Marge Vindicated!

Message from Jim Shockey,

From: (Reuters)
Subject: Michelangelo's David ruled not obscene
Keywords: urgent
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 95 5:10:09 PDT
HONG KONG, Aug 1 (Reuter)
A Hong Kong judge ruled on Tuesday that Michelangelo's David is not obscene. The High Court decision resulted from a case brought by an English-language newspaper, the Eastern Express, which sought to quash a ruling by the colony's Obscene Articles Tribunal that a picture it published of the sculpture was obscene.

The paper's editor, Michael Chugani, said the judge declared no jurist would find the statue of a nude David indecent and referred the case back to the tribunal for a re-ruling.

"Hong Kong is set to become the laughing stock of the world," the paper said when it launched the court case.

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