Springfield Confidential

© TV Guide, January 3-9, 1998.

For a dink town in the middle of who knows where, Springfield sure has hosted its share of Hollywood hotshots. The Simpsons has been a desirable pit stop for witty glitterati since its debut as a half hour sitcom in 1990, and it's still considered the place to showcase one's sparkling sense of humor. As a look in The Simpsons: A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family (HarperPerennial), edited by Ray Richmond and Antonia Coffman, reminded us, Winona Ryder has appeared as Allison, Lisa's classroom nemesis; Danny DeVito dropped by as Homer's long-lost millionaire half-brother, Herb; even Meryl Streep strode in to play Reverend Lovejoy's devilish daughter, Jessica. But as any starstruck Springfielder knows, it's even more fun when celebs pop in as themselves. Below are some of the VIPs who didn't go incognito.

Buzz Aldrin
Steve Allen
Paul Anka
Tony Bennett
Wade Boggs
Ernest Borgnine
Mel Brooks
Michael Buffer
Johnny Carson
Dick Cavett
Tim Conway
Gerry Cooney
David Crosby
Cypress Hill
Bob Denver
Peter Frampton
Dennis Franz
Joe Frazier
Stephen J. Gould
Robert Goulet
George Harrison
Chick Hearn
Hugh Hefner
Bob Hope
Tom Jones
Magic Johnson
Larry King
Tom Kite
Bette Midler
Joe Namath
Bob Newhart
Leonard Nimoy
Conan O'Brien
The Ramones
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Linda Ronstadt
Brooke Shields
Suzanne Somers
Tito Puente
Sonic Youth
James Taylor
Alex Trebek
Johnny Unitas
Adam West
Barry White
James Woods

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