Where Art Bart?

Original 'Simpsons' Sketch Missing

By Frank Spotnitz

Entertainment Weekly, Feb 21, 1992; n106 p9(1).
© Entertainment Weekly Inc. 1992

Five years after the birth of Bart, the first original sketch of The Simpsons has turned up missing. The family's disappearance was discovered a few weeks ago, after Entertainment Weekly asked to see the drawing cartoonist Matt Groening had made minutes before a 1987 meeting with executive producer James L Brooks. Searches of the Simpsons offices and Klasky Csupo, the Hollywood animation house where the show is made, proved fruitless. Could some profit-minded employee have pilfered the missing sketch? "It's the first thing that crossed my mind," says a spokes-woman for Groening. If so, it's no petty theft. Simpsons art has gone for $3,500 to $5,000 a cel (the image used in animation); the missing original could fetch more on the black Bart market. One specially created cel brought more than $24,000 at a Christie's auction of Simpsons material last year.

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