This area provides a full scope of broadcast scheduling for The Simpsons in the United States. Show times are provided for network airings (minus one hour for central and mountain zones).

For a comprehensive list of American & Canadian stations showing episodes in syndication, consult the Syndication Stations & Times list.

Because national syndication scheduling is no longer offered, viewers should consult local listings via Zap2it, Yahoo or TV Guide for broadcast info.

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April 20 • Married to the Blob (SABF03)
You are cordially invited to the wedding of Jeff "Comic Book Guy" Albertson and Kumiko Nakamura, a Japanese woman working on an autobiographical manga comic...provided Kumiko's father doesn't drag her back to Japan first

April 27 • What to Expect When Bart's Expecting (SABF14)
Bart's attempt to use a voodoo doll on his art teacher gets her pregnant, and soon Bart is wanted by couples trying to have a baby - and someone who is trying to get a racehorse to conceive

SATURDAY, May 3 • Homerland (RABF20)
Homer attends a nuclear power convention with Lenny and Carl, but when he returns separately and stops eating pork chops and drinking beer, Lisa thinks that he has been brainwashed by terrorists who want him to destroy the nuclear plant

May 4 • 550th EPISODE • Brick Like Me (RABF21)
Homer falls asleep...and wakes up in a word where everything, and everyone, is made of Lego blocks (gee, you don't think this has anything to do with the upcoming release of a Simpsons House Lego set, do you?)


Twentieth Television, the United States syndication distributor of The Simpsons, terminated its "barter" scheduling of the series in 1999. Accordingly, stations showing the series in syndication now possess full control over local scheduling, making national listings a thing of the past.

Regrettably, we cannot provide listings for the hundreds of stations now independently programming the syndicated airings in their local markets. Fans should instead refer to online television listings services such as Zap2it, Yahoo or TV Guide for local information. For a handy list of syndication stations in the United States and Canada, also see Ben Tegarden's Syndication Stations and Times reference guide.


Scheduling information for international broadcasters is available from the following web sites. If you know of any international scheduling data on the internet that has been overlooked here, send e-mail.
Please send e-mail only if you know of a web page that has the actual scheduling information for episodes. Do not simply include the address of the network's home page.
This is not intended to be a list of every network in the world that shows The Simpsons - just a list of the sites that list their upcoming episodes.

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