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"Marge, you're as pretty as Princess Leia, and as smart as Yoda"

  • [7G05] Among Bart's list of cool wars is the Star Wars Trilogy.
  • [7F04] In the second THOH segment "Hungry are the Damned," as Lisa snoops around, the ship and music bring to mind the halls of the Death Star, and Luke Skywalker's theme from Star Wars: A New Hope.
  • [7F17] Darth Vader waits in the queue of people attempting to win Abe's money. {dh}
  • [8F10] Homer and Marge go to see The Empire Strikes Back.
  • [8F10] Homer says to Marge, "Marge, you're as pretty as Princess Leia, and as smart as Yoda."
  • [8F22] Milhouse has an X-Wing poster.
  • [8F23] Intro sequence of Homer's trip on the Spinemelter 3000 depicts a sort of hyper space jump, ala Star Wars. {dh}
  • [9F02] One of the caricatures at the school festival is of Darth Vader. {dh}
  • [9F02] One of Lisa's hairstyles is modeled after Princess Leia. {dh}
  • [9F03] A landspeeder-type vehicle cruises past Homer and Bart in the future. {bg}
  • [9F05] The Empire Strikes Back music ("Imperial March") plays as Burns observes his monitors. {dh}
  • [9F09] Homer sort of does a Princess Leia impression while on the table. {dh}
  • [9F10] Mayor Quimby says to Leonord Nimoy, "May the Force be with you." {dh}
  • [9F10] Homer's monorail suit is patterned after Darth Vader's. {dh}
  • [1F02] Burns' escape pod.
  • [1F16] A THX trailer is so loud it shatters glasses, teeth, and heads to the astonishment and appreciation of a packed house of moviegoers. {bg}
  • [1F17] Ralph has the original Star Wars action figures, still in their packaging.
  • [2F14] "Use the ballet!" in reference to, "Use the Force!"
  • [2F21] The Star Wars music is played by the orchestra.
  • [2F31] The Empire Strikes Back music ("Imperial March") plays during int. shot of Burns' office. {dh}
  • [2F32] Darth Vader, as a cloud, appears and says, "Luke, I am your father." {hl}
  • [3F02] The potato bug fumigator guy sounds a lot like Darth Vader.
  • [3G01] Chewbacca is in the line-up, and is seen at the end of the episode.
  • [4F02] The mini-ships in the second THOH7 segment "The Genesis Tub" attacking Bart is similar to the Death Star attack.
  • [4F02] The tubes in the third THOH7 segment "Citizen Kang" in which Dole and Clinton are held in suspended animation are very similar to the Bacta Tank from The Empire Strikes Back.
  • [4F05] There's a Darth Vader mask in the mask shop. {nh}
  • [4F08] Bart whistles like R2-D2.
  • [5F02] Freak Mr. Burns -- Notice the black hood, white pale face, and the line, "Now you will die." close to, "And now young Jedi, you will die." {nl}
  • [5F10] A cafe called "Java the Hut" (in reference to Jabba the Hutt).
  • [5F13] The logo on the "Mars" part of the Knowledgeum uses the same font as in the Star Wars logo.
  • [5F13] The sperm gun in "Let's Make a Baby" is patterned against the laser cannons on the Millenium Falcon. {dm}
  • [5F22] In addition to the BB gun that Nelson selects, one of the prizes that can be earned with enough tickets at the Family Fun Center arcade is an X-Wing Fighter toy model.
  • [AABF05] Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) appears in this episode ("Who put the 'star' in Star Wars?").
  • [AABF05] A wrestling match previewed in the TV promo spot for Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con: "The mighty robots of Battlestar Galactica verses the gay robots of Star Wars" features a duo of Cylon Centurions in a tag-team match against R2-D2 and C-3PO, with C-3PO taking punishment from his Cylon opponent while R2 is apathetic to his counterpart's pleas for help.
  • [AABF05] C-3PO's head flies by in the promo spot for Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con.
  • [AABF05] Chewbacca at the Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con door.
  • [AABF05] Database finally speaks up during Mark Hamill's presentation on long-distance savings: "Daaah, talk about Star Wars!"
  • [AABF05] Mark Hamill urges Homer to, "Use the forks!" {cf}, though Homer initailly assumes he hears, "Use the Force!".
  • [AABF06] Comic Book Guy's bumper sticker "My other car is the Millenium Falcon," given to him by a Harrison Ford look-alike.
  • [AABF19] Along with "The Poke of Zorro" and other films playing at the Googolplex Theater is "My Dinner with Jar Jar," a reference to Jar Jar Binks from The Phantom Menace.
  • [AABF21] The famous Hildebrandt Brothers Star Wars poster of Leia, Luke and his outstretched lightsaber is seen at Planet Springfield.
  • [BABF01] The Collector wants Lucy Lawless to call him Obi-Wan. {tr}
  • [BABF01] The Collector using Darth Maul's lightsaber. {jk}
  • [BABF18] Patty and Selma quip: "The bitterness is strong in this one." upon hearing Lisa's opinion of men, a reference to, "The Force is strong in this one." as remarked by Darth Vader about Luke while in the Death Star trench.
  • [CABF08] Martin Prince's mother presents a box containing a handwritten script for Star Wars by George Lucas, Princess Leia's anti-jiggle breast tape, and a film reel labeled "Alternate ending: Luke's Father is Chewbacca" to Comic Book Guy, who, in return, offers five dollars.
  • [CABF09] Duff Man's hesitation and looking back and forth between Homer and Henry K. Duff VIII, finally lifting his boss over his head and throwing him over the fence recalls Darth Vader's pensive moment in Return of the Jedi, looking back and forth between his son Luke and his master, Emperor Palpatine, finally lifting the Emperor over his head and throwing him into the Death Star II's chasm.
  • [CABF19] In the first THOH12 segment, "Hex and the City," Yoda is the minister for the Gypsy and Leprechaun wedding ceremony, proclaiming their marital union in his usual clause-first speech pattern.
  • [DABF01] When the family is forced to stay indoors because of the acid rain, one of the myriad versions of Special-Themed Monopoly games the family owns is "Star Wars Monopoly."
  • [DABF04] Comic Book Guy's bedroom is bristling with Star Wars items, including a picture of Yoda, signed portraits of Mark Hamill in both Star Wars: A New Hope and Return of the Jedi outfits, Star Wars bedding, Chewbacca pajamas, and a Jar-Jar Binks doll which he clutches in bed and tells: "Oh Jar Jar, everyone hates you but me."
  • [DABF12] After Homer was nearly arrested for impersonating Forrest Gump, a deep-voiced black man was seen in the paddy wagon in a Darth Vader costume with helmet in hand (not James Earl Jones, but rather Dr. Hibbert) who said, "Moe, I am your father (chuckle)." in reference to Jones' voice acting for Darth Vader.
  • [DABF12] A musical segue during Homer's Celebrity Roast marks the third time John Williams' "Imperial March" was used to introduce the tyrannical Mr. Burns (the other instances were in 9F05 and 2F31).
  • [DABF17] Homer explains: "I've trick or treated at many of your homes; last year I was Jar Jar Binks."
  • [DABF19] The first THOH13 segment "Send in the Clones," features a clone army of Homers. Both the title of this segment and the idea of a clone force of Homers is a nod to Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones, which was released just months before this episode aired. Attack of the Clones introduced Star Wars fans to an army of identical Clone Trooper shock troops.
  • [DABF21] When the Simpsons briefly consider moving in with Comic Book Guy, we see Star Wars models in his apartment, a Boba Fett statue and TIE Fighter among them.
  • [EABF10] While Homer was trying to figure out how to take over the SNPP, he starts marking down all the hazards as Lenny and Carl begin fighting with radioactive Plutonium rods, using them like lightsabers (complete with sound effects). Lenny proclaims, "The Phantom Menace sucked more!" while Carl argues, "Attack of the Clones sucked more!" {lc}
  • [EABF11] The hobby shop where Homer buys Lisa a telescope, "Teenage Pasteland," has a model of the Millennium Falcon among items displayed in its front window.
  • [EABF21] The third THOH14 segment "Stop the World, I Want to Goof Off," finds Comic Book Guy wielding a green lightsaber amongst the mob chasing the time-stopping Bart and Milhouse, and later attacking scapegoat Martin.
  • [EABF22] After finding a one-thousand dollar bill, Bart envisions holding a party on the moon, where a band plays and mentions in song: "... R2-D2 playing the bass." In his fantasy, we see the droid playing an electric bass, using arm appendages normally hidden within his body.
  • [FABF10] The film Cosmic Wars: The Gathering Shadow is a parody of Star Wars: Epsiode I - The Phantom Menace, complete with Jim-Jam Bonks and the similar public reaction to the film. The Director/Writer/Editor Randall Curtis represents George Lucas and his work area contains props such as Yoda and Stormtrooper statues, model AT-AT walker, film stills of the Death Star trench, Sandtrooper on Dewback, C-3PO, R2-D2, and Jim Jam Cereal.
  • [FABF12] Some attendees of the Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con are in Star Wars costumes, including a Gamorrean Guard, Chewbacca, a lightsaber-wielding Jedi, and C-3PO.
  • [FABF14] Homer is angry at the video store when advised by the clerk: "I'm sorry sir, the computer says the movie Chocolate Star Wars doesn't exist."
  • [FABF22] In the 1977 flashback, making out with Marge under the bleachers, Homer imitates Darth Vader's breathing.
  • [GABF17] The third THOH16 segment "I've Grown a Costume to Your Face," sees Apu among the spell victims, now made to take on the form of his R2-D2 Halloween costume as Apu-Detoo.
  • [GABF17] Episode Co-Executive Producer Don Payne (1948-2013) is listed as DARTH PAIN in the closing credits. {dd}
  • [HABF03] Ralph says, "I'm See-Three-Detoo" while he has a tuba on his head.
  • [HABF04] Among Homer's and Bart's belongings offered in the yard sale conceived and conducted by Marge and Lisa, while Homer drives Bart to detention camp in Oregon, are some of Bart's action figures, including at least one lightsaber-wielding Jedi Star Wars figure.
  • [HABF07] Marge shows Rod and Todd her finished Darth Vader paper plate mask, exclaiming: "Here's my mask; I'm a Star Wars!"
  • [HABF09] Jim Jam Bonks is part of the ensemble celebrity line-up, including Opal and others, singing "Springfield Blows" (itself a parody of "We are the World") in the Rob Reiner-hosted video submitted by Los Angeles to Pro Football in hopes of beating out Springfield in landing the new franchise.
  • [HABF20] During the first act of this episode, Bart plays the sometimes seen "Triangle Wars" game at the old Arcade.
  • [HABF20] Bart and Principal Skinner battle each other with weapons of peanut and shrimp (twice) while the dramatic battle theme "Duel of the Fates" from the Star Wars Prequels plays.
  • [HABF20] During the third act of this episode, a Cosmic Wars poster as well as scale bust statues of Yoda and Chewbacca can be seen at The Android's Dungeon comic book shop.
  • [HABF22] While Homer searches for Marge, we learn that she is on Comic Book Guy's "not seen" list, which also includes "... a Star Wars film that's been good, since the first one. And even that's been ruined with CGI editions. Bravo George."
  • [JABF02] "Ughh... they went to Star Wars land, and fought Star Wars." This is the response to the question of "What happened to the Merlinical Council?".
  • [JABF04] Darth Vader's mask is among the icons displayed on the Multicultural Center's sign. Natalie Portman (Padme Amidala in the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy) also appears in this episode, as Darcy.
  • [JABF04] A Chewbacca doll is seen at the Mylar Baggins comic book shop in North Haverbrook.
  • [JABF05] This episode concludes with a tribute: "Dedicated to all those who died in the Star Wars films." A rather exhaustive listing follows: "Darth Vader; Darth Maul; Greedo; Uncle Owen; Storm Trooper #5; Jango Fett; General Grievous (Droid); Storm Trooper #22; Dak; Obi-Wan (Ben) Kenobi; Whoever Jimmy Smits Played; Hutt, Jabba the; Sy Snoodles; Unfortunately, not Jar-Jar Binks; and everyone on both Death Stars when they blew up."
  • [JABF06] As his choice for the one precious item he may secure in the family's new safe, Homer selects the bottle of cologne he wore on his first date with Marge: "Scent of a Wookiee" - from the Star Wars collection.
  • [JABF15] Kent Brockman cleans out his office, and, among pictures of historical significance including Kent dancing on the Berlin Wall, is one of Kent interviewing an orange and white R2 Astromech Droid.
  • [JABF17] Milo from the new Coolsville comic book store uses a Jabba the Hutt cardboard stand-up display to block Comic Book Guy in the window.
  • [KABF11] Comic Book Guy urges readers of his review to see the Chalmskin Production of Lisa's film as shown at the Sundance Festival, with his advice: "Landspeeder, don't Bantha, to your nearest theater."
  • [KABF17] The Couch Gag first seen with this episode finds the family frozen in a Carbonite coach as Boba Fett flies in on his jet pack.
  • [KABF22] Nelson plays with a headless Darth Vader action figure.
  • [LABF01] During his candidacy for class president in the Springfield High student council election, a poster in the school reads "Homer Simpson - 'Jaws' and 'Star Wars' Agree," and pictures Homer flanked by Jaws on his left and Darth Vader on his right.
  • [LABF13] Darth Vader and Boba Fett helmets are displayed in the storefront window of the Mylar Baggins Comic Shop.
  • [LABF13] In his commentary, Comic Book Guy describes the feature film adaptation of his "Every Man" comic series as "an embarrassment of 'Jar Jar-ian' magnitude," a reference to some fans' and critics' assessment of Jar Jar Binks in The Phantom Menace.
  • [LABF13] Among the movie posters seen at Ginormous Pictures studios, is Star Wars: Episode VII - The Apology.
  • [LABF19] One of Cletus's redneck friends responds to Moe's "Deliverance" comments with, "I suppose you think all space is Star Wars?"
  • [LABF19] Bart reacts to seeing Lisa browsing the "Wiccapedia" website, happily saying "You've finally come over to the Dark Side!"
  • [LABF20] Ralph is dressed as Princess Leia from Star Wars for the second grade class reports on "Inspirational Women" following the rise in popularity of Princess Penelope. He proudly explains to Miss Hoover, "I'm a Star Wars."
  • [MABF19] The Couch Gag first seen with this episode, featuring the day-to-day month of December Advent calendar, includes Comic Book Guy constructing a gingerbread Death Star for the December 2nd entry.
  • [MABF22] An R2-D2 figure is among other broken toys in the bag containing all the "lame-o" toys Bart has received over the past three Christmases rather than the dirt bike he'd asked Santa for each year.
  • [NABF06] Homer notes Wedge Antilles from Star Wars among legendary wingmen.
  • [NABF07] The studio that produced Bart's "Angry Dad" series has created another series called "The Adventures of Parody Man," featuring a character whose attire includes Spider Man's suit, Thor's Hammer, and Darth Vader's helmet.
  • [NABF07] In Act III, Ben Stiller and Jack Black portray a battle between Iron Man and the Hulk, dueling with plastic lightsabers in a performance at the awards show.
  • [NABF10] In Homer's dream in which he has taken on the role of Precious, the mother warns: "I don't see many more movie roles for a girl like you, not unless George Lucas needs another Death Star." Then, on waking, Homer pleads: "No! Stop! No more Star Wars parodies!"
  • [NABF12] During the first act of this episode, the arcade game "Triangle Wars" is seen again. The logo on the game's cabinet uses the same font as the Star Wars title, and the triangles prominent in the gameplay resemble Imperial Star Destroyers.
  • [NABF20] In Act I, Blocko's display area seen in the exhibition hall for the "E4" Gaming Convention features giant life-size versions of the branded toy block figurines of Cosmic Wars Darth Maul and Yoda.
  • [NABF20] In Act II, Comic Book Guy's Foodie Blog, "Android's Luncheon," includes an image of Comic Book Guy as Jabba the Hutt with a Rancor serving him a plate of food.
  • [NABF21] Santa's Little Helper wearing a Darth Vader helmet inspires Bart to create a robotic pet for his science project, and for Homer to offer: "Thy will be done Lord Vader."
  • [PABF04] At the Blocko store in the new mall, a "Chubba the Shedd's Dust Palace" Cosmic Wars Blocko block set is examined for purchased by Lisa. The name and box graphics reference Jabba's palace and the Hutt himself.
  • [PABF09] A Kent Brockman TV news story on the new "Mr. Fatso" graffiti around Springfield reports that the vandal responsible is "... a combination of Robin Hood, Luke Skywalker, and, well, every rapper ever."
  • [PABF14] A Jawa is mentioned and shown in one of Lady Gaga's mirrors during her performance of the new song "Little Monsters" upon her arrival to Springfield.
  • [PABF15] Homer rationalizes to Ned regarding the comments of the internet blogger using a Darth Maul avatar: "... because of what Darth Maul said. He's the second coolest Darth."
  • [PABF17] The third THOH23 segment "Bart & Homer's Excellent Adventure," finds Bart arriving in the year 1974 via Frink's time machine, stating the obvious next step: "Now, to get my comic book and explore a world where no one's mad at George Lucas." Not only is Bart in a time before any Original "Special Edition" and Prequel Trilogies; the first Star Wars film will not see release for another three years.
  • [PABF18] After Marge's car falls into the new Springfield sinkhole, Comic Book Guy describes the hole's size to Kent Brockman, comparing it to the Pit of Carkoon, "... where the Sarlacc ate Boba Fett," and to "... the Geonosis Battle Arena, where Mace Windu beheaded Jango Fett." Brockman notes however that both are roughly the same size anyway. Comic Book Guy may have seen this as his best chance to include the site of each Fett's demise in conversation.
  • [PABF20] Homer's hip new neighbor, Terence, has a pet armadillo named Chewie, and explains the name's origin as "Mexico Chewie, not Star Wars Chewie." Homer then offers a comment about Chewbacca, adding that "Star Wars Chewie is just a man in a costume, so he's not scary."
  • [RABF06] Mr. Burns names Vader among the hated men listed in the lyrics of his song "High to be Loathed."
  • [RABF07] During his breakup with Mary Spuckler, Bart is portrayed in an artist's caricature at the Springfield Squidport, drawn as Yoda with the quote: "Leave me, why did she?".
  • [RABF12] The Robot Chicken couch gag sequence ends with the Robot Chicken character and the Star Wars version of the "Robot Chicken theme song".
  • [RABF13] Grab Asswalker (a parody of Luke Skywalker) is one of the musicians playing at the Jazz Hole when Lisa sees Bleeding Gums Murphy's hologram.
  • [RABF13] "That was my Star Wars." -- Moe on not seeing movies as a child, instead making perogies.
  • [SABF03] In Act I, while midnight shoppers buy the new Radioactive Man issue at The Android's Dungeon, one of Comic Book Guy's items displayed in the store is a life-size Krusty in Carbonite hanging on the wall, just as Jabba the Hutt had hung Han Solo, frozen in a block of Carbonite, from a wall in his palace in Return of the Jedi. It is visible in later scenes within The Android's Dungeon as well.
  • [SABF03] In Act II, Comic Book Guy visits the Simpsons' home to ask Homer for help finding something to wear for his date with Kumiko Nakamura. He admits that the best garment he has at the shop is Obi-Wan's robe, which isn't suitable since it was the garment worn by an order of "celibate knights." In the Star Wars films, it is explained that the Jedi Knights give up all emotional attachments, including love.
  • [SABF03] In Act II, during Kumiko and Comic Book Guy's date montage, they listen to an Audio Books version of Cosmic Wars: The Crucifixion of Jim-Jam Bonks. This is another reference to some fans' disdain of the character Jar Jar Binks in The Phantom Menace.
  • [SABF03] In Act III, during Comic Book Guy's uncontrollable uttering of a series of references, his last is "I have a bad feeling about this." Though he explains this quote is from "every action movie ever made," it is a well-known phrase and a running gag in the Star Wars series, said twice in Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, and at least once in each subsequent film. The phrase is also often used in Star Wars books, comics, video games, and TV series as well, and even in George Lucas' Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
  • [SABF03] In Act III, Mr. Nakamura is dressed as C-3PO at Kumiko and Comic Book Guy's wedding inside The Android's Dungeon.
  • [SABF05] In Act II, During the FBI raid on Homer's backyard screenings of illegally downloaded feature films, showing is Cosmic Wars: Episode VII - A New Take, complete with signature opening title scroll. This Cosmic Wars installment is a parody of the upcoming announced Star Wars: Episode VII, planned for a late 2015 theatrical release. The title A New Take is a parody of Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope.
  • [SABF05] Ralph wears a Jim Jam Bonks t-shirt while in the audience at the Cosmic Wars screening.
  • [SABF05] While FBI agents work to stop the Cosmic Wars screening, playing is a scene within a Star Destroyer's hangar bay featuring a battle between Yoda and several Mandalorian warriors wearing armor of various colors. Mandalorians who wear armor similar to Boba Fett's were featured prominently in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series story arcs. It is also of note that Yoda had already died during the events of Return of the Jedi.

  • SC = Simpsons Comics, BS = Bart Simpson Comics, TH = Treehouse of Horror Comics
  • [SC04] Mr. Burns employs Stormtrooper guards.
  • [SC12] A Stormtrooper guard is in the desert, parody of scene from "Star Wars."
  • [SC31] After Marge hears a noise in the night, Homer asks: "Did it sound as if a million voices cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced?", a parody of Obi-Wan's statement after he "felt" Alderaan's destruction.
  • [SC34] During the "C. Montgomery Burns International Games," a Hoth Cold Assault Stormtrooper (Snowtrooper) can be seen participating in a sled-dog race.
  • [SC36] Douglas (one of the three "nerds") makes a space adventure movie with Troy McClure. He tells McClure that he wants to "make 'The Empire Strikes Back' look like 'Return of the Jedi' (this is a nod to Star Wars fans' regard for 'Empire' and relative disdain for 'Jedi.')"
  • [SC45] In the issue titled "Hamburgers' Little Helper" (pg. 9, frames 3 & 4), flying a jet plane and saving Kent Brockman and Arnie Pie, Santa's Little Helper wears Luke's X-Wing Fighter helmet.
  • [TH08] In the story "The Power Plant of Pain ('I for Invasion' entry)" (pg. 37, frame 2), Homer floats in a tube aboard Kang & Kodos' ship very similar to a Bacta Tank from The Empire Strikes Back.
  • [SC75] The first story in the "Permanent Record Room" issue, called "Pranks, but No Pranks" (pg. 9, frame 4), ends with Willie responding: "As wee Yoda would say, 'Empty or full. There is no almost.'" when Milhouse complains of his lungs being almost full of chalk dust.
  • [SC75] In the second story "And the Beatings Go On" (pg. 13, frame 2), a nerd asks Jimbo: "Who was the Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise?" Jimbo answers "I don't know. Luke Skywalker?"
  • [SC75] In the third story "Truant or False" (pg. 20, frame 4), a fourth grade Skinner warns Homer: "Okay, but don't blame me if you get stuck in an asteroid field with a flying saucer shooting at you and don't know which button sends you into hyperspace." when Homer questions skipping school to stay at the arcade (a reference to the asteroid chase in The Empire Strikes Back).
  • [BS10] In the first story "Bart's Beard" (pg. 4, frame 5), Comic Book Guy calls Bart, "Young Jedi" after Bart tries to buy an age-restricted video, "Clowns Gone Wild."
  • [SC81] In the issue titled "Lisa Simpson's Book Club" (pg. 8, frame 4), Lisa asks each book club member to discuss a story that meant something to them. Homer's tale "The Little Engine that Couldn't Care less" begins with: "Once upon a time in a train yard in a Galaxy far, far away ... " echoing the famous opening crawl from the Star Wars films.
  • [SC91] In this issue's only story "3000's Company" (pg. 12, frame 3), a Star Wars poster hangs among others in the sanctuary Comic Book Guy creates underneath Mr. Burns' mansion.

  • Other Simpsons/Star Wars tidbits

    Some Simpsons-style Star Wars parodies have been buzzing around the 'net for some time now, and are available on various fansites. Some of the pictures fanart, others official.
    Bruce Gomes: Syndication promo (fall, 1993) In a commercial to promote reruns of The Simpsons, we see actual footage of Luke's X-wing entering the Death Star trench, with Bart animated into Luke's uniform and firing the shot that destroys the Death Star.
    A video cassette has been released in the UK called "Bart Wars." It apparently contains all the best Star Wars moments, although looking at the above list, you can be the judge of that. As you've probably guessed, it does contain AABF05.


  • "I Bent My Wookiee" ... Delivered unto the world by creator Matt Groening and his fellow executive producers James L. Brooks and Sam Simon in December, 1989 (after two years of short Simpson cartoons on The Tracey Ullman Show, which Brooks and Simon also produced), The Simpsons has become almost as popular and iconic as Star Wars itself, and it seems only right that these two powerful pop cultural phenomena have joined Forces on occasion, with The Simpsons slipping in occasional, hilarious Star Wars references... [More]

    Thanks to Dave Hall for bringing this to my attention.

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  • 06-Jan-2014 References [GABF17](2), [SABF05](1), [SABF05](2), [SABF05](3) added.
  • 12-Jan-2014 References [SABF03](1), [SABF03](2), [SABF03](3), [SABF03](4), [SABF03](5) added.

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