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Gary Glasberg

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Gary Glasberg Bongo Profile: Gary Glasberg
Transcribed By Bruce Gomes ( from Bartman #5
© Bongo Entertainment, Inc. , 1995.

Top Ten Facts About Gary Glasberg Courtesy of His Mother:
10.) He could have become a surgeon, but that would have been too easy.
  9.) His hairline isn't receding. His forehead is expanding because his brain is so big.
  8.) So, he has love handles. Is it a curse to like your mother's cooking?
  7.) Gary wasn't spoiled as a child. Most of the kids in our neighborhood had unlimited accounts at Toys 'R Us.
  6.) He looks adorable in polyester.
  5.) Everything he's ever written is brilliant.
  4.) If he doesn't call home at least every other day, it means he's been kidnapped or murdered.
  3.) Writing comic books is a phase he's going through, God willing, it will pass.
  2.) His nose isn't big, it has character.
  1.) Groening-shmaning! My boy is the funny one!.

First Job:
Bratwurst salesman.

Favorite Elementary School Lunch:
Tun salad and crushed corn chips on white bread. (No wonder no one would sit next to me.)

Coffee, golf, movies, my girlfriend Mimi, and cleaning between my toes while I watch t.v. (not necessarily in that order.)

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