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Simpsons Comics had its origin with Simpsons Illustrated, a magazine put together by Matt Groening, Steve and Cindy Vance with assistance from Bill Morrison. It was published four times a year by Welsh Publishing Group Inc. After experimenting with "Simpsons Comics And Stories" to great acclaim Matt realized that he could be fulfill a long time dream - to publish comics books, and hence dropped the magazine. Bongo Comics was born in January 1993, and their inaugural effort consisted of four comics; Simpsons Comics, Bartman, Radioactive Man and Itchy and Scratchy Comics. After six issues of Simpsons Comics and Radioactive Man, and three issues of Itchy & Scratchy and Bartman we see the departure of Steve and Cindy Vance in late 1994. 1995 brings us Lisa Comics, Krusty Comics and Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror. After the publication of a special Simpsons Comics #50 issue with a wraparound cover they switch from bimonthly to monthly publication with Simpsons Comics #51 in late 2000. In October 2000, Bongo also releases the first issue of Bart Simpson Comics, which was initially published four times a year and is now published bimonthly.

The above history was intentionally brief. Various interviews of the creators have taken place, and since we would rather let them tell you the full story themselves we're transcribing them for you from the originals in our archives. The following write-ups and interviews are now available, and we'll be bringing you additional ones as we dig them out and type them in:

A Brief History of Bongo, by Matt Groening, from Simpsons Comics #49


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