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Futurama Comics #70 Futurama Comics #70  (Feb 2014)

Professor Farnsworth sells his soul to the Robot Devil in order to be young again, foregoing any and all future scientific discoveries. But when the Planet Express crew becomes responsible for a potentially world-ending calamity, the "old" professor and his scientific genius are needed more than ever! Can the professor break his contract with the Robot Devil and save all of humanity?

The Devil And Professor F.
MMMMMMMMPages:  21
Writer:  Jesse McCann
Pencils:  James Lloyd
Inks:  Andrew Pepoy
Colors:  Nathan Hamill
Letters:  Karen Bates
Editor:  Nathan Kane
Cover Illustration:   Jason Ho, Mike Rote, and Nathan Kane
Released:   Feb 26, 2014
Departments:   The Bongo Beat: Best Intentions, Junk Mail,
  Bongo Bonus Stamp: #246 Mom

Futurama Comics #71 Futurama Comics #71  (May 2014)

Available in May 2014!

A tale that brings Fry back to basics as a pizza delivery guy. In this case, however, the Planet Express crew is making a special delivery from a planet that oozes sauce to a Brooklyn pizzeria. But hold on to your cannoli, the mob wants a piece of the action and (BADA-BING!), the Planet Express crew discovers there's a little special ingredient in their shipment that they never expected!
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