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Tim Harkins Bongo Profile: Tim Harkins
Transcribed By Bruce Gomes (
from Simpsons Comics #16

© Bongo Entertainment, Inc. , 1996.

My Top Ten Childhood Injuries:
10.) Rock to the back of the head (didn't run fast enough).
  9.) Rock to mouth (sneak attack).
  8.) Rusty nail through foot (playing at construction site).
  7.) Nail through finger (helping dad build something).
  6.) Dog bite on arm (newspaper boy).
  5.) Ran into parked car (stickball in street).
  4.) Ran face first into telephone pole (war ball in street).
  3.) Fell 20 feet out of tree fort (what I helped dad build).
  2.) Cut thumb half off with knife (cub scout project).
  1.) Leg run over by moving car (trying to be like Steve Austin).

Childhood Nickname:  "Headwound" Harkins

Favorite Book:  Stopped reading... too many papercuts.

Favorite Actor:  Ken Berry (F-Troop)

Favorite Music:  Blues.

Favorite Quote:  "It's the pain that let's you know you're alive!"

Childhood Ambition:  Get a job with good health insurance.

Favorite Hobby:  It use to be golf. But two years ago, my playing partner hit me square between the eyes with his 4 iron fairway shot. This caused me to lose my balance and fall right in front of a moving lawnmower...

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