Doh! Simpsons' Archivists Go Overboard Detailing Every Episode

By Stacey Cara Cohen

The Daily Herald, Time Out! Section, September 18, 1998.

If you know Maggie costs $847.63, how Apu spells his last name and where Disco Stu got his rhinestone jacket, the creators of the Simpsons Archive might be your soul mates.

This site, at, features an in-depth examination of "The Simpsons." More than just an episode guide, this site dissects the show, looking at how it fits into out pop culture consciousness by examining every single aspect of episodes.

Now entering its tenth season, "The Simpsons" broke new ground by being the first animated prime time series. It may be a cartoon, but "The Simpsons" has special appeal to adults because of hidden references that kids often overlook. For example, watch "El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer." Homer hallucinates after eating "the merciless peppers of Quetzlzcatenango" and meets his spirit guide. This episode is so bizarre it is probably understood best by those of the Woodstock generation.

The writers of the site go beyond the "enjoy-it-because-it's-funny" aspect of the show and into obsessive dedication, noting details that often escape people without the use of a VCR and a pause button. These hard-core fans put their initials on the end of everything they're involved with. For example, if one of them mentions a cut made from the original airing and the syndication showing, they tack on "ljs" or "ddg" on the end.

A list of lists and in-depth character files also show how much work the archivists have done. Included are license plates seen on "The Simpsons" and Waylon Smithers' Sexuality (a very good read). The character files keep track of odd things, such as every time Maggie falls over, Hans Moleman's major and minor appearances and Bart's use of "Ay carumba!" The archive even offers translations of the Yiddish from "Like Father, Like Clown" where Krusty reunites with his estranged rabbi father.

Because of this dedication to detail, the best part of this site is the episode guide with quotes and scene summaries for almost all the episodes (save for a few of last year's).

Each overview includes episode name, Bart's blackboard sentence, Lisa's sax solo, a description of the couch gag, a "did you notice" list, a guide to movie and other pop culture references and plus much more.

The site also offers interview transcripts with "Simpsons" staff, broadcast and episode information, a 250-question trivia quiz and "Simpsons" news. If checking out the site isn't enough for you, the new season starts on Sunday.

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