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Nathan Kane

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Bongo Profile Intro in Roswell  

Nathan Kane Bongo Profile: Nathan Kane
Transcribed By Bruce Gomes ( from
Simpsons Comics #14

© Bongo Entertainment, Inc. , 1995.

Top Ten Things I would do if I were King:
  1.) Bring back Brother Voodoo.
  2.) Offer Bigfoot a position in my personal Monster Squad.
  3.) 24 Hour Baywatch channel.
  4.) Change National Anthem to "Jungle Boogie".
  5.) Put Big Boy on a sensible diet.
  6.) Replace Supreme Court with People magazine's
        12 sexiest people.
  7.) Open a Starsky & Hutch based theme park.
  8.) Robot double will fill in for me while I'm out fighting crime with Elvis.
  9.) Mandatory Bat Girl outfits for female police officers.
10.) Rule with an iron fist!.

Those I Blame:
Gil Elvgren, Jerry Lewis, Bill Morrison, John Steinbeck, Michelle Yeoh, Lee & Kirby, Shonen Knife, Rita Hayworth, Mad Magazine, Diane Dors, Paolo Serpieri.

How I Got My First Job in Comics:
Editor's mother thought I was cute.

How I Lost My First Job in Comics:
Editor's girlfriend thought I was cute.

Personal Mantra:

My Secret Shame:
Had my butt kicked by Emmanuel Lewis in a barroom brawl.

Tip for Teens:
For God's sake, floss!

Intro From Roswell: Little Green Man
Transcribed By Bruce Gomes (
from Roswell: Little Green Man

© Bongo Entertainment, Inc. , 1997.

Nathan Kane a.k.a. "Doctor Kaleidoscope" has been coloring Bongo Comics since 1994. An avid believer in the "painting with all the colors of the wind" school of thought, Nathan has also worked for Dark Horse and Top Cow. And one other thing -- he isn't one of those "oh cool!, that band KISS is back -- I think I'll go see them" kind of KISS fan -- he was callin' "Dr. Love" back when Gene was on his first tube of clown white.

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