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Most of the major Simpsons fan sites were issued cease & desist orders in 1997, but that didn't discourage the webmasters at all. Shannon Picken re-opened Picks' Tribute to the Simpsons in November 1997, minus the multimedia. The owner of Sector 7G went on to create a similar page named Evergreen Terrace, which offered streaming .MP3's. The Definitive Frink and Uhl's Simpson Sound Archive returned to the web in 1998. And the original Simpsons Sourcebook received 3 C&D's from Fox before removing their content, but the site continued to please fans. There was definitely life after Fox.

On the verge of closing its doors for good, The Simpsons Archive was completely revamped in early 1998 and became more popular than ever. In addition, many new webmasters created wonderful tributes to OFF in '98. Eric Wirtanen set to carry out the mission of the original Evergreen Terrace with a site with the same name. After the original Sourcebook shut down, a new Simpsons Sourcebook was born, offering hundreds of pictures, sounds, and movies. Adam Wolf's fan site started offering hundreds of pictures and sounds. And the largest multimedia archive of all time, "I Can't Believe it's a Simpsons Site!", was reborn. These new media warehouses offered much more content than the Simpsons websites of the mid 90's. Unfortunately, Fox took notice.


1998 was awful quiet. Simpsons webmasters began to think that Fox had finally given up, and that sites like FIST had done the damage. Unfortunately, we were all wrong. The popular Homer Archive was ordered to remove its content in January of '99. People began to think this single letter was a fluke, until the summer arrived. Within three days in August, Last Exit To Springfield, The Simpsons Sourcebook, and Simpsons Surplus all received C&D orders. Webmasters were taken completely by surprise and fans were outraged.

Evergreen Terrace was hit with its first Cease and Desist in September. Eric e-mailed Fox and told them he would comply with their requests, shutting down the page at its former URL, but little to their knowledge packed his bags and moved the site to They did eventually track the site down though, and the page was issued its 2nd C&D in December. Meanwhile, Last Exit To Springfield received a 3rd letter from Fox around the same time, and removed its 'illegal' content "for good". Later that month Eric had the chance to talk to Fox's legal representive, Dennis Wilson, over the phone. He reiterated that all copyright infringements would need to be removed ASAP or Fox would take legal action. The dumb thing was that during the conversation he seemed to be making up things as he went along. Eric says "He asked me what Winamp skins were, and after a short pause he stated "They'll have to go." I personally have no idea what Fox considers to be a violation anymore. It seems they simply don't want anything related to The Simpsons to be on your computer. It's ridiculous."

Fox didn't stop with Evergreen Terrace. Futurama fan sites such as The Futurama Archive were dealt blows, and many smaller Simpsons sites were targeted in late 1999 and 2000. Fox even issued a C&D to the definitive multimedia warehouse, After refusing to comply with Fox's orders, ICBIASS's host deleted the page for good.

Simpsons fans and followers of other Fox shows are becoming furious due to all this. Two "fan blackouts" took place that year to show Fox what the 'net would be like without fan sites, but in a way that basically gave them what they wanted.

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