Spot the Internet swindlers.
June 25, 1999

Catholic jokes no longer tolerated.
June 3, 1999

New stinking treats for British collectors.
May 22, 1999

Sequel to the ever-popular "Complete Guide" presently in the works.
May 13, 1999

Ron Taylor's Broadway musical gets two nominations.
May 9, 1999

Former Simpsons director goes big screen.
May 9, 1999

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Simpsons Cel Scam Alert
By Mark Tarses ( of Sunway Co. - June 25, 1999
     There have been a lot of reports in newspapers about scam artists using eBay to get information to swindle people. EBay is aware of this problem and has taken a number of measures to try and supress criminal activity.
     It is very easy for crooks to get the E Mail addresses of Simpsons fans through eBay auctions. They simply note the addresses of buyers and sellers of Simpsons items. I have received several E Mails from swindlers offering to sell me Simpsons merchandise.
     How can you spot an internet swindler? Look for these 3 tell-tale warning signs:
     If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!   Although you have probably heard that many times before, and it may sound trite, it is still very good advice! Earlier this year, many Simpsons fans received an E Mail message offering to sell them unlimited quantities of "Simpsons photos personally autographed by Matt Groening" for $10.00 each. This price is a small fraction of the fair market value of this item. Whenever you are offered merchandise, especially from somebody you don't know, at an unbelievable price, you should hear a warning bell going off in your head!
     Beware of sellers who put pressure on you to send them money immediately.   Beware of lines like "In order for you to get this beautiful Simpsons animation cel at this fantastic price, you must get your check in the mail by midnight tonight!" What's the rush? Animation cels aren't perishable like leftover haggis.
     Beware of businesses that won't accept VISA or MasterCard.   Almost all legitimate mail-order businesses take VISA and MasterCard. Many companies won't take American Express because of the high fees. Some won't take Discover, Carte Blanche, or Diner's Club for lack of interest on the part of their customers. However, if a mail-order business won't take VISA or MasterCard, that's another warning sign.

Fox Censors Simpsons
By Jouni Paakkinen ( and Brian Petersen ( - June 3, 1999
     Mike Scully, executive producer of The Simpsons, is furious over the network's demands to edit a Catholic reference from "Sunday, Cruddy Sunday," which ran for the second time last week on Fox.
     In the episode, a Super Bowl commecrial appears on the Simpsons' TV, spoofing an old ZZ Top music video in which three sexy women service a motorist at a gas station. The closing voice-over tag line: "The Catholic Church: We've made a few changes."
     According to Mike Scully in a Los Angeles Times article, "the joke was an observation on crazy Super Bowl commercials, not a comment on the Catholic Church." Fox vice president of broadcast standards Roland McFarland saw the spot through different eyes, however, instructing on behalf of the network, and in response to inside pressure from the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, that the reference be either removed, "or change to Methodists, Presbyterians or Baptists. Anything but Catholic." And so it was.
     Oddly enough, Fox formerly stood behind The Simpsons after complaints from the League lambasted another poke at Catholics earlier during the season. In that episode, Bart asked his mother if the family could go Catholic for the free Communion wafers and booze, to which Marge replied, "No one is going Catholic. Three children is enough, thank you."

Springfield Sticker Collection
By Hari Wierny ( - May 22, 1999
     Popular UK sticker producing company Panini have just released their new line of stickers and albums this week, entitled "The Springfield Sticker Collection".
     The collection consists of one hundred and fifty collectable stickers, featuring our favorite family and various characters from Springfield. Among the regular stickers will be the amusing, and grotesque, scratch 'n' sniff cards.
     The products are available in most newsagents and off-licenses. The stickers are joined by Panini's additional collection of Simpsons washable transfers; tattoos, as it were.
     For more information, see the official Panini UK Website.

The Simpsons Forever!
By Jouni Paakkinen ( - May 13, 1999
     A new Simpsons guide from HarperPerennial, entitled “The Simpsons Forever!”, is apparently about to hit the shelves. The book, edited by Scott M. Gimple, will be a sequel to Ray Richmond's fan-acclaimed “A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family.
     While no specific release date has yet been provided, the book has already been indexed at the HarperCollins web site. Included will be the most recent episodes, beginning where the Complete Guide left off. The guide will also host a special tribute to Troy McClure, and a special section devoted the show's plethora of past musical moments.
     Further details will be provided here as they become available.
Cover Shot

ISBN 0060987634
8 x 9 1/8; 96 pages;
$12.95 ($19.00 Can.)
(c) HarperCollins

Bleeding Gums Nominated for Tony Awards
By Jouni Paakkinen ( - May 9, 1999
     Although Bleeding Gums Murphy--the jazz musician and Lisa's inspiration in The Simpsons--is dead, his voice, Ron Taylor, is still very much alive.
     Earlier this week, The American Theatre Wing announced the nominees for the 1999 Tony Awards. Ron Taylor was nominated for Best Book of a Musical and Best Featured Actor in a Musical for his involvement in "It Ain't Nothin' But the Blues."
     The Tony Award is considered Broadway theatre's most distinguished honor. The American Theatre Wing has been giving the awards since 1947, in memory of its former leader Antoinette Perry. Ron Taylor's Simpsons character, jazz musician Bleeding Gums Murphy, was introduced in the first season episode "Moaning Lisa", in which he inspired a depressed Lisa to find comfort in music.

Silverman to Direct for Pixar
By Jouni Paakkinen ( - May 9, 1999
     David Silverman, the former Emmy Award-winning supervising director of "The Simpsons," is now heading up a new computer-animated comedy feature film for Pixar Animation Studios. Silverman will work in conjunction with Pete Docter, an Oscar-nominated creator of "Toy Story".
     The film, "Monsters, Inc." will be co-produced with Disney. In the film, a monster accidentally lets a human child into its secret world, leading to chaos.
     The production of the film starts this month and it is targeted for release in 2001.

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