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Phil Ortiz Bongo Profile: Phil Ortiz
Transcribed By Bruce Gomes ( from
Simpsons Comics #13

© Bongo Entertainment, Inc. , 1995.

My Top Ten Favorite Irritations in Life:
10.) Squeaky brakes on a bus when it stops right next to me.
  9.) Being stuck in a traffic jam for two hours and never finding out the cause.
  8.) Believing weather forecasters who actually get paid for predicting the wrong weather.
  7.) Looking at graffiti by illiterates.
  6.) Finding the O.J. Simpson media circus on every single TV channel.
  5.) Installing fax paper incorrectly and discovering nothing is printing for the next ten minutes.
  4.) Stand-up comics who use these "irritations" in their act.
  3.) Cold toilet seats.
  2.) Listening to canned laughter on badly written TV sitcoms.
  1.) Seeing those #$*@! woodpeckers making swiss cheese out of the side of my house.

First Exposure to Art:
Receiving a Shaggy Dog movie coloring book in kindergarten.

Favorite Early Comic Art Characters:
Buzz Sawyer and his pal Roscoe Sweeney, Maggie and Jiggs, Blondie.

First Job:
Cashier/Clerk at a swimming pool.

Highlight of My Professional Career:
Designing characters and backgrounds for the first season of the Simpsons TV show.

Current Occupation:
Illustrating Comics and Children's Books.

Favorite Comic Art Influences:
Dan DeCarlo (Archie), Sergio Aragonés (Mad), Al Capp (Li'l Abner).

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