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Tim Bavington

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Tim Bavington Bongo Profile: Tim Bavington
Transcribed By Bruce Gomes (
from Simpsons Comics #9

© Bongo Entertainment, Inc. , 1995.

Top Ten Erroneous Assumptions About Englishman Tim Bavington:
10.) Would love to recreate your favorite Monty Python sketch with you, he's bound to remember it.
  9.) Quite possibly knows your English friend John Smith
  8.) Feels at ease when addressed as "bloke", "mate", or "guv'nor".
  7.) Comes from a family of ditch squatters who shove berries up their noses to survive.
  6.) Dying to hear your best British accent.
  5.) Is very familiar with the small village you once heard of, never visited and the name of which just slips your mind.
  4.) Maintains a steady diet of meat pie and jellied eels.
  3.) Picks fights using "You spilt my pint" as an excuse.
  2.) Thinks the President and First Lady should be referred to as the King and Queen of the United States.
  1.) Swept chimneys as a small child in the Eighteenth Century.

First Comic Book Purchased:
The Beano, July 1970.

Early Comic Art Influences:
Don Martin, Sergio Aragonés

First Job:
Still taking suggestions.

Favorite Artists:
Barnett Newman, Ad Reinhart, Robert Ryman

Current Reading:
Nutritional information boxes.

Best thing about U.S. Citizenship:
Can cheer for either Ryder Cup team.

Out-of-Studio Activities:
Golf and snowboarding. A sport of the past and a sport of the future that can only be enjoyed in the present.

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