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Bill Morrison

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Bill Morrison Bongo Profile: Bill Morrison
Transcribed By Bruce Gomes (
from Simpsons Comics #8

© Bongo Entertainment, Inc. , 1995.

Top Ten Things that make life worth living:
10.) Glenn Miller music
  9.) Buick Roadmasters
  8.) Bill Elvgren Paintings
  7.) A big pile of old comics
  6.) Jimmy Stewart movies
  5.) Tex Avery cartoons
  4.) Bleu Cheese Burgers
  3.) Family and friends
  2.) My wife, Kayre
  1.) God

First Comic Book Ever Bought:
World's Finest #165

Favorite Comic Book:
Madman Comics (Every issue leaves me hungry for more!)

Favorite Simpsons Episode:
Black Widower [8F20]

Favorite Simpsons Character:
The baby with one eyebrow - it's just so darned mysterious!

Favorite Musician:
Todd Rundgren

Favorite Food
My mom's lasagna. Mmmmm!

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A comic book artist. Man, that would be sweet!

Early Influences:
I worked as an insulator for my dad. I still feel Itchy!

Current Hobby:
Building a perfect 1940s-era town with HO-scale train accessories.

Intro From Roswell: Little Green Man
Transcribed By Bruce Gomes (
from Roswell: Little Green Man

© Bongo Entertainment, Inc. , 1997.

Bill Morrison, creator/writer/artist, comes from the mean streets of Lincoln Park, Michigan. His meteoric rise from assistant car manual illustrator to Bongo Comics' art director and editor extraordinaire is the stuff of industrial drafting school legend. Bill has had a hand in every Bongo comic to date, either writing, penciling, inking or supervising. Bill also painted a whole slew of movie posters for many of Disney's most popular animated films. He recently contributed to Dark Horse Comics' line of Tex Avery titles.

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