 17 edition of the Vatican publication L�Osservatore Romano�which also references a story in the Italian Jesuit magazine La Civilita Cattolica�Fox�s The Simpsons is praised for covering issues of faith, family, and Christianity (plus, they say prayers before meals!). There is also mention of the animated comedy�s 2005 episode in which Homer and Bart consider converting to Catholicism after Bart befriends a Catholic priest (voiced by Liam Neeson). �Few people know it, and he does everything he can to hide it� [but] it is true: Homer J. Simpson is a Catholic,� states L�Osservatore Romano, which also tipped its papal hat to the show last year during The Simpsons� 20th anniversary celebration. (Perhaps they didn�t see The Simpsons Movie, in which Homer mocks churchgoers as �pious morons� who are �too busy talking to their phony-baloney god.�)

Simpsons HQ is flattered and amused by the attention from the Vatican. �My first reaction is shock and awe,� exec producer Al Jean tells, �and I guess it makes up for me not going to church for 20 years.� That said, Jean is quick to throw not-so-holy water on the Homer-is-Catholic assertion, pointing out that the family attends the First Church of Springfield, which is decidedly Presbylutheran. �We�ve pretty clearly shown that Homer is not Catholic,� he says. �I really don�t think he could go without eating meat on Fridays�for even an hour.�

Do you think the Church has a case, PopWatchers? Or did you question Homer�s faith ever since the episode when he said, �I�m not normally a praying man, but if you�re up there, please save me, Superman!�

Homer Simpson - a man of fat, faith (not supplied)
Metro, Oct 18 2010, p14
Illustrated with Homer Simpson, doughnut in hand.
One of many articles picking up this story;
"It seems like someone in Rome has either a real sense of humor or an over-appreciation of donuts and beer. According to the official Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano, Homer Simpson - patriarch of the much loved, yet at times controversial, cartoon family of the same name - 'is a true Catholic.'

'The Simpsons,' L'Osservatore claims, 'are among the few TV programs for children in which Christian faith, religion and questions about God are recurrent themes.'

Indeed, the paper extols, the shockingly modern American family may practice 'in their own peculiar way,' but they practice nonetheless.

The Next Great Schism: Debating Homer's Faith (not supplied)
v159 n55,199 The New York Times, Oct 20 2010, pC3
Illustrated with Homer Simpson, doughnut in hand.
The Vatican once again endorses The Simpsons:
"Nobody tell the Reverend Lovejoy, but Homer Simpon, the patriarch of the animated clan on Fox's series 'The Simpsons,' is Roman Catholic - at least according to the official newspaper of the Vatican, Reuters reported. In an essay published over the weekend in L'Obsservatore Romano, Luca M. Possati writes: 'Few people know it, and he does everything to hide it. But it's true: Homer J. Simpson is Catholic.' As proof the essay cites a Jesuit priest's study of the 2005 'Simpsons' episode 'The Father, the Son and the Holy Guest Star,' in which Bart attends a Catholic school and Homer tries out the practice of confession. The study concludes that 'The Simpsons,' is 'among the few TV programs for kids in which Christian faith, religion and questions about God are recurrent themes.' Al Jean, an executive producer and show runner of 'The Simpsons.' advised not to take the Osservatore essay as gospel. In an interview with, the Web site of Entertainment Weekly, Mr. Jean said the Simpsons family attended the First Church of Springfield, which is 'Presbylutheran,' adding: 'We've pretty clearly shown that Homer is not Catholic. I really don't think he could go without eating meat on Fridays - for even an hour.' "

n136 MAD (Germany), Nov 2010, full cover
Rumour has it that this is a compilation of prior German Simpsons issues!

Treehouse of Horror XXI Review (Nancy deWolf Smith)
vCCVVI n108 The Wall Street Journal, Nov 5, 2010, pD9A
Glad this newspaper knows whats important in life! We quote:
"The Simpsons" annual "Treehouse of Horror" show includes a riff on the movie "Jumanji," in which Bart narrowly escapes being pierced through by enormous Pick Up Sticks he has accidentally summoned from the spirit world of lethal childrens' games. But more fun is to be had in "Tweenlight," in which Lisa meets a cute boy named Edmund, who just happens to be a vampire with the voice of Daniel Radcliffe (aka Harry Potter). From the moment the segment begins, with a Bambi-like creature darting cartoonishly through the woods, we know somebody's been closely watching the real picture.

Tomes for Coffee Tables, or Large Nightstands (Dwight Garner)
v160 n55,236 The New York Times, Nov 26 2010, pC29, C37
The Holiday Gift Guide recommends Simpsons World;
�Simpsons World� is a huge beastie of a book; if it fell off your coffee table, it would squish children and pets and muffle their screams. You might not find them for weeks. If you give this whacking thing to the �Simpsons� fanatic in your life, you might not see him or her for weeks either.
This is a book for obsessives � it contains two-page, small-type guides to every issue the show�s creators have produced. But it�s a pleasure for casual fans as well. The sidebars are excellent. A list of Marge Simpson�s �brushes with the law� includes these nuggets: �Participated in a �Thelma and Louise�-style police chase; made love with Homer at the miniature golf course (resulting in a chase around Springfield to escape being seen, and ending up on a football field in broad daylight being repeatedly photographed because, as Marge put it, �It would have to be Camera Day!�).�

We Can Do It! (multiple)
n163 Utne Reader, Jan-Feb 2011, cover
Full cover of worker Marge Simpson illustrating this special issue focusing on "Getting America Back to Work".

Happy Birthday, Rupert Murdoch As News Corp's chairman and chief executive turns 80 on March 11, THR solicited memories and good wishes from his employees, colleagues and even the occasional frenemy (multiple)
n10 The Hollywood Reporter, Mar 18 2011, p32-37
Lead feature story quotes Murdoch's industry colleagues for his 80th birthday.
Peter Chernin, Former president and COO, News Corp and Fox Entertainment Group, illustrated with a scene of Rupert Murdoch and Homer Simpson from episode AABF08 "Sunday, Cruddy Sunday".
I have another story. In the very early days of the Fox network, we were on the air three nights and we had launched The Simpsons. It was a big, big hit. It was by far the most successful thing we had ever done. Everybody was talking about it. We were still a tiny little network, and The Simpsons was our No. 1 show, but in its first year probably the No. 4 show overall in the weekly ratings.
We were sitting in the scheduling room. I was president of the network at that time, and Barry Diller was still with the company. So, it was me, Barry, Rubert and Jamie Kellner and some others. And we were going over the scheduling.
On the network schedules, you had these squares on a big magnetic board and you'd move them around. Rupert loved to push the squares around. I'd joke with him about this. You know the greatest toy a billionaire could have is a magnetic board with the schedule.
Rupert has this funny, sly little grin. He took the Simpsons square and moved it against The Cosby Show. That was the time when Cosby was by such a huge margin the No. 1 show on television. It was the single most powerful thing in the television industry - and we were all sort of shocked. We were a weak little network, and NBC had the number one show with one of the sitcom icons of all time.
And Rupert just sort of said: "Trust me, it will get us more attention. The show is going to do just fine, and will get us so much attention you can't imagine."
We all debated it and we finally said, "Let's try it." It became one of the seminal moments of the Fox Broadcasting Co., but also one of the great moment of broadcasting, because that moment more than anything is what really made Fox into the fourth network. It basically announced to the world this little upstart is willing to take on the No. 1 network and the No. 1 show. Within a few years, The Cosby Show had been canceled. And 21 years later, The Simpsons are still on the air.

Homer Simpson Need Not Apply (Michael Friedlander)
v160, n55,348 The New York Times, Mar 18 2011, pA29
Op-ed (i.e., opposite editorial) article from a nuclear engineer defending and defining the typical nuclear plant employee, saying "Contrary to the depiction of nuclear operators as bumbling slackers in 'The Simpsons,' the typical employee is more like a cross between a jet pilot and a firegihter; highly trained to keep a technically complex system running, but also prepared to be the first and usually only line of defense in an emergency, often clearly risking death and long term injurty in attempting to bring a plant back under control, as was currently being done at Japan's Fukushima's plant. We concur, and lay the blame to the potential for disaster on 1) owner's for whom profit is the primary objective, 2) engineers who fail to understand how to design relatively fool-proof systems and lax regulatory bodies who accept substandard designs.

The Simpsons remember Liz Taylor (not supplied)
Metro, Mar 25-17 2011, p4
Illustrated with Maggie Simpson, appearing to wave goodbye. We quote the article
"Many people in the entertainment community have issued statements on the passing of Elizabeth Taylor, but we find "The Simpsons" executive producer Al Jean's to be particularly sweet: 'The Simpsons were greatly saddened to learn of the passing of their legendary friend Elizabeth Taylor. In particular, Maggie is speechless,' he tells Metro. Elizabeth Taylor provided the voice for Maggie's first word in a Season Four episode."

Ring-Linking Rabbit-Yankers! Magicians on The Simpsons (Alan Howard)
v20n8 Magic Magazine, Apr 2011, cover, p32-37
Wonderful cover of Lisa Simpson with the caption "The Great Simpsina" standing in front of Homer Simpson sliced up on the stage in anticipation of episide NABF21 to be broadcast Aoril 10, 2011.
p32 Full page showing The Great Raymando and the Great Simpsina (Lisa) on stage.
p34-35 The Great Simpsina shown with Ricky Jay, David Copperfield, Penn Jillette and Teller.
Great article describing the upcoming episode and other episodes that have profile magic on The Simpsons, with lot's of inside information on how this new episode came together.

Wise Guys Celebrate Father's Day on June 19 by matching each iconic TV dad with one of his memorable quotes (Celia Shatzman)
v124n7 Family Circle, Jun 2011, cover, p56
p56 Too easy to match Homer with his quote, which was "Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try.", taken from episode 1F16 Burns' Heir.

Fox to Limit Next-Day Streaming on Hulu to Paying Cable Customers (Brian Stelter)
v156n55,479 The New York Times, Jul 27, 2011, p B3
pB3 Article discussing Fox's on-line stream and distribution plans is illustrated with a scene from Simpsons episode 1F16 Burns' Heir.

Remembering Polly Platt Friends, colleagues and her ex-husband tell THR about the beloved producer behind hits from The Last Picture Show to Broadcast News
The Hollywood Reporter, Aug 12 2011, p19-20+
p20 Illustrated with a picture of Bart, Matt Groening provided the following;
"I was living in this little aprtment building next to Paramount Studios [in 1986], and I got a call from Polly Platt. I don't know how she got my number. She said" iI'd like to talk to you about doing a cartoon. Come over for a meeting.' She had given my work to Jim Brooks, and she said she loved my stuff. She was always a great supporter of mine and The Simpsons."

Autistic and Seeking a Place in an Adult World An Artist's Struggle for Independence as He Leaves School Behind (Amy Harmon)
v156n55,532 The New York Times, Sep 18, 2011, cover, p18-20
This is one of those references that would easily get lost in a very long article on autism, but on the top half of the front page of the Sunday times is a photo of the notebook of this autistic artist filled with 40 miniature pictures that includes over a half dozen drawings of our favorite family.
p18 Article reveals that artist Justin Canha "...memorized entire episodes of 'The Simpsons' and 'Family Guy'".
p56 Too easy to match Homer with his quote, which was "Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try.", taken from episode 1F16 Burns' Heir.

Creating Artworks Without a Net (Amy Rosenberg)
v161n55,664 The New York Times, Jan 28, 2012, C1
C1 Review of an Outside Art fair kicks off with this line:
"Let's all agree that ;outside artist' is a term of convenience, encompassing the self-taught, the visionary, the mentally ill or developmentally disabled, and (in one memorable episode) Homer Simpson."

Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best!'s Joan Rivers My Favorite TV Mother-Daughter Duos The comedian, 78, reveals who paved the way for her We reality show, back Jan. 24. (Blaine Zuckerman)
v77n4 People, Jan 30, 2012, p47
p47 Names four mother-daughter pairs, including Marge & Lisa, shown on this page.
"A lot of mothers and daughters have two-dimensional relationships. But the Simpsons are rounded, very real. I love that Marge taught Lisa that it's okay for women to lie about their age. After 20 years, Marge is still only 34 years old!"

So Not My Type (Mireille Silcoff)
The New York Times Magazine, Feb 5, 2012, p9
p9 Article discussing complaints about the new Olympic 2012 logo is illustarted with a Lisa Simpson icon;
"'People have seen all kinds of things in the logo', [Simon] Garfield [author of Just My Type] says, 'A Swastika, or Lisa Simpsons having sex. The only somewhat positive thing I can say about the hideous and inappropriate typeface is that it doesn't look like any other I can think of.'" We'll note here that we believe it to be a logo, not really a typeface... and we like it.

'Simpsons' Toys Are Banned in Iran (not supplied)
The New York Times, Feb 7, 2012, pC3
pC3 Iran adds The Simpsons to its list of banned toys.;
"An Iranian official said on Monday that dolls modeled on characters from 'The Simpsons.' including Bart, Homer and the other members of that Fox cartoon clan, were unacceptable displays of foreign culture and would be forbidden along with other popular Western toys, Reuters reported. In an interview with the Iranian Shargh newspaper, Mohammad Hossein Farjoo, secretary for policy-making at the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults, said the selling of 'Simpsons' items would not be permitted by his agency, which governs what Iranian children are allowed to play with. 'The Simpsons dolls are merchandising from an animated series, of which some episodes are even banned in Europe and America.' Mr. Farjoo said. He added, 'We do not want to promote this cartoon by importing the toys.'
The Times goes on to point out that episodes have been pulled from broadcast temporarily for reasons of sensitivity, but not banned.

The Simpsons' Untold Stories (Stacey Wilson, photographed by Joe Pugliese, illustrated by Matt Groening)
Where Little Yellow People Come to Life (Photographed by Peden + Munk)
The Hollywood Reporter, Feb 17, 2012, cover, p6, p60-67
p6 Table of contents has a photo of an early take on The Simpsons
p60-67 Great article on our favorite family, much of which has been placed online at the Hollywood Reporter web site.
Full page (or double page) congratulatory advertisements from
p. 2-3, Fox, to Simpsons and Matt Groening
p. 51, Innovative Artists, to Nancy Cartwright, and the entire cast and crew
p. 53, myman greenspan fineman, fox rosenberg & light LLP, to Dan Castellaneta
p. 55, Ziffren Brittenham LLP, to The Simpsons
p. 97, Sloane, Offer, Weber and Dern, LLP, to Yeardley and Hank
p. 98, Perry, Neidorf & Grassl, LLP, to Matt Groening
p. 99, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP, to Matt Groening
p. 101 (1/2) Film Roman to Matt, Gracie Films amd Twentieth Century Fox Television
p. 101 (1/4) ToonBoom to Matt Groening and The Simpsons

The Simpsons & Matt Groening Walk of fame ceremony
The Hollywood Reporter, Feb 3 2012, p69
Quarter page Hollywood Reporter advertisement promoting the upcoming special issue (below) celebrating The Simpsons 500th episode

About Town: The Simpsons 500th (not supplied; photographs from (by?) Phil McCarten/Fox)
The Hollywood Reporter, Feb 24, 2012, p26
p26 Two photographs covering The Simpsons 500th anniversary (full story was supplied in prior issue above), with captions as follows;
Fox president of entertainment Kevin Reilly, "Simpsons" creator Matt Groening and 20th Television chairman Gary Newman at the celebration of the show's 500th episode. Groeningsaid: "I'd like to thank James L. Brooks for giving me a job in 1987. I want to dedicate this night to all the animators!"
The show's Yeardley smith. the voic of Lisa Simpson, and executive producer Brooks hit the yellow carpet at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

To Infinity and Beyond: Bart, Lucy and the Gang (Neil Genzlinger)
The New York Times, March 20, 2012, pC1, C6
pC1 Illustrated with a picture of Bart Simpson as an alien on the cover of The Arts section.
Article about live on other worlds reiterates the long known comment that we've been beaming our television shows to them for fifty or more years.

Top Ten All-Ages (not supplied)
Comics Shop News, Apr 2012 [FCBD Special issue]
p2 Simpsons Comics (with future issue cover #191 shown) listed as #2 on Top Ten comics for All Ages

Fox Network at 25: Blazing Trails and Burning Bridges (Mike Hale)
The New York Times, April 21, 2012, pC1, C5
Illustrated with color frame from the "first full-length episode",
[7G08] Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire.
pC1 Article discussing Fox history indicates that;
"...while Fox may not have a very high percentage of the best shows of the last 25 years - probably only 'The Simpsons' and "the X-Files' qualify - but it has had more than its share of adventurous and interesting ones, ..."

'The Simpsons' as a Text for the Ages (Eric Grode)
The New York Times, June 3, 2012, p6
Article about the play "Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play," by the investigative theatre group the Civilians, presented at the Wolly Mammoth Theatre Company in Washington, opens as follows;
"If only one piece of Western culture were to survive the apocalypsem you could do worse than the 'Cape Feare' episode of 'The Simpsons.'"
"Ms. [Anne] Washburn stressed that her play was 'not a Simpsons' story,' but 'a story of people telling 'Simpsons' stories."
Illustrated with a small picture taken from epsidoe [9F22] Cape Feare episode.

Serious Dramas Inspired By Sitcoms (Eric Grode)
The New York Times, June 3, 2012, p6
Sidebar article to the one above includes a list of sitcom inspired dramas, including the following;
"More that 50 characters from 'The Simpsons' make appearance in Rick Miller's 'MacHomer,' a one-man retelling of 'macbeth' that just finished a run at Stratford Shaekespeare Festival in Ontario, complete with Moe, Principal Skinner and Captain McAllister as the Weird Sisters."

Matt Groening Ends His 'Life in Hell' (Mike Hale)
The New York Times, June 21, 2012, pC2
pC2 Brief article as follows;
While his animated comedy "The Simpsons" has been on the air a mere 22 seasons and counting, Matt Groening has spent those years - and then some - drawing his syndicated comic strip "Life in Hell." But soon that streak and the comic itself, which ran more than 30 years and played a crucial role in the creation of "The Simpsons," will be no more. Mr Gorening has said he is ending the strip. "I've had great fun, in a Sisyphean kind of way," Mr. Groening said in an e-mail to the Web site, "but the time has come to let Binky and Sheba and Bongo and Akbar and Jeff take some time off." "Life in Hell," which introduced the aforementioned characters - three bucktoothed, anthropomorphic rabbits and a fez wearing gay couple - first appeared in Wet Magazine in 1978, moving to L.A. Weekly and then the L.A. Reader while acquainting readers with Mr. Groening's sardonic perspectives on childhood, dating, family and rock-music criticism. In the 1980's "Life in Hell" came to the attention of James L. Brooks, who was looking for a cartoonist to create animated shorts for Fox's "Tracey Ullman Show." Outside Mr. Brooks's office Mr. Groening quickly sketched a human clan he named the Simpsons, and the rest is cartoon history, Poynter said that the last original "Life in Hell" comic, Mr. Groening's 1,669th strip, was released on Friday. Publications that run the comic can choose older "Life in Hell" material until July 13, after which its archives will be closed.

CELEBMATH These stars are rocking some animated looks (not supplied)
v78n10 People, Sep 3, 2012, p30
p30 Half page feature with three illustrated Celebrity math sums including "Kevin Federline + Bart Simpson = Justin Bieber".

CELEBMATH Toy Maker Looks to Build With "The Simpsons" (Clemens Bomsdorf and Jens Hansegard)
The Wall Street Journal, Mar 8, 2013, pB3
pB3 Small "Corporate Watch" article indicates that Lego A/S is "...looking to expand its string of partnerships with media franchises, is in talks with 20th Century Fox about making a toy set based on the TV show 'The Simpsons'..."

Is This How You Really Talk? Your Voice Affects Others' Perceptions; Silencing the Screech in the Next Cubicle (Sue Shellenbarger)
v261n95 The Wall Street Hournal, Apr 24, 2013, Cover, D1, D3
Banner across top of on cover promotes article on the cover of the Personal Journal section, "Voices That Make Us Cringe", includes Justin Bieber, Marge Simpson and Shoshanna Shapiro (Played by Zosia Mamet).
pD1 COver of Personal Journal section article "Is This How You Really Talk?" shows nine voice types, with Marge illustrating the following:
The Irritator S[eaks in screechy, nasal or shrill voice. This is sometimes caused by tension and often can be helped by therapy to improve resonance. Example: Marge Simpson.
Of course some of the examples in this article of annoying voices are people speaking in character, but others are their "real" voices.

Paging Homer Simpson Television Review (Neil Genzinger)
The New York Times, Jul 3, 2013, C3
pC3 Television Review for Donut Showdown on the Cooking Channel simply uses Homer Simpson's name as an obvious consumer of torroidal fried dough confectionery treats.
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