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This is the NEW comic reprint series that started in February 2014.
The original Simpsons Illustrated magazine published 1991 - 1993 is documented here!
Simpsons Illustrated #10 Simpsons Illustrated #10  (Mar 2014)

Available in March 2014!

Experience the world of Springfield in the form of a five-dollar bill as it changes many hands and many lives. It is a tale of hard work, dumb luck, insatiable greed, and time travel, as one five spot changes the course of human events. Then, Bart wins a shopping spree at Krusty's Land of Misfit Toys, but it doesn't take long before all his friends and family members are asking him to score them some free toys. And after Bart, Lisa, and Milhouse take in a scary movie find out who has the worst nightmares.

Simpsons Illustrated #11 Simpsons Illustrated #11  (May 2014)

Available in May 2014!

More comic adventures of the Bartman!

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